Looking for an Easy-to-Use Faith-Based Science Curriculum for Your Homeschool?

I’ve confessed before that science has never been my strongest subject. I sometimes struggle with how to teach it because I don’t feel like I had a great science background throughout my school years.

Science is also one of those subjects that I feel that I’ve enjoyed and learned much more about as a homeschool teacher than I ever did when I was in school. And part of the reason why is that I’ve tried to choose good, quality curricula to guide me along the path to teaching science.
Having science curricula that comes from a faith-based perspective is something that’s also been important to me. We are Christian homeschoolers, but I don’t always use only curricula from a Christian worldview. I do try to present multiple viewpoints and opinions to my kids. But science is an area where I’m really looking for a curriculum that comes from our Christian perspective. Too often I think science is pitted against faith in our culture, and I want my kids to see that you can be a scientist and think in a scientific, investigative, critical-thinking way and be a Christian.
I was really excited to be in on the review of a new-to-me science curriculum from a company that isn’t new to me.
Review of By Design Science Curriculum
Disclosure: I received a free curriculum and compensation for this review. All opinions are always my own.
We received a complete set of By Design Science for grade 8. Our set included a hardback student book, consumable student journals, and an online component with a teacher’s guide and several other resources. Although this science program was new to me, the publisher was not. By Design Science comes from another company I’ve reviewed for in the past- Kendall Hunt RPD. I’ve reviewed several sets of their language arts program in the past. So I was excited to see that they’ve got science curricula as well. 

Quick Overview of This Homeschool Science Curriculum for Grades 1-8

~ The curriculum is designed for grades 1-8. Each level includes a student book, student journals, and a teacher’s guide. You can choose print options, ebook options, or both.
~ Each level of the curriculum includes four units covering Life Science, The Human Body, Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science.
~ The curriculum is faith-based.
~ Throughout each of the levels of this curriculum, students will see Scripture spotlights, connections with faith and beliefs, information about serving others, health information, and opportunities to use the science journals.
Here are just a few things I really enjoyed about this curriculum as well as some reasons it could be just right for your homeschool.

Faith-Based Science for Your Homeschool

I mentioned above that science is one of those subjects where I’ve always tried to choose faith-based curricula. I do want to present my children with other viewpoints in the field of science. But I want to continually bring them back to the truth of God’s Word and the use of science to explore and appreciate His creation. By Design Science presents information from a Christian perspective. But the curriculum also makes sure to point out that there are other worldviews and that our worldview will determine how we interpret the study of the world around us.
I like the fact that this curriculum makes a point of including Scripture as well as pointing out Biblical connections with the material you’re studying. There are also places throughout the reading where students can read about opportunities people have had opportunities to serve others through a science-related field.
Another thing I think this curriculum does well is to constantly connect science with a way to learn about God’s creation and to worship Him through learning about that creation. Too many times our culture seems to separate science and the Bible and science and God, but the By Design Science curriculum does a good job of telling kids that that just isn’t true.

Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum

Although there are many types of science curricula that can work with and appeal to many different learning styles, good science curricula will always include some type of exploration and inquiry. The scientific method itself involves questioning, testing, observing, and recording information over and over again.
By Design Science uses a 5-step instructional model: engage, discover, explain, extend, and assess/reflect. The textbooks begin by engaging students with questions to get them thinking about the subject matter. Then the students are going to discover on their own, using a variety of inquiry-based methods. They explain what they observe and learn in their own words. The curriculum then guides them to extend learning in a variety of ways: the Scripture connections, a look at how they use math in science, and careers in a science field.
Throughout this curriculum, students are given opportunities to think critically and to learn by exploring and inquiring. The science journals that come with the curricula sets are a great resource that guides students in processing what they’re learning, in writing about what they’ve learned in their own words, and in recording information from their explorations.
Review of By Design Science Curriculum

Easy-to-Use Homeschool Science Curriculum

Y’all, sometimes homeschool moms- and students- just need something easy-to-use. There are times when I’m looking for a curriculum that will just tell me what to do and when to do it. And I have one child, particularly who really appreciates that. Although I’d love to say that I always cobble together my own resources and books and activities, the truth is that I just don’t.
By Design Science meets the need of moms and kids for an easy-to-use curriculum. It is textbook/workbook-based, although the reading seems fairly interesting and is written in a way that is easy-to-read instead of having huge chunks of text that are hard to slog through. I have one student in particular who struggles to read those huge blocks of information. She just can’t process that. But this textbook has the material broken up in an easy-to-read format.
The teacher’s guide- which I received as an online component- has everything you need to use the curriculum with your child. There are suggestions for pacing- how much to read and do each day- as well as materials lists for the explorations, a guide for reading through the textbook with your child, answer keys, and more. The online teacher’s area also includes other tools like additional activities, grading rubrics, and a comprehensive glossary. Everything is right there to make this curriculum easy to pick up and use without much planning and prep on your part or on your student’s.
Review of By Design Science Curriculum

Learn More About By Design Science for Grades 1-8

Is this curriculum right for your homeschool? Ready to learn more? You can get more information about this curriculum from the digital brochure. And you can find Kendall Hunt RPD on Facebook and on Twitter, so go find and connect with them on social media. And you can visit the site here to purchase the grade level you need for your homeschool.

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