Looking for a Great Homeschool Science Curriculum for Middle School?

Science is, for me, one of those subjects. You probably have- or more- as well. It’s a subject that I really didn’t like in school. It was boring. It was difficult to understand. And, honestly, I didn’t retain much information that I “learned” about science throughout my school years.

But something happened when I started homeschooling. I found science curricula I actually loved. And I started learning science along with the kids. It became one of those subjects that I love reading aloud. I love the experiments. I love it when a science topic that I didn’t get at all in my own school years just clicks for me or when one of the kids comes out with something that shows that they just get it, they understand. I even have one daughter who is majoring in a science field in college and another in high school who plans to.
So what makes the difference? Why is it that I think science is amazing now, although it was definitely at the bottom of my list when it came to subjects I enjoyed in school? For me the curricula we’ve used has made the difference. Over the years we’ve used science curricula that is interesting, not boring; that is understandable, not difficult. And I’m super excited that we’ve had the chance to take a look at another curricula resource from one of our favorite science curricula companies! (And you definitely want to read to the end because there is a great giveaway here!)
Apologia Physical Science Curriculum
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We had an opportunity to look at the Exploring Creation With Physical Science course for middle school. And, like the many Apologia resources I’ve used in the past, I found myself loving it!

About Apologia Physical Science

The Physical Science course is considered a junior high course by Apologia. It’s generally the second junior high course taken, making it ideal for your eighth graders. (Although, to be honest, I always group my kids. So when we used this, I had kids of multiple grade levels using it, and it worked great for us!)
In this course students will cover the basics of science, including: the scientific method, theories and laws, measurements and units, chemistry- states of matter, atomic structure and the periodic table, physics- motion, force, energy, waves and sound, earth science- the earth’s structure and processes, chemistry and physics in the life sciences, and physical science research.
The course consists of a few main resources: a soft cover textbook, a spiral bound student notebook, and a tests and solutions manual. You can also purchase an audio CD and video instruction. Some of these can be purchased separately as well. So if you have multiple students using the course you can buy additional pieces as needed.
The textbook for this course is the 3rd edition. It is a soft cover book- which I think makes it much easier to handle. If you’ve never used an Apologia textbook before, you’ll find that the style of writing is very readable and doesn’t sound like a traditional dry and boring textbook. In fact, I’ve often read aloud from the textbook because the reading is just interesting. The textbook also includes charts, illustrations, and examples that make the book engaging and understandable.
Throughout the book, you’ll also find plenty of hands-on experiments for kids to carry out. That’s a critical part of science learning. And this course has lots of opportunity for kids to do that. Most of the experiments use materials you’ll easily have on hand. And with these experiments, kids will become familiar with carrying out the scientific method to learn.
Apologia’s student notebooks are amazing! I love using notebooking as a part of our homeschooling. And, before Apologia began offering these incredible, interactive notebooks, we created our own with their science courses. Now that they offer them, I think the notebooks are such a valuable, integral part of the learning experience.
In the notebooks, kids will learn note taking skills. There are graphic organizers that help them arrange the information they’re reading. They will be able to learn independently because there is a daily schedule chart as well as daily checklists to help them know exactly what to cover each day. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn about recording the results of experiments. And there are study guides at the end of each module so that kids can review the material they’ve learned.

Why You’ll Love This Homeschool Science Curriculum for Your Middle Schoolers

In case you can’t tell by now, I love Apologia for science curricula! And, if you’re looking for science for your middle schooler, here are some reasons you can love the Physical Science course as well.
✔︎You’ll love the student notebooks that are available! We use notebooking as a part of our homeschooling, and the student notebook for Physical Science makes that easy. Students learn to take notes on reading with some great graphic organizers, and the notebooking provides a place for recording when experiments are conducted.
✔︎This course can be used independently. Middle school is a great time to work on independent learning. The student notebook for Physical Science has a schedule in the front, so students can know exactly what to complete each day.
✔︎The schedule is flexible. It is designed to take approximately one hour four days a week. As a homeschool mom, I appreciate being able to adapt to fit our family, and I feel like this scheduling does that.
✔︎The experiments that are included are simple and typically use easy-to-get supplies that you likely already have around. I love to include hands-on science experiments, but some courses have experiments that take lots of planning and materials. These do not. That makes it more likely that we’ll actually carry out the experiment!
Apologia Physical Science Curriculum

Get This Homeschool Physical Science Curriculum

You can get the Physical Science Curriculum for your middle schooler(s) here. You can also enter the giveaway below to win two different Apologia science course sets for your high school students!

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