Beautiful Biblical Fiction from Author Connilyn Cossette

Over the years I’ve been privileged to be on the book review team of Connilyn Cossette. She’s an amazing biblical fiction author, and I’ve been reviewing her book series which start in Egypt and follow the Israelites through the release from their bondage, through the time of the Exodus and into the Promised Land. 

I’ve recently reviewed the fourth book in the Cities of Refuge series, and at the end of this post I’m sharing my reviews of some of her other books that I’ve read previously. I love her books because I’m pretty picky about biblical fiction, and these books definitely are in line with what I look for when I’m reading a fiction book set in Bible times.

Biblical fiction review

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About Like Flames in the Night, book 4 in the Cities of Refuge series

Like Flames in the Night is the story of Tirzah and Liyam. The biblical time period is right at the start of the book of Judges. The Israelites have been ruled over by the Arameans, but there are groups who are determined to fight back for control of their Promised Land.
Tirzah is a young widow. Her brothers and father are fighters, and she persuades her brother to train her for a secret mission so that she, too, can help the cause.
Liyam returns home from battles to find his young daughter dead. He’s determined to find the man who killed her, and in his search meets up with Tirzah’s family.
The two end up together in the struggle for Israelite freedom. But Liyam struggles with his desire for revenge as well.

Biblical fiction review

My thoughts…

Again, I found myself easily drawn into this story. The characters are compelling, and the story-which is in third person but shifts back and forth in point of view- helps the reader to really get to know the two main characters.
There are definitely references to characters and plots from the other books, but you could read this book independently without having read the others. I loved catching up with characters I had come to know and love from the previous books I’ve read.
As biblical fiction, this book- and Connilyn’s others- meet my main requirement for this genre. There is never a time when actual Scripture is contradicted- either in fact or in an implied way. Instead, the action in the book fits with what Scripture tells us was really happening during the time period. I’ve especially liked the series I’ve read from Connilyn Cossette because I think that this Old Testament time period is a time where I have trouble imagining how actual people lived. These books have helped to flesh that out for me by placing people- although fictional- in the setting.
I can definitely recommend Like Flames in the Night. I also recommend the other books by Connilyn Cossette. You can see reviews from some of her other books here and find a preview of Like Flames in the Night below.

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