Current Events for Homeschoolers: Inspiring Critical Thinking

Do you read current events with your homeschoolers? It’s one of those things I know in my head is important but that I often neglect. For a variety of reasons, reading and discussing current events can be a harrowing undertaking. Media bias, sensational reporting, constant bad news: all of these make current events a topic I’d sometimes like to just skip.

But reading and discussing current events can have the great benefit of encouraging critical thinking. The ability to read and process the events going on around us allows us to really evaluate what we read in popular news sources or on social media. For this reason it’s important not to dodge the topic of current events in our homeschool.

Current events for homeschoolers

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I’ve been super excited to have a look at an awesome current events resource for homeschoolers. I was especially happy about this because my middle daughter has to report on current events in a co-op class she’s taking this year. That brings the subject of current events to the forefront in our homeschool. And this incredible resource can make current events for homeschoolers something that really does inspire them to think critically. It also presents information in a straightforward way with as little bias as possible, and this is super important for me when it comes to a current events resource. What’s this resource that provides current events for homeschoolers? (Keep reading because you’ll also get a discount code to try it out in your homeschool!)

The Juice: Current Events for Homeschoolers

The Juice from The Juice Learning Company is a learning tool that is based on current events for homeschoolers. It’s designed specifically for 5th-12th graders. The resources inside The Juice are created by journalists and educators. It’s a tool that builds critical thinking skills as well as visual and numerical literacy. It’s interactive. And it broadens kids’ worlds as they learn about the events happening around them.

With a subscription to The Juice, students will receive a daily email that lists the stories included in the day’s edition. When they click through and login, they’ll be able to choose the day’s edition as well as past stories to read through. The day’s edition of The Juice will have a number of current events stories. Kids can click through to read or to listen to these stories. Then there is a quiz question for the story. Within a story, kids can click the “Extra Juice” highlights to read more background information. They can also click on underlined words to see what the word means.

In addition to the daily editorial stories on topics such as US News, World News Humanities, and Life Hacks, each day’s edition has a vocabulary word of the day as well as a “Bright Side” story that goes beyond the news that can sometimes be heavy to bring kids a lighter news story.

Why is The Juice an awesome resource for current events for homeschoolers?

It focuses on topical stories- not opinions.

Bias is almost impossible to avoid when you’re writing and reading news articles. Most of us hold biases we don’t even realize sometimes. But The Juice seeks to avoid bias by having a diverse group of editors who deliberate over what stories to include. They seek to avoid political agendas. The stories also avoid sensationalism- which is so common in news reports today! If you’re looking for current events for your homeschoolers and you want articles as free from bias as possible, The Juice is for you.

The stories have rich supplements to increase learning.

As students read through the stories in each day’s edition, they will find words in some stories underlined in orange with a little peach symbol. When they click on these they’ll find “Extra Juice.” This is background information or explanation that makes it easier for students to understand the story. Some stories have words underlined in blue. Students can click on these to find definitions for these words.

The stories in The Juice subscription also include extras like quiz questions to increase comprehension; custom infographics that are interactive to help kids develop visual and numerical literacy; and daily STEAM videos that include science, technology, the arts, book reviews, and career profiles. All of these extras make The Juice a resource that offers more than just current events.

The Juice is a customized resource for students.

When you subscribe to The Juice, each student that is subscribed will have a Student Portal. In the portal, they can have access to past quiz scores as well as read past articles. As the teacher, you’ll also be able to see which editions your students have opened and read as well as their past quiz scores. Your subscription to the homeschool version of The Juice will give you a Master Teacher account as well as five student accounts. You can specify the level of your student with four levels ranging from 5th-12th grade.

Current events for homeschoolers

Subscribe to The Juice and receive current events for your homeschoolers.

You can learn more about The Juice by visiting their site or by reading The Juice blog. Then, when you’re ready to sign up, you can subscribe here. Use my code- JuiceAWAR– to receive 25% off of your subscription!

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