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Homeschooling confession: It can be difficult to grade your own child’s writing objectively

Although I have a background in reading/language arts education, I struggle to grade my own kids’ writing. The fact is that, as their mom, I can see behind the words on the page. I see the struggle to get those words to come out. I see the amount of time spent. I see the thought process behind what is written. And all of the background goes into my evaluation of their writing whether I intend for it to or not.

I recently had the opportunity to review a resource that can really help with this. And, not only can you get writing help, you can also find a Great Books Literature Course for your students! 

Review of WriteAtHome
Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.⠀
WriteAtHome is a company that offers annual writing classes, semester writing classes, and eight-week writing workshops, as well as a Great Books and Literature course. The annual and semester writing programs will expose kids to a variety of writing styles, while the workshops will focus on specific styles.⠀

Online Writing Instruction

The WriteAtHome writing classes process is simple. Kids are given a syllabus with lessons and assignments. They complete the writing exercises and turn them in to get grades and feedback from a writing coach. According to the website, classes are intended for 5th-12th graders. You can choose middle or high school level when you’re choosing your courses.

The writing classes aren’t video-based. These are written lessons. The course runs off of a syllabus. Each week students get lessons and assignments. Because they aren’t live or video-based classes, students can use them anytime and writing can be flexible to be completed around your own schedule.
Written assignments that kids turn in are given feedback- encouragement and suggestions for editing and changing the final draft. Assignments are also graded using a rubric.
My Rachel is an 11th grader and participated in the Short Story Writing 8-week workshop. The process was simple, and it was a good way for her to have to turn in assignments and have them critiqued by a teacher who wasn’t me. 
Review of WriteAtHome

Literature Instruction With the Great Books Course

In addition to the writing classes offered at WriteAtHome, students can take the Wasko Lit Course. This course exposes kids to great books like The Iliad, The Aeneid, Beowulf, The Inferno, The Faerie Queen, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost, Moby Dick, David Copperfield, Huckleberry Finn, the Great Gatsby, The Old Man and the Sea and more! If you’re looking for a way to introduce your kids to some of the classics that you may not have even read, this is a great resource.
The literature class also has a video class component, and you can choose a live class or a recorded class option. There are five different literature classes that you can choose. Four of these focus on historical time periods and the fifth is a worldview course for advanced literature.
In the live class students will read the books, take an online comprehension quiz, answer discussion questions, and complete two papers and one creative project. The live classes are recorded for students who may miss a day.
The recorded class has a one hour recorded lecture available each week and doesn’t include the discussion questions or papers and assignments that the live class does. This could be a good choice if you want multiple kids to read the same book and then watch each week’s lecture.
We did not sign up for the literature class. But the reading teacher in me loves the idea of this class. And I know so many parents who would love having the opportunity to introduce their kids to great books but who are reluctant to dive in because they are unfamiliar with the books themselves.

Why WriteAtHome Can Be Your Go-To Resource for Homeschool Writing… and Literature

Is WriteAtHome right for you? Could this be the resource you’ve been looking for? The writing and literature resources at WriteAtHome could be perfect for you if…
~ You really want someone else to grade your child’s writing. As I said above, this is the number one reason for me to choose this program. I am totally biased when it comes to grading the writing of my own kids. WriteAtHome takes care of that and not only grades but provides real feedback for the kids to improve their writing.
~ The courses are flexible. I love, love, love that the writing course we used was so flexible. Because the program is based off of the syllabus and kids don’t have to use it on a particular day you can fit it around your existing schedule. This makes it easy to use. The literature courses offer lots of flexibility as well. If kids miss a live course, they can watch it recorded, and the recorded courses can be fit around your schedule.
~ This program seems to be more about kids actually learning than about kids just getting a grade. There are grades- which is helpful if you have to record them on a transcript. But the “grading” of the assignments seemed to be more about giving feedback that would actually help kids improve.⠀⠀
Review of WriteAtHome

Learn More and Sign Up Your Middle School and High School Students

Ready to sign up your middle and high school students? You can visit the WriteAtHome site here to pick the classes that are right for them. And if you have any questions about the writing course particularly, I’d love to answer them. Just leave me a comment here.

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