4 Must-Have Features of a Homeschool Math Curriculum for High School: CTCMath Review

Ah…the choosing of a homeschool math curriculum. I don’t know about you, but that’s been one of the biggest struggles I’ve had as a homeschool mom. And this is especially true when it comes to my high schoolers.

High school math is definitely not my area of expertise. In fact, I personally avoided the high levels of math because I didn’t want to pull my GPA down in high school. Yep. I was that kid. So choosing a homeschool math curriculum for my high school students was something that was super important to me. And there were several features that I was particularly concerned about.

CTCMath homeschool math curriculum

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CTCMath has been a high school math curriculum win for us. Their Homeschool Family Membership has been providing us with a great math program that has all four of my must-have features. After you read about how CTCMath provides each of the features, don’t miss the discount and the giveaway at the end of this post!

I need a homeschool math curriculum that is super affordable!

Okay. This feature isn’t just important for high school math. But I’ll be honest. Some of the math curricula that I’ve seen and thought would work great for my kids is just too expensive. At times I’ve had four children that needed a math curriculum, and I couldn’t afford to buy four levels of an expensive math program. The cost of a math curriculum is crucially important for me.

CTCMath’s Homeschool Family Membership is incredibly affordable. There are options for monthly or annual subscriptions. And the multi-child subscription includes all of the course levels (kindergarten-high school) for the whole family- the WHOLE FAMILY! This means that I can have math curriculum- not just for my high school students at the time- but for the whole family!

Your subscription to CTCMath includes all of the levels. This means that kids can move between levels. As a result they can move ahead if the master their current level. Or they can go back and review material that they need help with.

It’s important that my high schoolers have a math curriculum that allows them to work independently.

As I may have stated (multiple times) math isn’t my thing. I can do okay up through algebra one or so. After that, I have to learn it in order to help the kids with it. I can do it if they are really struggling. But it’s quite time-consuming for me to have to work through the math textbook in order to relearn how to do something in order to then teach it to the child who is struggling.

I need a homeschool math curriculum that allows them to work independently. In fact, it’s important to me to have my high schoolers build independence in accomplishing all school work. Whether they are headed to college or off to a career, they need to be able to learn independently.

CTCMath is an online program. It can be accessed on a computer or on other devices. The interface is very easy to use and intuitive to figure out. The video lessons have a voice with the concept presented and practiced on a white board. And because the concept is being taught by an actual teacher who is a math expert I don’t have to worry if I don’t remember a particular math concept.

Homeschool math curriculum for high school

Because I have kids with different learning needs and styles, our math curriculum needs to have a multisensory approach to learning.

If you have multiple children you know that kids all learn differently. As my kids have headed into high school math they’ve each learned in different ways. Some can pick up concepts taught by video. Others prefer to look at written material. I’ve had one or two that need to be shown a number of examples of problems worked out.

The fact is that kids learn differently. And when a high school math curriculum is designed to use different techniques and appeal to different learning styles, it meets my need for a multisensory approach to learning.

CTCMath uses a multisensory approach in the curriculum. Students watch the lesson presented on video. Multiple examples are worked out after the concept is presented. There is a written lesson summary available. After the concept is presented, students have problems to work out. They are presented with interactive questions to work out these problems. You can also print out a copy of a worksheet with the practice problems. All of these options mean that kids with all different learning styles can use the resources that fit their preferred method of learning.

CTCMath curriculum

I need a curriculum that tracks kids’ progress and makes it easy for me to see their grades.

One of my biggest fears about homeschooling high school was the dreaded transcript. I was just sure that I was going to mess this up and ruin the opportunities my kids would have after high school. The prospect hung over my head and caused me great stress as we headed into the high school years.

Thankfully, I learned that keeping a transcript wasn’t really something to panic about. And managing record keeping for my high schoolers wasn’t as scary as I had anticipated. But I still need to keep a good record of my high schoolers’ grades. Therefore, when it comes to a math curriculum, it’s a huge benefit when the math program tracks my students’ progress, and all I have to do is check them and record.

CTCMath does a great job of this. As students complete lessons, they are given a grade. You can choose to set a mastery level so that they do not move on until they have a specific grade. At any time you can check grades from your parent dashboard. When you’re ready to record grades for a transcript, they are right there available for you.

High school math curriculum

The parent dashboard also allows you to see how long and on what your student has been working. It’s a great way to check in to make sure that independent work is actually going on and that students aren’t just avoiding math. You can even choose to have a weekly update emailed to you to remind you to check in.

Homeschool math curriculum for high school

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