Five Common Worries About Your Homeschool Math Curriculum...And How to Alleviate Them

I’ve confessed before that math is not my strong suit. Give me books and grammar and writing any day. But math? When it goes beyond basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, I’m running for the door.

Do you have worries about your homeschool math curriculum too? I think it’s pretty common. Here are five common worries when it comes to homeschool math. But, I’m also sharing a curriculum option that can alleviate them. (And make sure you stick around until the end because you can get a big discount on this curriculum!)

Homeschool math curriculum

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I can’t teach math. Is there a homeschool math curriculum that will teach math for me?

Ah, yes. I feel your pain, Mama. I also trembled at the thought of teaching math- especially as my kids got beyond the basics. Often homeschool moms worry about this and wonder what the answer is when you’re struggling with how to teach math concepts to your kids in a way that they can understand.

If you’re worried about teaching math yourself, check out CTCMath. This math curriculum is video-based. So your kids are taught by an actual math teacher- and not directly by you. With CTCMath, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll understand the math concepts well enough to communicate them to your kids. Instead, they’ll be watching the video lessons and learning from them.

My child needs a homeschool math curriculum with short lessons and a multisensory approach. Is there a curriculum that provides this?

Many math curricula options include a math textbook or workbook. The student- or parent- reads through the lesson and examples and then completes the problems on the page. Often these lessons are long and include twenty or more problems after each teaching section. Some students can learn this way. But others really struggle with this approach.

In CTCMath, the video lessons are short, typically four to nine minutes. The video lessons are followed by an interactive set of questions or math problems to answer. These can be answered in the program or printed on a worksheet so that the student can use pen and paper. It’s truly a multisensory curriculum. Kids are watching, hearing, interacting with the questions online, and can answer questions with paper and pen, so many of the senses are involved in learning. And the short lessons are great for kids with a low attention span.

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What about homeschool reporting? I need a curriculum that will allow me to see progress and grades easily.

Depending on where you live and what the homeschooling laws are for your state, you may need to be able to report your child’s math score. You’ll also need those scores if you’re creating a high school transcript. Some curricula options have tests and answer keys and it’s easy to report the grades at the end of the year. But I’ve used some resources that left me scratching my head and worrying about how to do this as I go along.

When you use CTCMath, you don’t need to worry about this. Each section of lessons has diagnostic tests that you can use before the lessons to determine how much the child already knows or what level he or she needs to start on. Or you can use them after the lessons as a test of what’s been learned. Each lesson also has the interactive question set I mentioned above. So the scores of the lessons are recorded as you go along.

There are two things I especially like about the score recording in CTCMath. One is that I can set a mastery level, and the kids have to reach that level in the practice problems before moving to the next lesson. And the other is that I can get a detailed report each week that lets me see the amount of time each child spent on the program, what they worked on, and what their scores were. The program is great for keeping track of progress.

How in the world will I teach high school math like Precalculus and Calculus?

High school math was my biggest fear when it came to thinking through our approach to math curricula. I knew that I wasn’t great at it the first time around and that I would struggle through it a second time if I had to teach it. And I know other moms have this fear as well.

CTCMath alleviates the worry about high school math. The program has math levels from kindergarten all the way through high school classes like Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus and Calculus. The video lessons, as well as the fact that answers are provided for the questions and problem sets mean that you don’t have to struggle through high school math again!

Is there a homeschool math curriculum I can afford with multiple kids? I’m worried about the cost!

I have four kids. And many homeschool families I know have more. So when parents start thinking about the cost of a math curriculum- especially a video-based curriculum- they can’t help worrying. How are you going to provide a program for all the kids? And what if you are having to purchase multiple levels or multiple accounts to have one for each child?

One of the most cost-effective homeschool math curricula options I’ve found is CTCMath. Your subscription includes every level for your whole family. That means that every child can access every level for a full twelve months. This is a huge benefit if you have a student who can work through two levels a year. Or if you want students to keep doing math practice through the summer. Of if your student didn’t finish a level and needs to keep working through it before moving on. It’s hard to find another homeschool math curriculum that is this flexible and affordable.

Worries about homeschool math

Learn More and Subscribe to CTCMath

CTCMath is an online math program that includes levels from kindergarten through high school. The lessons are short and concise and aren’t teaching to a test. The curriculum is not common core aligned!

With CTCMath, kids can click on a level and then choose a lesson. The lessons are taught by Pat Murray, a math teacher and homeschool dad. (As a bonus, he’s Australian, and we love the accent!) After a short 4-9 minutes video lesson, there are interactive questions. Or you can print a worksheet with the questions. The levels all have several diagnostic tests, so students can take the test before the lesson to see what needs to be practiced or at the end of the lessons to determine what they’ve learned.

When you subscribe to CTCMath through my link, you’ll receive a half-price discount. This means that you can alleviate your math worries for an even lower price.

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