Five Amazing Benefits of Online Classes for High School Students

Have you used online classes for your high school students? There are some definite benefits of doing so!

My daughter sighed and squirmed in her chair. She reread a section from the book in her hands. She squirmed again and once again reread the section. She stood up and walked around the room. And once again she came back to the book she was reading.

She was a high school student and wanted to learn independently as many teens do. But she had read and reread the material from the living books curriculum she was using and just wasn't "getting it." She needed a different approach to learning.

And then I discovered the many benefits of online classes for high school students. I'm sharing five here as well as a great resource for online classes for high schoolers.

Online classes for high school Students

Disclosure: I received free classes and am using affiliate links in this post. All opinions are always my own.

Compass Classroom has a number of online streaming classes for your high school students. And the most cost-efficient way to take advantage of their many great classes is through their Compass Classroom Premium Membership.

Here's how Compass Classroom's Premium Membership can help give your high school students these benefits of online classes.

Online classes for high school students can help students become independent learners.

If you have a student who struggles to stay on task or is easily distracted, a living books- based curriculum may not be focused enough for them. I know that my easily-distracted student always has good intentions about how much she'll get done in a day. But, when it comes to actually getting the work done, she'll struggle with what to do for that day's work. Using online classes can give students a little more structure so that they can stay focused and be independent learners. 

The classes in the Compass Classroom Premium Membership are laid out in a way that is easy for students to follow independently. There's a printable scope and sequence with boxes for students to check off as they complete the lessons. In addition, the steps of each lesson are listed and will be checked off as they are completed. I also like that the scope and sequence lays out requirements per week because my high school students sometimes combine days of assignments or complete one subject a day.

Compass Classroom scope and sequence

With online classes high school students can be taught by teachers who are experts in the subject.

I admit that I cannot be an expert in every subject. And, I sometimes get this question from folks curious about homeschooling: "How can you teach high school subjects that you aren't as familiar with?" While I feel pretty comfortable teaching the humanities, the sciences aren't as familiar to me. And there are elective subjects that I am pretty hopeless at. So what's the answer for homeschooling high school?

With online classes high school students can be taught by teachers who are experts in the subject. The classes that are part of the Compass Classroom Premium Membership are taught by experts in the subjects. These are teachers who know the subject well as well as knowing how to teach it. This provides an answer for how you can cover high school classes if you aren't as familiar with the subject.

Online classes for high school students make learning convenient.

Literature-based learning requires lots of, well, books. I watched one of my girls pack up her supplies to go to a local coffee shop to work on school. She had a heavy backpack as well as her computer bag and another tote with extra books. Literature-based or even textbook-based learning can be hard to take on the go because it's just not very convenient.

Online learning, on the other hand, can be very convenient to take and learn on the go. All that is required is a computer and maybe a few printable pages. Compass Classroom makes online classes for high school students super convenient. Your student can access classes on a laptop or desktop or download the Apple or android app and access classes on a mobile device. It's much easier for learning on the go than a heavy bag of books!

Online classes for high school students

Homeschooled high school students can have access to a large variety of classes online.

One of the benefits of homeschooling for us has been that my kids have often had the opportunity to take classes of their choosing. We aren't held to a formulaic high school path like traditional schools. And there have been many years where I scrambled and hunted and bought a huge variety of curricula resources so that my kids could take classes that they were interested in, classes outside of the normal, prescribed high school plan.

Online classes can give kids even more access to a large variety of classes. Because the classes are taught by expert teachers and are convenient to access, it's even easier for kids to choose classes they are interested in. This is especially true for Compass Classroom's Premium Membership.

Your membership includes all the classes that Compass Classroom offers. That means your kids have a large variety to pick from. In addition, it means that you're saving money because you aren't paying class-by-class. The Compass Classroom Premium Membership includes the following classes:
  • Worldview
  • Philosophy
  • Creation Science
  • Music Appreciation
  • Writing and Grammar
  • Latin
  • Vocabulary
  • History (American, Ancient, Modern)
  • Economics
  • Filmmaking
  • Poetry
  • Bible
  • Literature (Middle School, General, American, British)
  • General and Physical Science
  • Spanish
You can totally set up your student for high school!

Compass Classroom Premium Membership online classes

Online classes can make high school easier for homeschool moms.

Let's face it, Mama. Our time is limited. If you have multiple kids you know that coordinating classes and learning for all of them can be difficult. It's hard to set up your high school students for success while also handling school for younger kids.

This is where online classes can make life simpler for you. Online classes do the teaching for your high school students for you. They free you up to focus on teaching your other kids or maybe even cleaning your house or cooking supper!

With Compass Classroom's Premium Membership, you can show your students how the classes work, give them the scope and sequence chart to check off, and then step back while they complete the classes independently. You'll be able to track their progress (for up to four kids) and still get other things done around the house!

Online classes have given my high school student the opportunity to be a successful independent learner in a way that using only living books couldn't. And, although I love homeschooling with literature, I also realize the value of personalizing education for my kids. That's one of the great benefits of homeschooling!

If you haven't had the opportunity to try online classes for your homeschooled high school, check out the Compass Classroom Premium membership and give them a try.

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