Looking for a Homeschool Elementary Math Curriculum?

You probably know this homeschool publisher for science and Bible. But now you can find your homeschool elementary math curriculum resources from them as well! This is an awesome curriculum that I’ve been reviewing!

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Apologia is well-known for science, Bible and worldview curricula. And now Apologia has homeschool elementary math curriculum as well! Exploring Creation With Mathematics levels 1-3 are now available, with more levels coming soon.

Making Your Homeschool Elementary Math Curriculum Relevant

One of the challenges that I’ve had with teaching math is making sure that math is relevant to kids’ lives. Your elementary school child should never be asking, “Why do I have to learn this?” A well-designed elementary homeschool math curriculum will make the connections for your child.

After all, you don’t have to teach your children the concepts of more or less. But in math, we formalize this as addition, subtraction, and relations.

You don’t have to teach your kids about the joy of wide-open spaces or the pleasure of a giant milkshake. But in math, we formalize dimensions, area, and volume.

And you certainly don’t have to teach your young student about pizza slices, also known as part of the whole. In math, we formalize fractions and geometry.

With Apologia’s elementary homeschool math, your child won’t be learning this year’s math facts so that he or she can go on to the next level. Your child will be learning how to expand his or her world with mathematical knowledge.

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Mathematics elementary series is specifically designed to help young learners expand their understanding and unlock the power of numbers in everyday life.

The first three grade levels in this homeschool elementary math curriculum are intentionally designed to build a strong foundation of familiarity with numbers that becomes second nature as children learn how to manipulate numbers with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These levels are available now (July 2021) with more elementary levels coming soon.

Why You Need Apologia Math Curriculum in Your Homeschool

There are several features that make this math curriculum a great choice for your elementary students.

The materials are fun and engaging.

The student workbooks for this math curriculum are different from many other math curricula I’ve tried. (And, believe me, I’ve tried many!) These workbooks have engaging pictures and graphics and illustrations. But that’s not the only difference. You won’t just find rows of math problems here. You’ll find lots of real world activities that teach skills and help students to see how math is relevant in everyday life.

Each day students spend time practicing previously learned skills.

So much of math builds on the foundation of previously learned skills. At the elementary level, a sizeable part of the content is math facts that must be memorized. In addition to the daily lessons, students are also assigned skills practice for each day. Games and activities that are easy to set up are listed in the Teaching Guide and Answer Key. These practice sessions ensure that students remain well prepared and confident with their current knowledge when learning to incorporate new concepts.

This homeschool elementary math curriculum is very easy for parents to use.

In the teacher’s guide for each level, you’ll find a weekly schedule. The schedule helps parents to know what material to cover each day. In addition, parents can see step-by-step instructions and answer keys for every day’s lesson. And at the beginning of each unit, you can find a supply list for any activity for that level. The structure of Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Levels 1, 2, and 3 is designed with maximum flexibility so that families can adjust the assignments as necessary and still succeed.

The curriculum has a Christian worldview.

If you are familiar with other curricula resources from Apologia you’ll know that their materials focus on the relation of the subject to a biblical worldview. This math curriculum teaches that the true purpose behind mathematics is to learn more about the God who created it. Math is a part of Creation and as such it mirrors aspects of God. We can witness His beauty, faithfulness, and love as we study numbers. Each unit within the Exploring Creation with Mathematics series helps students make these connections as it opens with “Seeing Our Creator” sections that connect the student with the mathematical journey they are beginning.

Learn Even More and Get Exploring Creation With Mathematics for Your Homeschool (And a Giveaway!)

Is this math curriculum a good fit for your homeschool? You can take a further look at the curriculum in my review video here.

And you get get details about the structure and material taught in each level with the videos in this playlist.

When you are ready to purchase this homeschool elementary math curriculum for your homeschool, you can do that here. (There is a discount at the time of publication- July 2021) And don’t forget to enter the giveaway below. You can win a basic set of the level of your choice!

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