Thiel College: An Excellent Continuing Study Option for Homeschoolers

Do you have homeschooled kids who are thinking about college?
I think it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that college is for everyone. I don’t think that is true! But, we’ve always wanted our kids to prepared to do whatever God is calling them to. And, sometimes college is big part of that preparedness.

If you have kids who are looking at colleges, I want to share a college that I only recently learned about but that sounds like an excellent opportunity for homeschoolers!

Thiel College for Homeschoolers

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Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania

Thiel College is a smaller, private college affiliated with the Evangelical Church in America. It’s located in Greenville, PA- which is a small community but is also within a ninety minute drive from bigger cities like Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH. The location allows students to be in the midst of the beautiful, natural, West Pennsylvania countryside while still being within driving distance of what’s happening in the bigger cities.
The college offers over sixty areas of study, including Bachelor’s degrees in the areas of Business and Accounting, Communication, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Mathematics and Computer Sciences. They also offer minors in Business and Accounting, Fine and Performing Arts, Humanities, Mathematics and Sciences, and Social Sciences. They also offer a few Associates Degrees, dual enrollment opportunities, some study abroad opportunities, and some pre-professional programs.
In addition to the academic opportunities offered at Thiel, students will also find a variety of extracurricular activities. There are student run clubs and organizations. The college has 24 NCAA Division III sports on offer as well as intramural sports. There are also plenty of opportunities for on- campus events. The college has a Community Hour on Tuesdays when no classes are held, and there is a chapel service students are invited to attend. There is also a weekly Common Hour where no classes are held and special events and opportunities are available for students to participate in.
Thiel College for Homeschoolers

All of Thiel College’s students will have opportunities for internships during their college years. And Thiel graduates often report being employed or having the opportunity for continued study in their field within three months after graduation. Some students go on to study at top colleges like Duke, Harvard, Oxford, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, and Yale.

Benefits of Thiel College for Homeschoolers

So… Thiel College definitely has much to appeal to students. But why should you particularly consider Thiel College for your homeschooled kids?

Most of the college’s classes are small, and there is an 11:1 student/faculty ratio. 

I know that when we began looking at colleges, the size of the college and number of students mattered. My kids hadn’t gone to large high schools with a huge campus and large numbers of kids. So the smaller, more intimate colleges appealed to them. Having such a small ratio of students to each faculty member also means that the students are going to get more on-on-one attention and help. 

Students will get more one-on-one faculty advising at Thiel.

I’ve seen with my college-aged kids that having one-on-one advising, rather than just a quick turn with someone who is juggling the classes of multiple kids at one time is very beneficial when it comes to effectively planning their course of study.

The Thiel Learning Commons is there to provide needed academic support for students.

This program provides tutoring, peer mentoring, supplemental instruction, organized study groups, quiet study places, and a writing lab. All of these are to help students succeed academically. So if your student is struggling with adapting to college-level work, they can easily get help.

Students have opportunities for internships and career counseling.

These opportunities can give students actual exposure to the careers that they are considering to see if those careers are a good fit as well as giving students the opportunity to practice in their chosen field.
Thiel College for Homeschoolers

Learn More About Thiel College for Your Homeschooled Kids

Now that you know what Thiel College has to offer your homeschooled kids, you can check out their programs here. Learn more about their benefits to homeschooling students and all that Thiel College has to offer!

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