Five Awesome Benefits of Using In-Person Classes for Your Homeschool Science Lab Requirements

How do you meet the homeschool science lab requirements for your homeschooled high school students?

My son took his high school homeschool science lab classes on his own. They were video-based and had lab assignments that he had to carry out on his own after watching the videos. Lab days were frustrating...for both of us. He complained. He "couldn't find" the materials he needed. He was sure that something wasn't working. Meeting these homeschool lab requirements in an independent class wasn't easy or interesting. And it certainly didn't encourage a love of science.

In contrast, when my oldest students were middle schoolers we had a science club where we met with a couple of other homeschool families to do science labs twice a month. The kids were excited for each meeting. Sure, they loved the social part of getting together- and we always had food, of course! But they also were excited about what they were learning. They jumped into the experiments. They shared the materials they needed. And, if something didn't work at first, they worked together to find the solution and continue the lab assignment. They learned more because they could share ideas and help each other figure things out. And they all loved science during the years we were doing science club.

Although we have so much access to so many great online resources as homeschoolers now, there are some definite benefits to in-person classes for homeschool science labs. And, if it's something that is possible for your family, it can be a great opportunity to encourage the love of science in your high school kids.

I'm sharing five awesome benefits of using in-person classes to meet your homeschool science lab requirements. And, I'm sharing a great resource that can help you by providing week-long, in-person science camps that will meet your need for high school science lab classes. And, keep reading to find some great science freebies at the end of this post.

High school science lab classes

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College Prep Science is an offers an opportunity for in-person science lab classes with in-person science camps. Their Pre-Med Camp is a week-long immersion in all things medical, anatomy, and physiology. And their Marine Science Camp is a week of immersion in marine science. Check out what they have to offer when it comes to the benefits of in-person science classes and lab opportunities in the video below or keep reading. And don't forget to pick up the science freebies at the end of the post!

With in-person classes, a teacher with expertise in the science topic can teach the homeschool science lab class.

I think it's fair to say that I didn't have much in the way of science in my high school years. I learned a bit more in college. But I wasn't in a science field. So I didn't take too many science classes. As a homeschool mom, however, I became very interested in science. I've loved learning along with my kids. But, I wouldn't consider myself an expert.

When kids have the opportunity to participate in in-person science classes, they often have the benefit of teachers who really know the subjects they're teaching. When my kids have had opportunities for in-person science learning, they've been able to learn from teachers with interest and expertise in science.

The College Prep Science camp weeks are taught by Greg Landry. He's a homeschool dad and former college science professor. So kids will be learning from a teacher who really knows what he's doing. The camps are also supervised by other homeschool moms and dads.

It is easier for students to have ready access to needed science lab materials when they're getting together for a class with other students.

There's nothing more frustrating than that moment of realizing that I forgot the borax for the science lab. That lapse means that the student whose lab is in question will find it an excuse to get out of completing the lab. I'm ashamed to admit that there's been more than once that a lapse like this has occurred.

This lapse never happened when my students were taking classes in person. Lab classes for a group mean that materials are there for ready access. Crucial ingredients won't be missing, meaning that our students won't be able to get out of completing that lab.

Students who attend the science camp weeks from College Prep Science will have the opportunity to complete many. many different kinds of lab experiments. They'll be immersed in the topic of their science camp. And, I bet the borax won't be missing once!

College Prep Science In-Person Science Camps

In-person classes provide the opportunity for your student to learn with and from other students.

Science involves lots of critical thinking. And this is especially true when completing science labs. When something is going wrong in an experiment it's necessary to do a little problem-solving to figure it out. I've noticed that when my kids are working by themselves on a science lab, they tend to get frustrated quickly.

But when my kids have been a part of in-person science classes, they have other students to brainstorm with. When things don't go according to plan, the students can work together to figure it out. And it's much less likely that kids will get frustrated and want to give up.

When students attend a science camp week with College Prep Science, they'll not only get to do fun, original activities like simulated surgeries or simulated dissections on a cadaver model, they'll be doing it with other students. In groups they'll have the opportunity to figure things out and problem-solve. Students will be immersed in their science activities, so they'll have the opportunity to get to know the other students, meaning they'll be more comfortable working together.

Students who take their homeschool science lab classes in a group can get excited about the subject and be inspired to learn more.

Let's face it. Not all schoolwork can be riveting and fun. There are some science topics I've found more interesting than others, and my kids feel the same. And it's easy to be unmotivated to complete an activity when they find it dull and boring.

But I've watched them in science classes with their friends. I've seen them complete dissections- even my super-squeamish kids. I've seen them tackle tough chemistry problems with a smile. And I've seen them really enjoy the opportunity to learn. Science is just more fun with a group.

At a science camp from College Prep Science students will be spending a week with other homeschool students. They'll have free time for fun activities that will allow them to get to know each other. And this will make learning science with their new friends more fun and engaging for students as well.

High School Science Labs

In-person classes can be more focused, giving students the opportunity to learn more and cover the subject in a shorter time.

People who aren't homeschoolers often wonder how homeschoolers can get through school in just a few hours each day. The answer, of course, is that with full immersion into the subject, kids don't need as much time to learn the same amount of material.

In the College Prep Science science camp weeks, kids are fully immersed in the topics they are studying. This means that they can learn much in a shorter time period. Students can earn a semester of high school science credit for just one week at science camp!

High School Science Lab Requirements

More about College Prep Science and Science Freebies!

I've shared awesome resources from College Prep Science before, so you can learn more about them here. College Prep Science is run by Greg Landry. He's a homeschool dad and former college professor. He offers a variety of live, online and self-paced science classes, as well as a couple of math classes for students in grades 4-12. He also offers an ACT Prep class.

In addition to these online classes, there are in-person science camp opportunities. College Prep Science offers a week-long Marine Science Camp where students can be immersed in learning marine science on Dauphin Island, Alabama. They also offer a week-long Pre-Med Camp in Nashville Tennessee. Students will be immersed in all things medical, anatomy, and physiology. This is a great opportunity for any of your students who want to pursue a medical or science career.

You can learn more about College Prep Science and sign up for all their great freebies here. These include...
  • A FREE test drive of our new virtual, interactive science lab for homeschooling families - students LOVE it!
  • The keys to teaching homeschool science - and the big mistakes to avoid
  • Earth Science student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with audio
  • "Muscles" student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with audio, and.. your palmaris longus?
  • A cool ancestry wheel for your children to fill-in. Students love this and it leads to lots of educational activities that they love.
  • COVID-19 / viruses student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with accompanying audio

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