Try This Effective, Easy-to-Use Resource for Homeschool Writing

Have you struggled to find homeschool writing resources that work- even for your struggling writers?

My oldest daughter slipped into the car seat beside me, shaking her head with a half-smile on her face. "Do you know," she asked, "how many kids come to college not knowing how to write at all?"

I was picking her up after a writing class in her first semester of college. And she went on to tell me how frustrated her professor was because many of the students in the class were missing basic writing skills. "He asked me where I learned how to write so well," she said. "And he was surprised when I told him I was homeschooled!"

Although I can take a little credit for her writing abilities, I freely admit that she was an easy-to-teach student when it came to writing. She's always had an aptitude for written words. Some of my other kids have struggled. Writing hasn't always come easy for them. I know that writing is an important skill for college success, so I'm always on the lookout for effective resources for homeschool writing. And I've found a great one that we've had the opportunity to check out. Make sure you read to the end of this post because you can get a significant discount to check it out as well!

Homeschool writing resource
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A Homeschool Writing Resource from Heron Books: Getting Your Point Across in Writing

Getting Your Point Across in Writing: How to Write Essays That Have Impact is a self-paced, easy-to-use resource for students ages 12-15 from Heron Books. When you purchase, the materials include a short book, a Student Learning Guide, and a Teacher Resources packet with exams, exam answers, and a completion certificate. The book uses short, simple chapters to introduce students to the essay, teach them how to outline and develop an essay, and introduce them to different types of essays that they might need to use.

A Student Learning Guide accompanies the book. It is designed to be engaging and used independently. And it shows students what to read and gives them activities throughout. Students can check off assignments as they work through the guide. There is a place for a teacher to check the material and sign off after each main section.

The Teacher Resources packet has instructions for use, exams, answer keys for the exams, and a completion certificate for the student to receive after completing the course. Because the materials are designed for students to work through independently there isn't much for teachers/parents to prepare. 

Homeschool writing curriculum from Heron Books

Why You'll Love Getting Your Point Across in Writing: A Heron Books Review

Are you looking for a homeschool writing resource? Do you have a struggling learner? Do you have a student who enjoys being able to work independently? Here are a few things I like about Getting Your Point Across in Writing that may make it a great resource for you too!

The book and Student Learning Guide are great for independent learning.

I like to find homeschool materials that will allow my kids to work independently- especially my older kids. And this book and learning guide fit that requirement. The Student Learning Guide has clear instructions for independent learners. Students will know exactly what to do next. 

There aren't scheduled "lesson plans" that require students to complete a certain amount of work in each day or lesson. Instead there are reading sections and activities that they will check off as they work through the Student Learning Guide. My student was able to clearly see what came next, but also to work at her own pace in completing each section.

The method used makes it easy to teach writing.

I've tried a variety of homeschool writing curriculum resources. Some are very teacher/parent-intensive. Others are video-based and require either a whole set of DVDs or a computer or mobile device for streaming. Getting Your Point Across in Writing is different.

The entire set consists of the book, the Student Learning Guide and a few teacher resources. There are no DVDs, no device required, and no intensive parent involvement. It's a simple, easy-to-use method that made it easy for me to teach essay writing. If you're looking for simple, this is a resource for you!

There are no lesson plans- and not much prep on mom's part.

Lesson plans- they can be a mom's best friend or worst enemy. They help you stay on track but can also create frustration if a student needs to work faster or slower than the schedule. They can also be time-consuming to create.

Getting Your Point Across in Writing doesn't require you to write out detailed lesson plans. And, although there are instructions for kids to follow and check off as completed, the course is self-paced. So kids don't have to stick to a lesson plan to know what to complete each day. I loved the simplicity!

The Student Learning Guide contains engaging activities to keep kids focused and interested.

Part of the goal with all of the materials from Heron Books is to make materials engaging for students. The chapters in the book are short. And the Student Learning Guide varies between reading the chapters and completing activities to put what kids are learning into practice.

I like the short chapters and varied activities. This is something that does help to make learning more enjoyable for my kids. And, if you're trying to help a struggling writer, this is something important.

Homeschool writing resource

Try This Effective, Easy-to Use Homeschool Writing Resource

Are you ready to try Getting Your Point Across in Writing: How to Write Essays That Have Impact for your student? Check it out here. And when you use my code AsWeWalk40 you can get 40% off your order as a new customer!

Homeschool writing resources

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