Mega List of Fall-Themed Unit Studies

Love unit studies? And fall? Don't miss this collection of free and frugal fall-themed unit studies!

It’s officially fall, although you wouldn’t know it in my part of the country. Here we’re still making temperatures in the high 80s or even low 90s in the hottest part of the day. But, we can pretend it’s really fall can’t we? And what better way to do that than using one of these fall-themed unit studies in your homeschool?

The changing of the seasons is a great time for a unit study, and fall holds lots of opportunities for some fun themed unit studies. This post is full of ideas for themed unit studies you can use as fall rolls around. Some of these are free and some are not. I’ve tried to note which are which. Some of them have complete lesson plans included, and some of them are more lists of resources that require you to do a little picking and planning. 

Fall-themed unit studies

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Literature-Based Unit Studies

This unit study is based on the book Me and the Pumpkin Queen. It’s for the upper elementary grades and contains vocabulary, pumpkin information, and more. ($)

Celebrate the fall theme of apples with this free unit study/lapbook based on Apples to Oregon from HomeschoolShare. The unit covers language arts, geography, history, science, math, and more. (free)

These unit study ideas from Starts at Eight are based on the book Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Lesson and include vocabulary, a craft and activity, and discussion questions. (free)

Proverbial Homemaker has some great ideas for a unit study based on The Biggest Pumpkin Ever. They include science, math, arts and crafts, and more. (free)

Fields of Daisies has some great unit study ideas based on the story “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving” by Louisa May Alcott. (free)

collection of fall-themed unit studies

General Fall Unit Studies

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has this fall unit study that covers the topics of corn, leaves, and pumpkins. It includes science, art, language arts, and more. There is also a free lapbook. (free)

You can find a Discovering Autumn unit study at How to Homeschool for Free. It includes science, geography, math, literature, and more. (free)

You can learn all about fall with this unit study. It covers science, language arts, crafts and fun activities, and more. There is also a great fall booklist.

This Harvest Festival Lapbook from Hands of a Child is for PrK-1st grade. It has all you need planned out for a five-day study containing fifteen mini books all about celebrating the harvest and coming of fall. ($)


This free apple unit study from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has great ideas for science, Bible, picture study, and more. There’s also a free lapbook, free notebooking pages, and ideas for the very young students as well as for middle and high school. (free)

Gift of Curiosity has what looks like an awesome printable apple unit study. It has science activities, math, fun pages, and more. ($)

HomeschoolShare has a free lapbook/unit study all about Johnny Appleseed here. It includes a biography of the famous apple planter and lots of cross-curricular activities. (free)

Starts at Eight has more ideas for a study of apples and Johnny Appleseed (and shows off the lapbook they made with the free HomeschoolShare printable.) (free)

Real Life at Home has some fun apple-themed unit study ideas for preschool and kindergarten. All of the ideas are based on apple-themed books. (free)

fall-themed unit studies


In All You Do has a great thorough pumpkin unit study printable pack. It includes language arts, science, social studies and more. ($)

The Homeschool Scientist has some great hands-on resources for a pumpkin unit study here. (free)

Life Over C’s has some great ideas for hands-on pumpkin unit study ideas. They include math, literacy, science, arts and crafts, and more. (free)

This Pumpkin Mini Study has science, vocabulary, copywork and more. ($)


Look! We’re Learning has some great resources for a fall leaves unit study. It includes science, math, a cute craft, and free notebooking pages. (free)

Year Round Homeschooling has a unit study all about leaves. You can pick up a free printable pack to use with the study too. (free)

You can find a unit study and lapbook all about trees at HomeschoolShare. It includes vocabulary, science, and poetry. (free)

This Fall Leaves Nature Study is a printable and includes science, literature, copywork, and art projects. ($)

These leaf-themed unit study ideas from Life Over C’s include math, literacy, science, and arts and crafts. (free)

Collection of fall-themed unit studies

Fall Holidays

Celebrate Thanksgiving with an Online Unit Study. This is a mini unit that is online and self-directed. Kids of multiple ages can use the study, and it takes little preparation and setup. ($)

Online Unit Studies also has a Columbus Day unit study. The mini unit study includes information about the history of the holiday and the controversy around it. ($)

In All You Do has a free Pilgrim unit study. This study for K-5th graders includes language arts, science, math, and more. (free)

There’s No Place Like Home has some great unit study ideas for learning about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims. There is vocabulary included and many cross-curricular ideas. (free)

The Frugal Navy Wife has some fun, cross-curricular ideas for a Halloween unit study. (free)

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