Four Reasons Why You Should Use a Multi-Age Homeschool Art Program...And a Great Program to Get You Started

I have a confession. I’m really not an artsy person. I don’t know much about art or classical music. I don’t really have any background in art or art appreciation. And I can’t really “do art” to save my life.

But I have wanted my kids to have more exposure to art and opportunities to develop artistic skills. I don’t want to limit them just because it’s something I don’t consider myself very good at.

I have one child especially who loves to draw, paint, and create. And I’ve looked for ways to involve her- and the others in art as much as possible. I’ve found, as we’ve tried out various art resources, that it’s usually much easier for me to do art with the kids when I’m using a program that all of us- me included- can use at the same time.

Multi-Age Homeschool Art

Disclosure: We received free membership into this program in exchange for review. All opinions are always my own. Some links used are affiliate links which will benefit the blog.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to try a program that is perfect for the whole family. It’s an easy way for all of us to get involved in art and to try new things. We’ve gotten a membership to the You Are An Artist Clubhouse, and it’s been a great way for all of us to learn and try artistic skills.

If you’re considering what kind of art program is best for your family, here are four reasons why a multi-age program works well and information about how you can try this amazing art resource that we’re enjoying.

A multi-age art program is much simpler and cost-effective for mom.

As a mom of four, I know that finding curricula for every subject for every child can be difficult when you have multiple kids of different ages. And I know that when all four of mine were actually homeschooling, it was always a relief when I found a resource that all of the kids could use.

Finding an art program that all the kids can use makes things easier because I can find one resource, and it works for everyone. It’s cost-effective because I can pay one price and the whole family can use the resource.

When everyone participates in art, it’s easier for reluctant artists to try.

I admit that I’m sometimes reluctant to try an art activity. I don’t consider myself a very good artist, so I just don’t try. I have kids like this as well. They don’t want to try to do an art project because they don’t think that they’ll be able to do it well.

But sometimes when everyone is trying, it makes it easier for those of us who are more reluctant to try. When I join in and make myself a little vulnerable and willing to try, the kids catch on and do that as well. We can all give it a try together, and it’s okay if things don’t turn out perfectly.

Family members can learn art techniques and skills from each other.

There are times when kids are working on an art skill or giving a project a try, but they just can’t seem to grasp what is taught or explained in the curriculum/video/demonstration. But when multiple kids are trying the activity together, they can learn and catch on from watching each other.

Creating art pieces together can be a fun family activity.

When kids- and mom- are all using an art program together, it can turn into a fun family activity. Want to spend some time laughing with each other? Try creating art together. It doesn’t have to turn out perfectly to be a good time. The attempting and learning together can be fun.

Multi-age Homeschool Art

You Are An Artist Clubhouse

You Are An Artist offers video art lessons, mostly featuring chalk pastels (although there are a few acrylics as well). The lessons are taught by Nana (artist Lucia Hames). They are super simple to start because you only need a set of chalk pastels and construction paper.

Why is a membership in the Clubhouse an awesome resource for all ages? 

  • Instant access to nearly 800 art lessons.
  • 50% off NEW Fine Arts Curriculum. These products carry high school credit. Currently Available: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, & 11th grades.
  • Companion Curriculum for I Drew It Then I Knew It series. 30+ pages of individual unit study material and writing prompts for Literature Companion
  • Art Calendar with daily art prompts.
  • Summer Camp & Special Events.
  • Art Planner / Masterpiece Tracker for homeschool portfolio.
  • Facebook Group sharing new products, tips, & community!

These lessons are perfect for the non-artist like me. Nana does an excellent job explaining and making things simple for us. You can truly use these with all ages.

If you’re looking for a great art program for the whole family, check out You Are An Artist and consider the Clubhouse membership. 

You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Membership

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