5 Critical Life Prep Skills Your Teen Needs to Learn

Let’s talk life prep skills for teens.

It’s one thing to have kids who can score well on tests and who can succeed academically. But those same kids aren’t automatically prepared for real life.

One of the great things about homeschooling is that learning is often happening in the “real world,” in the day-to-day things we’re doing that our kids are watching and learning from. But occasionally I’ll realize that there is an important skill that we’ve somehow overlooked.

One of my kids- who shall remain nameless- was putting away some leftover potatoes into the fridge. The next day I found the potatoes. They were just sitting in the serving bowl. There were just a few potatoes in a very large bowl. They were uncovered. It was just a large, open bowl with a few potatoes at the bottom.

Maybe food storage is one of those skills that I assume my kids will just know but that I’ve failed to actually teach!

If you’re wondering what life prep skills you need to make sure to teach your teens, here are five I think are critical. And we’ve recently been reviewing an online course that might be just the answer you need when it comes to teaching your homeschooled teens life prep skills that really will help them to prepare for real life.

Life prep skills for teens

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Voyage from Thrive Academics is an online course that is designed to help kids prepare for life in the “real world.” (Keep reading the post to find out how you can win access to the Voyage course!) The course does a great job addressing these five critical life prep skills your teens need.

Life prep skills that help students understand their purpose, strengths, and goals

Understanding purpose, skills, strengths, and goals is the first step for students to enter adulthood successfully. However this foundation is a step that we often skip over. When we take the time to help students understand their purpose for being here, the skills that they possess, and their strengths; and when we guide them in setting goals for their lives, we help them lay this strong foundation.

Voyage addresses the need for students to understand this. The class guides students through a process that helps them identify their purpose and strengths. Students develop a personal brand that will guide them in making decisions, establishing a vision for the future, setting goals that will help them to make that vision happen, and creating action steps for meeting those goals.

Voyage from Thrive Academics

Help with career planning

The next important life prep skill that our teens need is understanding how to plan for a future career. Too often we skip to the next important skill without guiding students through this one. As a result students can head into college or some other post-graduation education with no clear path. We need to help our teens use the information they thought through as they determined purpose, skills, and strengths to guide them in choosing an appropriate career.

Voyage uses a career profiler to show students how their skills and interests line up with different careers. In addition to this, the program helps students see what kind of education and training will prepare them for careers they are interested in. And the classes teach teens how to create a resume and prepare for job interviews.

Life prep skills to help students with college planning

Once students have identified a career that interests them they need to know how college fits into their plan. I don’t think all teens automatically need to attend college. But I do think that we need to prepare them so that they know how to search for colleges, how to fill out college applications, and how to understand scholarships and financial aid information. In other words, they need to know how to plan for college so that they can get the education necessary for their chosen career path. (I also know that even teens who are very resistant to going to college might change course and want to get a degree for a particular job! So it’s important to make sure they’re prepared for that.)

Voyage teaches students how to look for colleges and how to narrow down the search. The classes teach teens how to apply to a college as well as how to find and apply for financial aid. In addition to this, the program helps students prepare for life on campus. And it guides students through creating a course schedule because knowing how to budget time and organize responsibilities can be critical for college success.

Voyage help with college planning

Skills for financial responsibility

Whether they head to college or choose to go straight into a career, our teens need to know how to handle financial responsibilities. They need to understand how a budget works. And they need to understand how credit works. Managing finances can be difficult for people of any age. And if our teens are irresponsible with finances as young adults that can have long-term consequences. But we can prepare our teens and give them skills to be more successful in handling day-to-day financial decisions.

Voyage helps students understand setting up and using a bank account. The program explains the ins and outs of building credit- and how to do it effectively. Students will learn how to create and use a budget. In addition to this they’ll learn how to file their taxes. The classes also help students understand student loans so that if they attend college, they’ll be able to think through whether they should apply for loans.

Life prep skills for everyday life

Remember when I talked about the child -who shall not be named- who didn’t know how to store leftovers in the fridge? Our teens need life prep skills for everyday life. They need to understand some basic skills for keeping themselves healthy, skills for maintaining a home and car, and skills for how to do things like travel to other places. Some of these are skills we assume that our teens will just pick up by living with and watching us. But not all teens will. Consequently we need to make sure that we are deliberately teaching those life prep skills.

Voyage teaches some of the basic life skills that are sometimes overlooked. Students will learn how sleeping, eating, and fitness help them develop a healthy lifestyle. They’ll learn basic home and automobile maintenance skills. They’ll learn how to be effective communicators. And they will learn the skills they need to travel.

Life prep skills for teens

Use Voyage to teach your teens life prep skills (and a giveaway!)

You can learn more about Voyage from Thrive Academics here. You can also pick up a free checklist that will help teens prepare for life after they graduate high school.

You can also enter the giveaway below to win access to Voyage for your teen.

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