Five Simple Things Homeschool Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Do you have a homeschool mom on your Mother’s Day gift list? Perhaps you’re the husband of a homeschool mom. Or maybe you’re child of a homeschooling mother. (By the way, will someone pass this post on to my kids?)

It doesn’t take much to make a homeschool mom happy. In fact, there isn’t even any money involved for these most precious of gifts. But if you want to make the homeschool mom in your life smile on Mother’s Day, here are five simple ideas.

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Organize the home library.

Like many homeschool moms I know, my house over-runneth with books. I have a grand total of eight bookshelves currently. We have fiction, non-fiction, biographies, school related books. I still have board books floating around on my shelves. And my youngest child is eleven.

Every couple of years I get a wild urge to organize the books. I take days pulling them off the shelves, alphabetizing, and categorizing them. One year I even took the time to log them all into to LibraryThing. My goal is to keep myself from buying a book we need, only to find out the next week that we already had the book. In fact we had three copies of it. (I may or may not have actually done this in the past.)

I would love, love, love to pass on the torch of book organization to one of my family members. It would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift if someone would do that job for me. My shelves are currently in a sad state of disarray.

Wash all the dirty laundry in the house- including the sheets!

Laundry is my least favorite chore. I’m talking below cleaning toilets, ya’ll. I hate doing the laundry.

It never ends. As soon as I happily fold the last piece of clothing from the last load I think I need to wash…I turn around and find a new load in the basket, ready and waiting for me. I wash an average of two loads a day, occasionally having up to four. And that’s not counting days when I wash the sheets.

If one of my family members would volunteer to wash every towel, every article of clothing not currently being worn, and every sheet in the house, I would be one happy mama on Mother’s Day.

Cook supper.

If laundry ranks as my least favorite homemaking chore, cooking is a close second. I’ve never been a very good cook, so doing it every day is taxing. I’ll admit that I’ve never been the mom who makes a hot meal for breakfast and lunch, as well as supper. But one meal a day is plenty for me.

Cooking dinner for the family would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift for me. And, if someone wanted to volunteer for a few days or a week or even a month, perhaps, that would be even better.

Don’t argue with anyone in the house. All. Day.

This is an idea especially for the kids. A blissful Mother’s Day would be one in which there was no arguing all day. None. Not Any. Nada.

I know this isn’t an impossible task. It can be done. I know that they can survive the day without an unkind word toward each other. And that would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift.

Say, “Thank you.”

Any mom would love this gift, but, perhaps, a homeschool mom most of all.

We don’t do what we do for thanks or recognition. We face days where we’re “on” twenty-four hours a day, not only as moms but as teachers as well. And we do this, not for thanks or applause; we do it for a hose of reasons that center around doing what’s best for the well-being of our children and our family.

But when we hear a “thank you,” it’s wonderful. It’s a blessing. It’s a bonus. It’s an affirmation that what we’re doing is making a difference to the people we love.

A “thank you” is a Mother’s Day gift that any homeschool mama would love to receive.

So there you go. This is a Mother’s Day gift list of simple but awesome gifts the homeschool mom on your list is gonna love.

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