Looking for Hands-On, Literature-Based Science Curricula?

It’s no secret that I love literature-based learning. I often get the question, “What about literature-based science curricula?” from other homeschool moms who want to use literature-based learning.

I can remember when I first decided to begin using literature-based learning with my own kids. I definitely wanted to ditch the science textbook we were using. The dry and boring reading didn’t engage the kids. There was rarely a hands-on activity. “Activities” from these curricula often turned out to be very simple demonstrations. The kids never really had the opportunity to experience the process of science for themselves.

I haven’t always found it easy to find literature-based science curricula. However, I recently was so excited about a curriculum I had the opportunity to review. It’s perfect for a mom who is looking for a science curriculum that is based on real books. (There’s also a giveaway open until August 31, 2021, so don’t miss that at the end of this post!)

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

We received the updated Sonlight Science K. This is a gorgeous, engaging curriculum. It follows the Sonlight model of learning which includes reading, discussing, and doing. And it conforms to the Next Generation Science Standards. These updates are coming for Sonlight levels K-E.

I’ve posted about some of Sonlight’s great literature-based resources before. And, in addition, Sonlight Science can be the answer to your search for a literature-based science curriculum. The curriculum has several components that make it perfect.

#SonlightScience includes real, engaging books.

This is a true literature-based science curriculum that uses a variety of fiction and nonfiction books. There is no dry and boring textbook here. All of these books are beautiful and engaging and will make awesome read alouds. I loved that the collection included a fiction read as well. In my experience, great fiction can be a jumping off point for good discussions.

The included books are so engaging, in fact, that I and a couple of my kids- who definitely aren’t kindergarteners were pretty enthralled when our box arrived. We probably acted like small children in the way we oohed and aahed over these books. They’ll easily capture your child’s interest and imagination too!

It’s a literature-based curriculum that includes hands-on activities with #discoveranddo.

Sonlight’s model of learning involves reading, discussing, and doing. And now the science series includes Discover and Do. These are hands-on activities that give kids the opportunity to actually practice the scientific method. Instead of simple learning, they will have the opportunity to do.

Discover and Do activities are scheduled for each week. The science activity for the week directly ties in to that week’s reading. This makes it simple for kids to make connections. And, in my experience, hands-on activities really make a concept stick for kids.

Everything you need for all the hands-on activities is included.

Have you ever wanted to do a fun science activity with the kids… but you were missing a crucial ingredient. I always seemed to be missing borax for experiments. Who knows why? But I digress…

Sonlight has thought of this, however, and includes almost all of the supplies you need. The kit includes consumable as well as non-consumable resources. So you’ll never struggle with missing supplies. If you need to provide any supplies you’ll know ahead of time from information in the teacher’s guide.

This literature-based science curriculum includes a teacher’s guide as well as a manual for the hands-on activities.

Have you ever purchased a curriculum that looked great but had no clear instructions? You want to use the amazing materials you’ve bought, but you’re not sure how to pull it all together. You can avoid this with Sonlight Science.

In the guide, you’ll find:

  • A detailed 4-day weekly schedule
  • Suggested questions and discussion points
  • Activity sheets that the kids will use during the week
  • A list of any materials you’ll need for the week
  • A shopping list of any resources you need to gather for the coming week

The Discover and Do guide is a well-illustrated guide for the weekly experiments.

In the Discover and Do guide you’ll find:

  • A weekly materials list (and which can be found in the kit)
  • Information to share with the kids as you work through the experiment
  • Step-by-step instructions that follow the basic scientific method (Predict, Investigate, Draw Conclusions)
  • A conclusion that will help you guide students in making connections

Sonlight Science follows the Next Generation Science Standards.

Sonlight Science is designed to follow the Next Generation Science Standards. This is a collection of standards endorsed by scientists, science-based businesses, and scientific institutions. As a result, you can be assured that you’re giving your kids a strong science foundation.

If you want to take a look at this awesome curriculum, you can check out my review video here.

How can you get this awesome literature-based science curriculum from Sonlight Science for your homeschool?

You can find information about Sonlight Science here. And you can see the Sonlight Science K curriculum that I reviewed here. You can also enter the giveaway below to win a Sonlight Science package for your homeschool. (Giveaway is open through August 31, 2021.)

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