Bible Curriculum for Homeschool Families: The Word in Motion

As a Christian homeschool mom, I’ve always looked for a Bible curriculum for homeschool to be a part of our regular learning. But I also wanted a Bible curriculum that the whole family could use. I wanted us to be able to learn together. And it’s important to have a Bible curriculum that really teaches foundational information about the Bible.

I want our family to know the story of the Bible as a whole as well as knowing information about each book/section of the Bible. This foundational Bible knowledge can be important later on as kids do Bible studies in groups or independently. I’ve just been reviewing a Bible curriculum for homeschool families from one of my favorite homeschool publishers.

Apologia Bible for homeschool families
Disclosure: I received free curriculum and compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

We’ve had the opportunity to check out The Word in Motion Bible curriculum from Apologia. We received both The Word in Motion: Old Testament and The Word in Motion: New Testament sets.(Make sure you read to the end of my review for a giveaway!) I’m a huge fan of Apologia, and we’ve used- and reviewed- a number of their curricula resources!

A Look at This Apologia Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

If you want to dig deep into the Bible with your family, Apologia’s new homeschool Bible curriculum- The Word in Motion- can help you explore the Bible and build foundational Bible knowledge with the whole family.

The Word in Motion is a two-volume homeschool Bible curriculum. In volume one, you’ll explore the narrative of the Old Testament and then learn about each of the books of the Old Testament. In the second volume, you’ll explore the narrative of the New Testament and then learn about each of the New Testament books. Each volume is designed to be completed in one homeschool year if you follow the suggested schedule.

This Apologia Bible curriculum, developed with Walk Through the Bible, uses a multi-sensory approach to teach God’s Word. It includes video, textbook lessons, motions, and an interactive student notebook. The curriculum uses vibrant illustrations, engaging narratives, compelling discussion questions, and memorable character profiles to help learners engage with and remember what they’re learning.

Apologia Word in Motion

How It Works…

When you begin in the Old Testament, the first fifteen lessons will focus on the narrative story of the Old Testament. Each lesson includes a streaming video (from the free Book Extras online) as well a textbook lesson where you can read more, find additional engaging articles and illustrations, discuss what you’ve learned, and pray together as a family. Then in the student Notebooking Journal, kids can take notes about the video or textbook lesson, answer questions, complete activities, and write their own prayers.

In the second section of the Old Testament curriculum, each lesson will look at specific books of the Bible. You’ll learn about each book- information about the author, when it was written, and more. In the textbook you’ll find Book-About Cards that summarize the information about the book as well as Key Word Cards to help kids remember the information. There are also Take It to Heart memory verses. The Notebooking Journal continues to provide a place for note taking. There are also color pages for the theme of each book, as well as a place to practice writing each lesson’s key verse.

The New Testament textbook and Notebooking Journal are designed in the same way. So you’re learning an overview, big picture of the narrative of the Bible as well as information about individual books. Each volume is designed to be completed in a school year if you follow the suggested schedule.

You can see a sample lesson of The Word in Motion: Old Testament here and a sample lesson of The Word in Motion: New Testament here.

Bible curriculum for homeschool families

Why The Word in Motion Is a Great Bible Curriculum for Homeschool Families

If you’ve been looking for a homeschool Bible curriculum, but you want something different, something that will really help your kids to KNOW the Bible, take a look at The Word in Motion from Apologia.

There are a few elements that I’ve particularly loved about the curriculum. I think these make it a perfect fit for a homeschool Bible curriculum.

It’s easy to pick up and go.

Like other Apologia curricula materials, this one is super easy to use. There is information about using the book as well as a suggested schedule in the front of each textbook. All you need is the book, Notebooking Journal, and the book extras that you access for free online. There is an additional audiobook that you can purchase if you’d rather listen to the textbook read aloud.

It’s engaging and interesting.

The streaming videos have vibrant illustrations. The narrative writing style engages and captures the readers’- or listeners’- attention. There are compelling discussion questions to help you process the lessons with your family. And there are memorable character profiles featured. These help the reader see what’s happening through the eyes of some of the biblical characters.

You can use this Bible curriculum for homeschool with your whole family.

Although you might pick this up as a Bible curriculum for your younger kids because it’s written for K-8th grade, it’s something you can definitely use with the whole family. The material will be engaging even for the older readers or listeners. And it’s relevant to teach the entire family the foundational truths of the Bible.

The Word in Motion teaches with multiple learning styles in mind.

The material in this curriculum will appeal to kids- and adults!- no matter their learning style. Visual learners can learn from the videos and engaging graphics in the textbook. Auditory learners can listen to the material from the videos as well as to the textbook being read aloud. Kinetic learners can get moving with The Word in Motion’s unique way of teaching motions to help kids remember Bible information. Verbal learners will learn from repeating key verses and key Bible book material.

The Notebooking Journal is an amazing resource for homeschool moms who love notebooking.

I love notebooking. It’s a great way to have kids interact with material that you’re reading and learning. And Apologia’s Notebooking Journals are an awesome component of their curricula resources for moms like me. In the Notebooking Journals kids have a place to take notes, pages to color, cut-out activities, and more. And, at the end of the curriculum, kids will have a great reminder of what they’ve learned.

Word in Motion Apologia

If you’re still wondering if The Word in Motion is right for you, check out my review video here.

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