Technology Education for Homeschoolers

Technology education: Are you comfortable teaching your kids when it comes to technology? Many homeschool parents aren’t. But kids in today’s world need to be proficient in technology skills. They need to know how to function in an increasingly complex technological world. And the best way to learn these skills is from someone who knows what they’re talking about and who gives students the opportunity to practice along with what they’re learning. If you have kids in grades 3-12 and want to add technology education to your homeschool curricula, I’ve recently reviewed a company that you need to know about.

Technology eduction with MYTEK LAB

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MYTEK LAB offers live, online classes for both younger (age 7-10 or so) and older (middle school/high school aged) kids.

MYTEK LAB offers coding and programming classes for grades 3-12.

In their Level 1 class students learn programming fundamentals, use different creative applications and web design tools, and learn general technology concepts. In the Level 2 class, students dive deeper into some of the applications and learn more in-depth programming. The classes are offered as live, online classes that meet every week. There are also weekly help classes available and the classes are recorded for students who can’t watch live. These classes are interactive, and the students have assignments, quizzes, and projects.

MYTEK LAB is a family business with a couple who have teaching experience as well as degrees and experience in Computer Information Systems. Together they have the experience to be a great combination for offering the online classes from MYTEK LAB.

TEKnology Lab Level 1

One of my high schoolers who still needs to meet the state requirement for a computer class has been getting started with the TEKnology Lab Level 1. This class is a year long class that will give one credit in Computer Education. This class covers:

  • Computer fundamentals
  • 2D Game Art
  • Programming
  • 3D modeling for games
  • VR Development
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • 3D Modeling for 3D Printing

She has little to no computer experience when it comes to computer science and programming. So this basic class was a good place for her to start. We’ve not been able to attend many live classes, but it’s great to have the recorded classes to watch when you can’t be there live.

Each lesson has a video, class notes, a quiz, and an assignment. Kids are encouraged to keep working until they understand the concept, not just given a bad grade and told to move on. In the live classes, the teacher does a great job of explaining information. And, while he’s teaching, kids are working on their own projects. (It’s best to have two different devices for the live class, so kids can watch the lesson and work at the same time.) The classes are interactive. He answers questions as he goes. But he also keeps the class on track and encourages those students who are working more slowly to keep moving along.

Why MYTEK LAB’s online technology education classes will be awesome for your student.

There are many things we’ve loved about the class from MYTEK LAB. If you have a younger child who is interested in computer programming or an older student who needs a computer credit for high school, here are a few things that make these classes a great choice for you.

~ Students can attend class and a help class live. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get help on projects as needed.

~ There are recorded videos if your child can’t make the live class. Homeschooling is all about flexibility. And even if you plan to be home in time for class, chances are there will be days you’ll miss.

~ The program is all about helping students to learn and succeed, not just giving them a grade and pushing them on. With all of the help available, students who are struggling can actually learn the material instead of just taking the bad grade and moving forward.

~ The classes are interactive. I know from my own experience that the best way to learn about computers and programming is by jumping in a doing it. MYTEK LAB classes allow kids to do just that!

Technology education

Learn more about the online technology education classes from MYTEK LAB!

So, now you’d like for your kids to take a class from MYTEK LAB? Here’s how you can get started. Visit the courses page to see what’s available. And if you’re reading this when it’s first published (January 2021), you can get a great discount! Families who register for semester 2 can get semester 1 for $145. That’s all the recorded lessons and assignments for semester 1 at a discounted price. Contact Jacky at to get all set up.

You can learn more about MYTEK LAB here. Check out the courses page to find a time slot that works for your family. And visit this page to register for classes.

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