Looking for an Easy-to-Use, Faith-Based Reading and Language Arts Program?

Do you love the idea of teaching with real literature, but you’re finding that using a literature-based curriculum can sometimes be time-consuming and require lots of prep work when you’re trying to make sure that you include all the areas of language arts? Can you actually find a curriculum that uses real literature, covers all language arts skills, and is easy for you, as a homeschool mom, to use? Yes!

I am excited to have the opportunity to use and share a curriculum that does all of these things.
Faith-based reading and language arts program
Disclosure: I received free curriculum and compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.
I received a set of the 8th grade language arts program from Pathways2.0 Reading and Language Arts for Grades 1-8 from Kendall Hunt RPD. The Pathways2.0 curricula resources meet all of those criteria I mentioned above: it’s easy to use, uses real literature, and covers all language arts areas.

Pathways2.0 Reading and Language Arts from Kendall Hunt Publishing

Pathways2.0 Reading and Language Arts is a comprehensive, faith-based language arts curriculum with resources for grades 1-8. It is structured around eight core themes for every grade level: Heroes, My World, Living Things, Walking With God, Friends and Family, Environment, Personal Feelings, Yesterday, and Social Issues. Each theme has a grade-appropriate, award-winning trade book as well as a teacher’s guide and blackline masters that can be copied for each student in the classroom or family who is using the program.
With the Pathways2.0 Reading and Language Arts curriculum, students, as they go through each unit theme will learn vocabulary, reading skills, reading comprehension, writing techniques, grammar, spelling, and phonics skills. Each of the thematic units is based on a trade book that the student will read throughout the unit. And, throughout the units, students will learn to make connections between what they’re reading and learning and Scripture and biblical values.

An Easy-to-Use Reading and Language Arts Curriculum

The Pathways2.0 Reading and Language arts units are super easy for the homeschool mom/teacher to use. There is a teacher’s guide that provides a suggested daily schedule. Every activity is then explained in more detail and blackline masters that you can copy as needed for the kids in your family who are using the curriculum are provided.
Even though everything is laid out for you to use, the curriculum is pretty flexible as well. You can choose from their themes and grade levels and adapt for the ability level of your students. This is great for homeschool moms like me who like a little bit of structure but who also likes to change things up a bit.

A Curriculum That Uses Award-Winning Trade Book Titles

Ah… Real literature! I love to use real literature in our homeschool. Each of the reading and language arts units from Pathways2.0 is based on an award-winning trade book. For the unit I reviewed, the book we read is The Forbidden Schoolhouse, a real life story of Prudence Crandall and her female boarding school. 
Although there are some great fiction books included in the titles of the reading and language arts theme units, there is a focus on nonfiction. Being able to read and understand nonfiction helps your kids to develop critical thinking skills and practice how to read to gain knowledge. This is a life skill that can help them go on to become lifelong learners.

A Complete Reading and Language Arts Curriculum

In my years of teaching- prior to having my own kids and homeschooling therm- and in all of our years of homeschooling, I’ve found that language arts taught in context is much more effective. When grammar, writing, vocabulary, and other language arts skills are taught in context, kids seem to learn and remember more in the long run.
In the theme units from Pathways2.0, all of the language arts skills are taught in the context of the anchor book that the unit is focused on. Kids are learning vocabulary, grammar, and writing in context. And they are sharpening their reading comprehension and learning new reading skills from studying the text as well.
Faith-based reading and language arts program

Use Pathways2.0

Now that you’ve determined that Pathways2.0 Reading and Language Arts is a good fit, you can visit the website to learn more. You can also check out their digital brochure to get more information as well as see the anchor texts for each unit and grade level.

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