3 Ideas for Teaching Creative Writing ...with Bardsy

Teaching creative writing can be challenging. The question homeschool moms often come up against is, “Can you really teach a student to be creative?”

I’ve tried a variety of different homeschool writing curricula and programs. And what I’ve found is that sometimes my kids just need a little prodding, a little prompting, a little pointing in the right direction to get them headed down the road to creative writing.

We’ve had an awesome opportunity to look at an online writing resource that can do just that. Here are a few ideas to use while teaching writing in your homeschool as well as a look at the resource we’ve been trying out.

Teaching creative writing

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Bardsy is an online creative writing program for kids. It combines lessons with tools that will inspire kids and get them writing. It can be a great resource for creative writing. And it offers tools to help you with these ideas for teaching creative writing in your homeschool. (Keep reading for a great freebie from Bardsy!)

As you’re teaching creative writing, inspire kids with a place to write.

I love the look and feel of a brand new notebook. It’s there just waiting to be written in. I’ve found that often just having an inspiring place to write can encourage kids to get started. Sometimes a blank computer screen can do the same thing. But sometimes that computer screen and keyboard staring back at the writer can be a bit intimidating.

Bardsy encourages creative writing by giving kids an inspiring place to write. When you subscribe to Bardsy your student will get their own creative space. It has a place for a photo as well as a place to record some things that describe them and that they love. There is also blank space for kids to write. Kids even have a “Hot Tray” section where they have space for journaling as well as creating a to-do list and a note-taking space.

Teaching creative writing story wheel

Ensure that kids know about story structure and how a story flows.

It’s not enough to just have some creative ideas. The next part of creative writing is understanding how a story flows. I like to point out the elements of stories as I read aloud to the kids- just one of the great benefits!

Bardsy teaches kids about the flow of a story and the parts of the story. In their Storytelling section there is a Story Wheel where kids can find lessons about characters, world-building, plot, conflict and theme. These lessons include a video, summary of key points, an opportunity to brainstorm, and activity, and a “Connections” section that guides kids in making connections between what they’ve just learned and storytelling as a big picture.

Teaching creative writing templates

Give kids guidance, prompts, and creative writing activities to get them started writing.

Sometimes that blank sheet of paper or blank computer screen is just too daunting. Kids need some inspiration, some structure to get started writing. We can do this with writing prompts as well as with writing rubrics that give kids a checklist of what to include in their writing.

Along with the creative writing lessons and great writing space that Bardsy offers, there are many resources available in the Bardsy program can get kids started writing. Kids can develop great characters with the Super Character Kit. In the Prospero section they’ll find everything from writing templates to checklists to brainstorming pages. Kids will be able to get to writing instead of staring at a blank screen!

Teaching creative writing ideas

3 Reasons to Give Bardsy’s Digital Tools for Writing a Try

Ready to give Bardsy a try? Here are reasons why this might be an awesome addition to your homeschool.

~ The resource could be used as a supplement to any writing curriculum or as a stand-alone creative writing program. There have been some years with my middle and high schoolers when we weren’t focused entirely on creative writing, but I wanted to have a creative writing section as part of our homeschool year. Bardsy would work for that. It also has a number of lessons and activities available, as well as all of the story writing resources, so you could adapt it to be your main writing curriculum for the year.

~ Creative writing isn’t just fun. Creativity encourages critical thinking. And that means that practicing creative writing with Bardsy can benefit kids in many areas above and beyond just writing and language arts.

~ Bardsy can help your students with creative writing even if creative writing isn’t a subject you’re strong in. The resources Bardsy offers is that they can be used by the student independently. Students are being taught writing using a research-based program developed by published authors. So it’s okay if creative writing isn’t your thing. Bardsy can still help your kids learn.

If you aren’t convinced yet, pick up Bardsy’s freebie- The Super Character Creation Kit- and let your students give it a try.

Teaching creative writing- characters

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