4 Important Skills To Prepare Students For College And Career Readiness

Do you have a homeschooled high school student? Concerned about their college and career readiness? Will they be prepared for life beyond high school?

I recently sent my son, my second-born, off to live independently. He moved all the way across the country to work with some friends. As he packed, I paced. Would he remember everything he needed? Would he know what to do if he had a problem? He'd managed his own money for a while, but would he know what to do with banking and investments when he was on his own?

Wondering if our kids will be prepared for life after high school - whether they choose college or a career - is something that every mama spends time thinking about.

But what skills do we need to focus on as we seek to prepare our kids? What are the skills necessary for college and career readiness?

I'm sharing four here, as well as a resource that will help you teach those skills and prepare your kids well for what comes next in their lives.

College and Career Readiness Class

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As I've been thinking about the skills my students need after graduation, I've had the opportunity to review an awesome resource to help teach these. Mr.D Math has a live or self-paced College and Career Readiness Class. We've been fans of Mr.D Math in the past. I was excited to check out the self-paced College and Career Readiness Class, and love the way that it is teaching my student these crucial skills.

You can check out my video review here:

Important College and Career Readiness Skills

So what are the truly important skills that your students need to go on to college or a career? Here are four critical skills.

Time Management

During high school, our students' time is often laid out for them. It revolves around schoolwork, maybe a job, and spending time with friends. But it is always focused around the family as well. The rhythms of family life help our teens with getting up on time, getting to work on time, and finding time for schoolwork. Limits that we set give guidelines for their time with friends. Family dinners or family events provide some structure to their days as well.

But when kids move away to college or to an apartment as they work, it's important to know that they can manage their own time. Will they get up on time? Will they schedule their time so that it's balanced and they get enough sleep so that they can function well at work or in classes?

In the Mr.D Math College and Career Readiness Class, kids will learn why it's important to manage time well. They'll complete assignments that include creating a Google Calendar that they can use to schedule their time. And they'll learn about the dangers of procrastination. They'll understand why good time management is important, as well as knowing how to manage their own time.

Goal Setting

Are you a goal setter? Even if this is something you struggle to do consistently, it's probably something you see the value in. And even if you don't consciously set goals, there are goals you're working toward all the time: You're working a job with the goal of getting paid. You're working to homeschool your kids with the goal of high school graduation in mind. You're working with a non-profit, volunteering your time so that you can see them succeed in whatever project you're helping with.

Sometimes our kids need some help seeing the big picture. They make decisions without thinking about the end goal and that can get them in trouble. If they don't have a financial goal they can spend a whole paycheck on a car sound system without thinking about the need to buy groceries or save for the month's rent. If they don't have a goal of getting a college degree or applying for a full time job they might not take their upper level high school work seriously and end up unprepared.

Goal setting is the first skill that the Mr.D Math College and Career Readiness Class addresses because it is the basis of many of the other college and career readiness skills. In the Goal Setting lesson kids will learn how to plan for what they want. They'll think critically about those things they want and the steps it will take for them to achieve those things. They'll complete a Creating the Future assignment that will help them walk through thinking about what they wanted and the steps they took to get there.

College and Career Readiness from MrD Math

Money Management

Knowing how to manage money is so important to kids' success in college or in a full time career. Without a proper understanding of how to manage money and without the discipline to do what it takes to save and invest money, our kids will struggle to handle being an adult and living independently. The proper management of money often affects a person's mental and physical well-being. And money is often a major stressor in romantic relationships and marriage.

Our kids will learn a lot by watching our management of money- which can be a scary thought! But it's important to also give them opportunities to manage their own money in their high school years so that they'll be able to do it when they are on their own in college or in a career. Some of the money management skills it's important for our kids to know include:

  • Banking - how to deposit and withdraw money; how to keep track of money spent; how to avoid banking fees
  • Credit Cards - how credit cards work; how to calculate interest rates; why they shouldn't keep a large balance on a credit card; how good credit is built and undermined
  • Investment- how to invest in the stock market; how to set up savings account and save money; what purchases will decrease in value and which will increase and be money makers

In the Mr.D Math College and Career Readiness Class, kids will learn all about managing money. From how to open, maintain, and use bank accounts to practicing investing in the stock market, kids will not only learn about money management, they'll get to practice in hands-on ways like the Financing a Car project and the Virtual Stock Market Game.

Learning Styles and Careers

In order to succeed in college or in finding a long-term career, kids need to understand what they're good at. What skills do they have? What makes them excited? How do they learn best? What tasks are they good at? What things really frustrate them? Knowing the answers to these questions can help kids to make choices about what to major in during their college years or what job to pursue after graduation.

I knew students who were in college when I was there who had an undeclared major for years. They were taking college classes with no real goal in mind. They didn't know what they wanted to do for a career or what kind of college classes they were really good at. I've also known kids who graduated from high school and didn't choose college but jumped from job to job because they didn't understand what they were really good at or what skills they had. This confusion can lead to long years in college, wasting money as kids try to land on a major. It can also lead to frustration and dissatisfaction with jobs after high school.

Kids taking the College and Career Readiness Class from Mr.D Math will complete assessments and exercises that will help them determine how they learn best and what career fields match their skills and interests. They will come to a better understanding of what college courses or what careers they will likely be good at. They'll learn about specialized knowledge and what is really important to know and what's not. Knowing these things can help students to be successful whether they choose to go to college or to pursue a career after high school graduation.

College and Career Readiness from MrD Math

Mr.D Math Self-Paced College and Career Readiness Class

As I mentioned, we've taken a number of classes from Mr.D Math before - both live and self-paced. We've done several math classes as well as the ACT Bootcamp. I've been impressed with the quality of each. And this class was no different. Here are just a few of the things I really love about the class. And if you're looking for a way to make sure that your student leaves high school prepared for college or a career, these are the reasons this class might be perfect for them as well.

I love that the College and Career Readiness class addresses those critically important skills I mentioned above.

The lessons in this class cover
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Introduction to Financial Literacy
  • Introduction to the Stock Market
  • Check Writing, Credit Cards, and Having a Bank Account
  • Getting What You Need and Asking for What You Want
  • Learning Styles and Career Assessments
  • Researching a Company or University
  • Specialized Knowledge and Having a Burning Desire
  • Resume Writing
  • Managing Life Like a Business
  • And a special project and virtual tours

I truly love that the College and Career Readiness class is self-paced.

Are your high school students busy? Mine are! However, because the class is self-paced, kids can work on it and complete assignments as they can fit it into their already busy schedules.

I love that it's easy for my student- or me- to quickly check assignments or grades in the College and Career Readiness class.

My student can easily visit the lessons page to see which lessons have been started or completed. The assignment page makes it easy to see what assignments have been turned in, as well as what the grades for those assignments were. I can also check that page for the complete class grade to enter on a transcript.

MrD Math College and Career Readiness Class

Do you want to prepare your student for college or a career? Check out the College and Career Readiness Class from Mr.D Math today! You can also visit the main Mr.D Math site and check out all of the other classes here. And check out the new A+ Parents podcast with Dennis DiNoia from Mr.D Math here. Parents, homeschool organizations, homeschool influencers talk about helping students become self-directed learners.

Parents podcast from MrD Math

The Value of Being Prepared

My son went from living at home to living in his own apartment almost 1200 miles away. On his way driving across the country he spent twelve hours stuck on the interstate because of road closures. Once he got to a new city he had the all-new experiences of paying a deposit for an apartment, shopping for his household essentials, and getting set up in an apartment that is all his own for the next six months. And then he backed into a small pole in his garage and has had the all-new experience of shopping for auto body repairs.

But I'm not worried about him. (Well...maybe a little worried.) I know that we've tried to make sure that he has these important life skills and that he's prepared for "real life."

If you want to help your kids be prepared, check out the College and Career Readiness Class from Mr.D Math.

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