Preschool Learning at Home With This Awesome Educational App

Should I homeschool my preschoolers? After over 19 years of homeschooling my own children, this is a question I often get from new homeschool mamas. There’s not always a simple answer or an answer that works for everyone.

On one hand, I don’t think your children need formal schooling when they are preschool ages. On the other hand, kids that age often have an insatiable desire to learn new things. So you want to give them something educational that is fun but that will still give them opportunities for learning. You may also want to occupy them while teach older children. And you don’t want to constantly turn to sitting them in front of a video.
Enter the educational app I’ve had the opportunity to explore. It’s a perfect option to provide preschoolers with something fun that will also facilitate learning. Keep reading to get a free trial of this awesome educational app.
Homer Reading Preschool App

Disclosure: I received a free subscription as well as compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.
Homer Reading is an online or app-based program that will create personalized learn-to-read plans that are based on your child’s interests and reading ability. The program can then grow with your child to keep them learning.

An Educational App Kids Can Use at Home

Homer uses a curriculum that was actually designed by teachers and child development experts. This curriculum was built to teach kids skills they’ll need for school and for life. The lessons- that include teaching the ABCs, phonics, sight words, and more- are kid-tested. That means that Homer knows they’ll be fun.
A feature that I particularly love is that it’s ad free, so it’s safe for kids to scroll through on their own. Yes, you can hand your child free YouTube videos to watch. But then you’re constantly looking over their shoulder to make sure nothing inappropriate is coming up. Homer is safe. So you can start your preschooler on the app and then be free to work from home, catch up on housework, or teach your older kids.
Homer Reading Preschool App

How Homer Reading Teaches Your Preschooler

As kids log in and begin using either the web app or the mobile app, they’ll be interested in the bright colors and animation. They’ll be given several options to click, including Art, Songs and Rhymes, Story Time, Discover the World, Learn to Read, and more. They can also choose My Pathway. 
My Pathway personalizes the reading program for your child based on interests and skills. It can grow with your kids. The lessons are personalized based on your child’s age, interests, and reading ability. 
Homer also has an Activity Center where you can find activities based on age- Age 2, Ages 3-4, and Age 5+. These are fun activities you can check out now to try with your kids.
Homer Reading Preschool App

Why You Need This Educational Game for Your Preschooler

Even though I don’t currently have preschoolers, Homer Reading is going to be a resource that I recommend to people who do have little ones. Whether you’re a homeschooler by choice or you’re dealing with virtual and online learning because of school closings, Homer Reading can make things easier for you and help your little people learn.
Here are a few reasons I think you’ll love this app.
~ Kids can use the app online or on the go. Whether you set your kids up on the computer at home, or open the Homer Reading app for them when you’re waiting for an appointment, they can experience the same fun and learning from both.

~ It’s safe for kids to use alone. As I mentioned above, it can be a bad idea to leave young kids on sites like YouTube because you’re not sure what will come up. At the same time, you have other things you’re trying to work on, or you’re trying to homeschool your older kids. Homer Reading is an app you can set them up on and then go take care of the other things on your plate.
~ The program is intuitive and easy to use, so kids won’t be easily frustrated. When my children were younger, there were online games and apps that we tried that weren’t so easy to use. When this happens, kids get easily frustrated, and you get frustrated as well because you want them to use the program independently, but they keep calling for help! Homer Reading is easy to use. It guides children through the learning activities clearly and when they get things wrong, the program lets them know and helps them try again.
~ Using Homer Reading can fit in with whatever you’re trying to do for homeschooling. Do you have only preschoolers and you want to give them something educational to satisfy their curiosity and desire to learn? Are you homeschooling unexpectedly this year and trying to find something to help you with your preschool aged kids? Are you trying to occupy your preschooler while you work from home? Do you also have older kids you need to homeschool while keeping your preschooler occupied with something educational? Homer Reading is a good choice for all of these situations!

Try Homer Reading for Online Learning for Your Preschooler

Ready to try Homer Reading? You can get a 30-day free trial and then a special back-to-school offer for $45 for a year. That’s over 60% off their regular rate! Check Homer Reading out here.
Homer Reading App for Preschool

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