ACT Prep for Your Homeschooled High Schooler

If your homeschooled high schooler is planning on college, he or she will need to take either the SAT or ACT test. Scores from these tests play a role in college admission as well as scholarships. Two of my homeschoolers have graduated to far. And I’ve learned that it’s important that they have some preparation for these tests. If you have a high schooler that’s planning on college, here’s a resource you don’t want to miss! I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out a great resource for ACT prep!

ACT Prep Bootcamp

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I was excited to be able to have access to the ACT Prep Online Bootcamp from College Prep Science. It was great timing because one of my high schoolers has been preparing for taking the ACT.

I’ve posted about College Prep Science before when it comes to science classes that are a great help for homeschool moms. But the company doesn’t only offer science classes. They offer other resources for homeschoolers as well, including the ACT Prep Bootcamp class. (And I’m sharing some great freebies that they offer below!)

What is the ACT Prep Online Bootcamp?

Greg Landry is a veteran homeschool dad and former college professor. In the ACT Prep Bootcamp, he’ll be teaching your student in four online classes that students can attend live or recorded. Your student will also complete five ACT practice tests and have other assignments that will help them with ACT strategy. Students will get a grade for the class, and it can count for a semester credit for high school.

In the class your student will learn

  • How the ACT test is structured
  • Tips and strategy for test-taking
  • Where to focus their study
  • How to recognize wrong answers in a multiple choice format
  • Basic math formulas that they need for the test
  • How to prepare for the science reasoning portion of the test
  • And much more

The class is structured in Canvas which is an easy-to-use online platform. All of the recorded classes, instructions, and assignments will be there for your student.

You can get a glimpse of the class as well as hear more about it in this video.

Why will your high schooler benefit from this Bootcamp?

Do you have a student is heading to college and planning to take one of the standardized tests? Greg Landry has some great information about why the ACT is the best test for your student here. And, once you’ve decided on the ACT, here are just a few reasons why you’ll want to use this ACT Prep Bootcamp.

~ It can easily be used as a live or recorded class. Although live classes are awesome, I love the flexibility of recorded classes. Homeschooling is all about the flexibility! With this ACT Prep Bootcamp your student can “attend” live or watch the recorded class later.

~ Having the opportunity- and encouragement- to take practice tests is critical. My oldest daughter took many practice tests on her own to prepare for the ACT, and it paid off. Other of my children have needed a little accountability to make sure that they are taking advantage of practice tests. Your student will get that in this class!

~ It’s important to learn the “tricks” of standardized tests. All standardized tests have certain elements that students can take advantage of to be more successful. Whether your students have taken standardized tests in the past or not, it’s important for them to know how the ACT works. Having someone who is an expert on the test to teach these tips is a great opportunity and will definitely help your student to succeed.

Don’t miss these great freebies from College Prep Science!

You can sign your student up for the ACT Prep Bootcamp here. And, I promised you some science freebies!

Science freebies

College Prep Science has some awesome freebies! When you click here you’ll receive

  • A FREE test drive of our new virtual, interactive science lab for homeschooling families – students LOVE it!
  • The keys to teaching homeschool science – and the big mistakes to avoid
  • Earth Science student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with audio
  • “Muscles” student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with audio, and.. your palmaris longus?
  • A cool ancestry wheel for your children to fill-in. Students love this and it leads to lots of educational activity that they love – with accompanying audio 
  • COVID-19 / viruses student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with accompanying audio 

So, head over to pick up all the freebies. And then sign your high schooler up for the ACT Prep Bootcamp!

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