3 Ways a Charlotte Mason- Inspired, Living Books Curriculum Can Ignite Wonder and a Love of History

History has long been one of my favorite subjects. Even in high school I loved the subject, loved learning about past people and civilizations. My only complaint about the subject was that the textbooks we used for history weren’t extremely interesting. And, even though I could slog through and still enjoy one of my favorite subjects, not every student shared that ability.

When I became a homeschool mama, I realized that we didn’t need a textbook to learn about history. In fact, history was much more interesting when we read actual books: books about the past, books about famous people, books with a fictional story set in a real historical time. And there are many ways in which a curriculum filled with living books can ignite a new love of history in your kids- and in you- as well.
Charlotte Mason-inspired history
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Some homeschool mamas become discouraged by the thought of having to find living books for history. A textbook approach seems easier. Thankfully there are options. Beautiful Feet Books is one of my favorites! One of my high schoolers is using this curriculum this year. And we received a complete Ancient History High School set. Beautiful Feet Books is a Charlotte Mason- inspired curriculum. Here are just a few ways in which this curriculum made up of great living books can ignite wonder and a love of history in your homeschool.

A Charlotte Mason- inspired curriculum consists of books with great stories that draw readers in.

A textbook is a collection of facts. It has names and dates and vocabulary words to memorize. It gives the reader the details, but often that’s as far as it goes. But if you’re using real, living books as the basis of your curriculum, the stories will draw the reader in. These living books can include fiction and nonfiction. Both can be written in a style that draws the reader in. 
I love the books from the Ancient History High School set that we received. Some are nonfiction. But these are books that are written in a narrative form, not in a textbook style. And then there are some historical fiction selections. Historical fiction is great because it helps a reader to see what the time or event in the book must have been like through the eyes of a character that they can connect with. My daughter who is using a Beautiful Feet Books set this year appreciates the historical fiction most of all.

A Charlotte Mason- inspired curriculum helps readers connect with the books they read.

With a Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum, kids aren’t just reading. They are given opportunities to connect with books and stories. They may narrate in an oral or written style. They may have discussions about what they’re reading. They may have opportunities to connect or compare the various books that they are reading.
The Beautiful Feet Books curricula have an easy-to-use guide that helps students to make connections as they read. The guide includes vocabulary words, questions, and hands-on activities. Some of the activities are optional. Students can choose what they do from a variety of options. The guide is written to clearly show students what reading and activities to cover each day. There are passages in the guide to read as different books are introduced or to show students how the books that they are reading connect. One of my favorite parts of this curriculum is that students are creating a timeline as they go. A timeline really helps students to connect with what they’re reading because it allows them to see how events in history fit together.

A Charlotte Mason- inspired curriculum allows curiosity-driven readers to dig deeper into periods and people of the past.

One of the drawbacks of a traditional textbook is that students only get to skim the surface of the material they are covering. If a particular event or person is interesting, it doesn’t matter. When you get to the end of the chapter, you continue on. This results in a shallow overview of many times, events, and people. But it doesn’t allow curiosity-driven readers to really dig deep into the times and peoples they may be interested in. I know from trying a traditional textbook with my kids at times in our homeschool journey that we all became frustrated at this lack of opportunity to learn more about the parts of the history book that really interested us.
Because students are reading real books in the Beautiful Feet Books curricula, they are going deeper into learning about particular people, places, and events. In addition to the books provided with our Ancient History High School set, there are supplemental resources listed in each section of the guide. These resources can help kids go even deeper into subjects that interest them. With this curriculum, students aren’t just getting a broad overview from a textbook. Instead, they can satisfy their curiosity by going deeper. There is some overview material provided in the guide to help readers link the books that they’re reading. And the timeline helps give an overview as well. But the various books that are included in the curriculum can really give students a deeper understanding and knowledge of what they’re studying.
Charlotte Mason- inspired history curriculum

More About Beautiful Feet Books

If you want to ignite wonder and a love of history in your homeschool, make sure you check out Beautiful Feet Books!
Beautiful Feet Books has literature-based, Charlotte Mason- inspired curricula for K-12th grade. You can learn more about them on Facebook, Instagram @beautifulfeetbooks, and on YouTube. And make sure you pick up their free guide – 5 Ways to Know if a Book Is Worth Sharing With Your Kids- here.
Charlotte Mason-inspired curricula
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