Your Kids- And You- Can Learn Piano at Home With This Resource... No Music Knowledge Needed!

I took piano lessons as a child into my early teen years. And, although I didn’t keep up with it long-term, I have always been glad to have the ability to read music and to play at least a little.

When my own kids were younger, I taught them some of the basics myself. I wanted them to learn to read music because I know that can be helpful for any instrument they want to pick up later on. Soon, though, the fact that I was keeping up with four kids, as well as my own limited ability, halted our basic piano lessons.
A couple of my kids have wanted to pick it up as they’ve gotten older. But limited funds, as well as full schedules that make it difficult to add yet another extracurricular activity, have made it difficult for them to really have the opportunity.
But I’ve been excited to try out a piano teaching resource that allows kids- and- adults to learn the piano at home…even if they have no prior musical knowledge!
Revolutionary Piano Method Review
Disclosure: I received free piano curricula as well as compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.
We’ve had the opportunity to try out Revolutionary Piano Method

Learn more about this Revolutionary Piano Method that allows your kids- and you- to learn piano from home.

Revolutionary Piano Method is a piano teaching resource for ages 6 to adult. It includes four levels (with a fifth coming soon).
  • Level one contains a lesson book and theory book and covers the treble and bass keys and notes and how to locate them.
  • Level two contains a lesson book, theory book, and fun book and covers timing; middle C, B, and D; incomplete measures; time signatures; and the tie.
  • Level three contains a lesson book, theory book, and fun book and covers half and whole steps; time signature of 3 beats per measure; key signatures and scales of C and G Major; accidentals as sharps, flats, naturals; eighth note and rest; and treble ledger space G.
  • Level four contains a lesson book, theory book, and fun book and covers syncopation; dotted quarter note and rest; key signature and scale of F Major; bass ledger space F; the repeat sign, D.C. al Fine, D.S. al Fine; treble ledger space middle B, bass ledger middle D; ritardando, a tempo, fermata, dynamics; staccato, 8va octave; and the damper pedal.
Have younger kids who want to learn how to play the piano? Revolutionary Piano Method Itty Bitty is for the Young Student ages 4 to 5. It includes 30 books – 5 levels of Lesson Book, Theory Book, and Just the Answers to Theory Book. These books cover basics such as note reading, understanding timing, and locating keys.
Revolutionary Piano Method Review

Why would you use these piano lessons to help you or child learn piano at home?

Research shows how piano performance with notation reading can enhance a student’s learning abilities and increase SAT scores…even if the parents don’t have musical training.
From the developer of Revolutionary Piano Method:

Though singing and the playing of rhythm instruments are a wonderful introduction to music and some of its elements, the student’s cognitive abilities supremely develop through the reading and performance of written music, quite similarly to learning a foreign language. The reading and performance of written music is a great enhancement to a student’s development as a lifelong learner. 
During my 40 years of piano teaching experience with individuals and school classes, I have developed a unique method of teaching piano keyboard and notation reading. The Revolutionary Piano Method is the result of my work and comprises two series of manuals: one for the very young student, aged three to five; one for the older student, aged six and older. 
I have seen the progress the very young achieve in attention span, following directions, visual tracking, finger dexterity, and alphabet letter recognition and writing – all due to brief, individualized keyboard lessons which gradually increase in length. 
The inclusion of personalized piano keyboard playing with notation reading to your established curriculum would be beneficial to students, especially during this current time of uncertainty with the pandemic. These lessons could be a part of the daily schedule at a physical school, accomplished online with students at home, or added to resources for parents. Teachers, teacher aides, and classroom volunteers do not have to have any knowledge of reading music or playing the piano, as the lessons are detailed and easy to follow. They would read the directions and ensure that the student complies.
Have other questions about Revolutionary Piano Method? You can email the creator through the website and get answers!
Revolutionary Piano Method Review

Here’s why this piano teaching method could be the right fit for you.

Other parents and piano students love Revolutionary Piano Method.

“I love the Warm-Up! illustrations. They help my students orient using the black-key groups to develop the skill of playing by touch instead of constantly looking at the keyboard.” Heather Olsen – Olsen Piano Studio, Double Oak, TX

“I have studied piano performance for many years and once considered becoming a concert pianist. Having examined the Revolutionary Piano Method, I appreciate the logic of this new approach and recognize how it could result in rapidly advancing sight-reading and performance ability for a beginner student.” Cyrille Destribois – Hanches, France

“No wonder I never learned to play using other books. They never taught me to really read the notes like these books do – and the cartoons are cute, too!” Allie Wilson Student Age 11 Lantana, Texas
If you’re looking for a way for you or your kids to learn to play the piano, here are some things that make this a great program.
  • You can learn from home! The convenience of being able to learn at home when it fits in your schedule is awesome. If you – like me- have multiple kids, you know it can be difficult to corral the others while one has a lesson. This program allows you to learn from home, so it’s much more convenient.
  • Revolutionary Piano Method is easy to use- even with no prior music knowledge. It’s been quite a while since I’ve played. But the material in the level I chose and printed out for us was easy to understand and use.
  • It’s easy to pick a level and know where to start. I chose Level 2 for my youngest daughter who is a teen and who has wanted to learn to play the piano. She has a little music knowledge, and the descriptions of the levels on the site helped me to know which level she needed. The program is easy to use, and she can easily use it independently to teach herself piano.
  • And if you have more questions about the program, you can easily get answers when you email the creator from the main site.
Revolutionary Piano Method Review

Try out Revolutionary Piano Method to learn piano at home.

Now that you’re ready to try out Revolutionary Piano Method, you can choose the adult level you need- for ages 6 and up- here. Or you can find the level you need for your 4 or 5 year old here. 

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