3 Ways to Make Learning Math Exciting With Free Math Games for Kids

Are you looking for ways to make learning math more fun? It's free math games for kids for the win!

We were using a math textbook. This was a textbook that's pretty popular in homeschooling families. It consisted of a lesson and then a set of problems. 

I watched my daughter's eyes glaze over as she began to trudge through the problems. Over and over she would start a problem. And then she would begin to stare off into the distance instead of actually working the problem.

Sighing, I stood over her and began to point to each problem in turn. She struggled through most of the problems that day. But I knew that she wasn't truly understanding the concepts. And I knew that there had to be a more interesting- dare I hope...fun?- way for her to learn math.

And there is, Mama. There is! Math games can help kids learn math concepts, practice problem-solving, and have fun! And free math games for kids are even better. Here are three ways you can make math more fun with free math games for kids. And the free resource we've been exploring can help you do just that.

Free math games for kids

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We've been trying out Beast Academy Playground from Beast Academy. Beast Academy is an advanced comic-based math program for students ages 8–13. And the Beast Academy Playground is a collection of free math games for kids ages 4 and up.  These games encourage math learning and problem-solving skills.

So how can you make learning math more exciting for your kids? And how can Beast Academy help?

Watch the YouTube video to see three ways to make learning math more exciting with free games for kids. You can also see a demonstration of a game from the Beast Academy Playground. Or keep reading for the three ideas and more information about the Beast Academy Playground.

Supplement your regular math curriculum with games.

I know that sometimes, as a homeschool mom, our first reaction when kids seem bored with a curriculum is to change the curriculum. Or that has sometimes been my reaction. And one time, my desire to change our math curriculum and make it more exciting led to me spending over two hundred dollars on a new math curriculum...only to realize it didn't work for us.

So instead of jumping to something new, how about supplementing the math curriculum that is boring your kids with some math games? At the Beast Academy Playground you'll find resources that allow your kids to practice addition, subtraction, symmetry, geometry, problem-solving, and more. With games like Pick Your Pony, kids will practice addition while playing a fun game that involves rolling dice, adding numbers, and moving their counters to see which one reaches the end first.

Play free math games for kids as a family.

Does your family like board games? My family does! And game playing can encourage skills like critical thinking and problem solving. But playing math games as a family has the added benefit of making learning math more fun and exciting.

Many of the games and activities at the Beast Academy Playground allow for multiple players to play. This means that the family can play math games together. In the Circuit Breaker game, which is one we enjoyed, two players draw lines on a grid to see who can first connect their circuits. 

Beast Academy math games

Encourage kids to play offline math games.

There are many online sites that offer games to help kids build and practice math skills. These can be a great resource and can make math fun for kids. But, sometimes, it can be good for kids to practice math with offline games as well. Offline games can offer more opportunity for kids to get creative and to play games that allow for multiple players.

The games and activities at the Beast Academy Playground are offline. They are tabletop games and activities that the whole family can take part in. There are instructions for each, and the materials needed are ones that you can find around the house. There are videos for each activity that show you how to set them up. In the Carronade game we only needed two colors of markers, a dark pen, and blank paper. Then we were able to practice symmetry by trying to "sink" each other's drawn ships.

Free math games

Beast Academy Playground 

  • includes free tabletop math games and activities the whole family can play
  • continually adds new activities 
  • makes math time, play time
  • and unlocks your child's inner math beast starting at age 4
Free math games for kids

So check out Beast Academy Playground today and make math learning more exciting with their free math games for kids!

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