Spanish Language Learning for Your Homeschool

Colleges in our state typically require two years of foreign language credits for admission. As my kids headed into high school we discussed what language they wanted to study. We decided to look for a Spanish language learning resource so that they could learn Spanish.

We tried out a few different resources with mixed results. I wanted a program that used an immersive approach for learning the language. And I wanted a program that the kids could use independently- because I’m not a fluent Spanish speaker! We’ve recently had the opportunity to try out an online Spanish language learning resource that fits those requirements.

Disclosure: I received a free course and compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

We’ve been using Vista Academy’s inaugural fall 2021 Spanish courses for homeschooling students. This is an online Spanish learning resource that helps kids to learn Spanish in an immersive way, and it equips students to learn independently. (And there is a discount code that you can use to sign your student up for the course at the end of this post!)

Why should your student learn a foreign language?

I’ve already mentioned that many of the colleges in our state require two years of a foreign language. But what if your student doesn’t need a foreign language for college? Learning a foreign language can have a number of benefits even if your student isn’t headed to college.

Research has shown that learning a foreign language:

  • Boosts your student’s problem-solving skills
  • Encourages critical thinking in the learner
  • Increases the student’s listening skills
  • Expands the creativity of the learner
  • Raises the student’s confidence

Research also shows that when a person learns one language it can be easier to learn another language later. Because of this, students who learn a language in high school may more easily learn another language they need for work or travel later.

How does Spanish language learning with Vista Academy work?

Vista Academy is a virtual world language school. It offers a flexible way for students to learn another language. You can choose from two different paths of learning depending on your student’s needs. Regardless of the path you choose, a native speaker will be on hand to help your student throughout the class.

Vista Academy uses a platform called VHL Central for foreign language learning. This is a popular platform for foreign language learning, and it’s a platform that keeps students engaged throughout their learning process. The whole platform is designed for student-directed learning. It has an organizational structure that helps students know how to progress through the material.

When you first choose Vista Academy’s Inaugural Fall 2021 Spanish Courses for Homeschooling Students, you’ll be able to select from two different tracks- ¡Ole! or ¡Bravo!. Native speakers lead both classes, and the learning platform for both is available on desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Both tracks are also self-paced and student-directed. The main difference is that students in the ¡Bravo! track meet together for two thirty-minute Zoom meetings. In addition, students have some collaborative projects in that track.

Why is Vista Academy’s Spanish language learning program a good choice for your homeschool?

If you are looking for a great option for Spanish language learning for your student Vista Academy may have your ideal solution. Here are a few things that my student and I like and that may make this course right for you as well.

~ The course is self-paced. This is a huge benefit for us. If you’re looking for a program that will allow your student to progress at their own pace, Vista Academy’s Inaugural Fall 2021 Spanish Courses for Homeschooling Students is a great choice.

~ The program is interactive and multisensory. The classes use short video clips to introduce the vocabulary, matching of Spanish words and phrases with the pictures that students just saw in the introduction, and opportunity for students to say the Spanish phrases. There are also print materials that your student can use to study the vocabulary lessons. And, in addition to this, students in the ¡Bravo! track will get the Zoom meeting times. It truly is multisensory learning!

~ Your student will learn responsibility by being required to know what assignments are due and when they are due. One benefit of this student-directed program is that your student can be responsible for following the program and completing their own work. The platform is designed to allow your student to know exactly where they are and what activities they should be working on next. Requiring your student to be responsible for this will give them opportunity to grow and mature.

~ Students can get help from a native speaker. I am NOT a Spanish speaker. I did take Spanish in high school, but I did not learn much, and I remember even less. It is difficult to help my student learn Spanish. With this program from Vista Academy, a native speaker will be overseeing your student’s language learning.

You can get a look at how the program will look and work for your student in the video below.

How can you sign your student up for Vista Academy’s Inaugural Fall 2021 Spanish Courses for Homeschooling Students?

Ready to sign your high school student up for Vista Academy’s Inaugural Fall 2021 Spanish Courses for Homeschooling Students?

You can sign up here. And right now there is 20% discount coupon which can be applied towards registration. Use code SPANISH20. Expires Nov. 30, 2021.

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