Looking for a Great Bible Study for Your Homeschooled Teens (Or Yourself)?

Although I’ve taught my children about the Bible and read the Bible with them since they were young, my goal, like the goal of many Christian parents has always been to see them read and study the Bible for themselves. And I’m always on the lookout for great resources that will help them do this.

I was really excited about a new book that I’ve had the opportunity to take a look at. And, as I read through it, I realized that not only is this a great resource for my older kids to learn more about the Bible, it’s also a resource I’m looking forward to using.
Bible study and commentary on the gospels
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We received The Jesus of the Gospels from Kregel Academic. It’s a great commentary of the Gospels and is written by a prominent New Testament scholar and homeschool dad: Andreas J. Kostenberger.

About The Jesus of the Gospels

When you first pick up this book, you can tell it’s a quality resource. The binding isn’t really paperback. It’s a slicker more durable covering called gritty laminate. It just makes the book feel like something you can use longterm.
The book begins with a brief preface and introduction where the author talks about some of his reasons for writing (another) book about Jesus and the gospels. And I could relate. He wanted to provide his college-aged kids with a doctrinally sound, well-researched, but accessible and jargon-free guide to the Gospels. Right away this clicked with my desire as a Christian parent to find great materials to guide my teens and young adults in studying the Bible!
The author jumps in with an explanation of how he’s breaking down the gospels and how they are studied and then the reader can dive right in. The meat of the book is a commentary that breaks each bit of each gospel down section by section. A reader could choose just to read straight through, a few sections at a time or follow the suggested 30-day gospel reading plan in the Appendix.
The commentary contains elements typical of other commentaries- links to related Bible passages, explanations of word meanings, context of where the particular passage is connected in the big picture of history and the big picture of the Bible. But it is organized in a way that makes sense to readers and uses language that is understandable and accessible.
At the end of the book, the author shares a bit of his own faith story- something else that left me feeling more connected and more excited about sharing this book with my kids. There is also the reading plan mentioned above as well as comprehensive Scripture, subject, and name indices that refer back to the material in the book.
Bible study and commentary on the gospels

Why You Need This Excellent Bible Study in Your Homeschool

There are many things that drew me to this book and to using it for my high school students, recommending it to my college kids, and using it in my own personal Bible study. Here are a few reasons that I particularly liked it and that you should consider it for your homeschool as well.
~ The language and structure of the book make it understandable and accessible to older teens, but it is “meaty” enough to make a challenging Bible study for me as well. I found it filled with information but still easy enough to read and understand.
~ It could easily be used as a textbook or for personal Bible study. Because it is so thorough in the study and because of the way it’s arranged, this book could definitely be used as a textbook for a Bible class and high school credit. Alternately your kids- or you- could choose to use the Bible reading plan and use this as a part of personal Bible study.
~ This book could make an excellent resource for you to study and discuss the Bible with your older kids. Instead of just assigning the book as a textbook or using the book for personal devotions and Bible study, I think this could be an excellent resource to facilitate some great discussions about the New Testament gospels. You and your kids can use the 30-day reading plan, each reading the same passage each day. Then you can come together every few days to go through the commentary and discuss those passages.
Bible study and commentary on the gospels

Pick Up Your Copy of This Commentary

If you have teens or college-aged kids, you don’t want to miss this book. If you’re looking to deepen your own Bible study, you may want to check it out as well. You can find The Jesus of the Gospels on the Kregel Academic site, on Amazon, or on ChristianBook.com.
Also, make sure you check out the new blog from Kregel Academic. You’ll find some great posts that will help you deepen your study of the Bible, explore theology, get a Biblical perspective on current events, and more.
You can also enter to win your own copy of The Jesus of the Gospels in the giveaway below.

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