Five Awesome Features of a Promising STEM Learning App for the Whole Family

Tired of STEM learning resources that just have videos and occasional projects or activities for practice? Keep reading to find out about a promising STEM learning app that the whole family can use.

I watched her struggle. My ADHD kid was trying to watch a computer science video and then complete a corresponding lesson. But the video didn’t hold her attention. She would watch, listen to the video instructor, and then stop to look for her dropped pencil. Or go to the bathroom. Or play with the dog. Or tell me she was hungry. Or…

The lesson took forever. By the time the video was complete she was so unfocused that she couldn’t complete the activity correctly. And, even after she finally “finished”, most of her work was incorrect or incomplete.

I knew there had to be a better way for her to learn and practice STEM concepts.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to try out a promising new web and mobile STEM learning app. And, not only is it an awesome resource for kids with ADHD. It’s also a great STEM learning tool for the whole family!

STEM app for the family
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Brilliant is an interactive web- and app-based STEM learning platform that helps its users develop skills and inspires them to achieve their goals. So…why is Brilliant such a powerful STEM learning app?

This STEM learning app helps users learn interactively.

Remember my daughter and the video lesson? Many learners- especially those with ADHD or other learning challenges- have a hard time focusing on an instructor talking in a video for any length of time. They learn better when they can interact with the material.

All of the activities and lessons in Brilliant are interactive. A lesson or activity has some information to read and a demonstration that involves the learner actually doing something. After the explanation and demonstration, the learner will work on solving a problem.

In this example, the learner will read the information about the steps of programming and then click to run the program and see the demonstration.

Brilliant STEM app

The activities in Brilliant help boost creative problem-solving skills.

Problem-solving is an essential life skill. No matter how many facts a person memorizes, they will struggle without the ability to think through problems in a step-by-step way. Problem-solving skills are especially important in STEM learning.

Brilliant encourages learners to practice problem-solving skills in the activities and courses that it offers. Throughout the lessons and activities that are available for users learners will have to problem-solve.

This example question that is part of a probability course encourages the learning to think through different possibilities.

Brilliant app probablity

Brilliant offers a large variety of activities, courses, and learning paths.

As a homeschool mom I’m always on the lookout for resources that I can use to meet course requirements for my kids. But I also look out for supplementary resources that are fun for kids and that also offer learning activities.

Brilliant meets both of these needs. When you log in to the Brilliant site or app, you’ll see that there are a number of courses and learning paths that you can choose from. Many of the these will meet course requirements for your homeschooled kids. I immediately noticed the Computer Science Fundamentals course that would meet our state high school computer requirement. But I was also impressed by the PreAlgebra course that I think would have made the subject much more engaging and understandable for my kids.

Brilliant app courses

This STEM learning app has activities and lessons for many ages and ability levels.

Did I mention that I like to keep learning too? STEM learning is an area that I feel like wasn’t covered very well when I was in school. As a homeschool mom I’ve found that I actually really enjoy science, and I’ve learned so much more along with my kids than I ever learned in school.

Brilliant has activities for many ages and ability levels. From math lessons like PreAlgebra and Geometry to Advanced and Applied Science and College Mathematics, you can find resources for upper elementary aged kids, high schoolers, and even for yourself. (I just might be in the process of working through a few courses myself!)

The activities and lessons in Brilliant offer clear and intuitive explanations.

Have you or your student ever used an online program with a list of questions/problems? Maybe you made it through all the problems and got to the end and saw your “score.” The program let you know that you missed five out of fifteen problems. But it didn’t reveal which problems were incorrect. Or maybe it did let you know which problems you missed, but it didn’t give you any input about what was wrong or missing.

The lessons and activities in Brilliant don’t do this. Each problem/activity that you try gives you immediate feedback. If your answer was wrong, you can see an explanation before moving on. In fact, if you don’t have any idea how to get the answer to a problem you can choose to see the explanation without even attempting the problem. And don’t worry about missing out if you get an answer wrong or don’t understand right away. The program is going to continue to present similar information and problems for you to continue to learn.

Brilliant STEM app

I’ve definitely enjoyed using Brilliant for myself and planning how I’m going to use the app in our homeschool down the road. If you’re looking for an awesome STEM learning app, give Brilliant a try. You can get started with Brilliant’s interactive lessons for free here. And the first 200 people who subscribe through my link will get 20% off your subscription! So don’t wait!

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