An Online Chemistry Course for Your Homeschooled High Schooler

Are you a homeschool mama who is struggling with what to do for high school science? How about an online chemistry course?

I have to admit that I’m no science expert. My high school science experiences often left much to be desired. So as my kids neared high school age, I was concerned about what to do for high school science. I needed a course taught by someone who actually understood the subject. In addition, I wanted a course that would make difficult concepts clear to the kids.

I’ve used a variety of science materials over the course of homeschooling, but I’ve been really excited by a chemistry course that I’ve been reviewing.

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Take a look at the Fascinating Chemistry online chemistry course.

Chemistry is definitely a science class I need help teaching. My brain doesn’t do a great job of comprehending atoms and molecules and bonds. And don’t even get me started on understanding the periodic table.

Fascinating Chemistry from Fascinating Education helps homeschool moms tackle this often difficult to understand subject.

Fascinating Education

Dr. Sheldon Margulies started Fascinating Education. He’s a retired neurologist in addition to having been a teacher of medical students. The company offers a variety of science classes. In these classes Dr. Margulies focuses on teaching students to understand science concepts instead of just memorizing them. In addition to this he uses images and narration to explain difficult concepts.

The teaching method in these classes is designed to help students succeed and to be less anxious about science. The classes are video-based and use slides with narration. As Dr. Margulies works through the slides, students can see the list of slides in the left sidebar. This makes it very easy to go back to a previous slide to review a concept. In addition there are “catch our breath” slides that give a pause in information and allow an opportunity to review.

The classes from Fascinating Education include lessons, review, and tests. The process helps to ensure that students are really mastering the concept before moving on.

Fascinating Chemistry

The Fascinating Chemistry online chemistry course includes 18 lessons. In addition to this there is a review lesson at the end. The basic concept of the four ways that atoms bond to each other and how these bonds determine the properties of the molecules form the foundation of the course. After that, other concepts build on this foundation.

Each lesson in this chemistry course has five main components:

  • The lesson contains the slides and narration that explain the concept.
  • A text script provides a printable copy of the text and pictures of the slides that correspond to that text.
  • The review section has slides with a question and then following slides with the answer and explanation. In addition, slides have graphics to remind students of the lesson concept.
  • Review scripts provide a printable copy of these questions, answers, graphics, and explanations.
  • Each lesson includes a test. The questions are multiple choice. There is also a “Need Help” button that students can click to get a review of the material that question covers. (You can get a printed copy of the questions that doesn’t allow students access to the help button.)

You can get a look at these components in the review video I created.

What makes this chemistry curriculum a great choice for high school science?

If you are looking for a chemistry curriculum for your homeschooled high schooler, here are a few things about this course that make it a great option.

This online chemistry course is flexible.

Flexibility is one of my favorite things about homeschooling. In other words, I love a homeschool curriculum that gives me some flexibility in how I use it. You’ll find that flexibility in Fascinating Chemistry.

The goal of these classes is mastery of the subject. You, as the parent/teacher, can plan the lessons, record the grades on the tests, and determine how your student will work through the course. The course doesn’t record grades, but you can see your student’s score on each test. And each test encourages an 80% for mastery, so you can know if your student should redo a lesson. In addition, the course doesn’t move kids through a progression that prevents them from moving on or moving back. This allows kids to move through at their own pace and allows them to review material as needed.

Fascinating Chemistry gives the student many helps and resources that ensure the are really understanding the material.

I know from my own experiences with science courses in high school that memorizing concepts is not the same as learning and understanding them. This course gives students many resources that will help them actually understand the material.

  • The slides have great graphics and illustrations in addition to the narration from Dr. Margulies. This is an excellent resource for visual learners like me!
  • Students can move back and forth to slides with the menu on the left sidebar. This helps them to understand the flow of the lesson and to go back and review material as the lesson is going on.
  • There is also a glossary available in the left sidebar. So students can look up the definitions of words from the lesson that they may not understand.
  • There are plenty of helps and explanations given during the reviews and test. It is my opinion as a homeschool mom and former teacher that giving a student a low grade on a test and then just moving on to the next lesson isn’t effective. That is to say that the purpose of a class is to really teach the material to the student and help them master it. The reviews and test helps do just that. Students won’t just get answers wrong and move on. They can understand what the got wrong and have another opportunity to learn it.

The lessons use multi-sensory techniques.

Students watch videos with detailed graphics and illustrations. They hear the narration of the slides. They have an opportunity to interact with the review questions and test. You can print out the scripts for lessons and for reviews for students who need to look at written material. The course presents concepts in many different ways. As a result, students with different learning styles can learn and understand.

Check out an online science course from Fascinating Education for yourself.

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