How a Homeschool Mom With No Art Background Can Teach Homeschool Art to Her Art-Minded Kid

I know almost nothing about art. It’s true. When I was in school- a small, private school- we didn’t have much in the way of art classes. I do remember learning how to draw a tree with branches. So, even though I have no other artistic ability, I can draw a -somewhat- realistic bare tree.

Because that bare tree is the extent of my artistic ability, I struggle with teaching art in our homeschool. When it comes to art appreciation I can at least find books and online resources so that we can study a piece of art. I can read about it, and we can discuss it.
But when it comes to teaching art technique, I don’t know what to do, how to even begin. And, it doesn’t help that one of my kids really has a desire to “do art” and to learn how to do it correctly. Alas, her skill already far outweighs mine- has, in fact, since she was about five, if I’m honest. So how can a mom like me actually teach a child like this anything about art?
The answer: find an art curriculum that does the work for me. I recently had the opportunity to try out an art curriculum that does this very thing. So, here’s a look at three key things I need as a mom with no art background to teach an art-minded kid. And here’s how the curriculum that I had the good fortune to try meets those three needs.

Homeschool art program
Disclosure: I received free online curricula as well as compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.
We recently had the chance to try out the Online Art Curriculum from Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack.  We chose Level 7 which is for ages 10-15. My almost 15 year old was the one I knew would love to use it. The membership has lessons that cover a full year of art instruction. And your online membership lasts for three years. I found this resource to have all of those things this homeschool mama with no art background needs from an art curriculum. 

An Online, Video-Based Homeschool Art Curriculum

I’ve tried a variety of art curricula resources. Physical products have always been more difficult for me to use. The problem is that being able to read the instructions and then translate them to teach my kids seems to require some basic art knowledge. I don’t have this.
Unlike these physical resources, an online, video-based curriculum provides actual art instruction from an actual artist. The Online Art Curriculum from Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack does this well. Each lesson has a video that includes a look at all needed materials, a teacher teaching the art lesson, a look at students who are working on the project, and some examples of finished student artwork.
One of our favorite parts of this video is the opportunity to actually see children working and to see some of the finished student projects. My art-minded daughter particularly wants to make sure she’s doing things correctly. When you’re at home, alone or with a parent and siblings who don’t know much about art, it’s not easy to know if the idea you’re running with really fits the concept being taught. But these videos show other children working and other finished projects to allow those artsy kids to know if they have the right idea.

Resources That Are Digital and Easy to Access

I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to really appreciate online, digital resources. After over seventeen years of homeschooling four children, I’ve collected quite a bit in the way of physical materials. Besides the inconvenience of storing these materials, there’s also the task of finding and gathering what we need when we need it. Digital resources rescue me from this frustration.
The Online Art Curriculum from Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack is an easy-to-access digital curriculum. Each leveled module has twenty lessons. With your subscription, you can just log in and watch videos as well as print student handouts. You’ll get a parent handbook that lays out how to use everything. You can view art prints digitally. 
One thing that’s especially nice is that if- like me- you have multiple children who are close in age, the whole family can use the materials. With one subscription, multiple children can watch the lessons, and you can print multiple student handouts. So your Online Art Curriculum membership is there in an easy-to-access format, and it takes care of art instruction for multiple kids.

An Art Curriculum That is Specific and Laid Out Step-By-Step

When I say I don’t have an art background, I mean that I know next to nothing about art techniques, art materials, art concepts. Yes, I can look at an art work and read the information about it. But if I have to read through an art lesson, understand it for myself, and then teach it to the kids, I struggle.
If you’re looking for a curriculum that is much easier to use, the Online Art Curriculum from Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack is going to have you covered. From the moment you begin to look through your course, you’ll be able to understand and use it easily, Before you even purchase, you can scroll down on the main page here to see several videos explaining the program and how it works as well as a sample class video. Then when you purchase and look at your course, you’ll see a number of helpful links that can help any non-artistic parent- and I mean me!- get started.
  • A parent’s manual that is an awesome overview of the class
  • An art supply list
  • Lesson summaries for all the lessons in that module
  • Guides with information and questions for discussion for the art prints that students will look at during the module
  • An overview of some general art terms and concepts
  • A scope and sequence chart that show what art concepts kids will learn throughout all the modules and when
  • A glossary of art terms
I have to say that this thoroughness and ease of use is one of my favorite things about this curriculum! The parent’s manual is a great look at how the curriculum works, what kids are going to be learning, and how you can effectively use the program. The art supply list is detailed, and there aren’t any really strange materials that you may have no idea how to find. You can also buy art supply kits to go with your modules.

Homeschool art program

Learn More About the Online Art Curriculum from Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack

Are you ready to choose a module and purchase a subscription? Sure you are! You can go here to see the information videos I’ve mentioned above and to see what module you need for the age and ability of your child/children. You can follow Atelier Art on Facebook here and on Instagram here to learn more and check out the program.
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Homeschool art program

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