The Simple Answer to Your Homeschool Math Dilemma

“But, how will you teach homeschool math- especially in high school?”

If I had a dime for every time I’m asked that question, I’d have enough money to buy any math curriculum I’d like. Unfortunately I struggled to find a simple answer to this question for many of our early homeschooling years. After trying many (many, many) different homeschool math resources, I realized that the answer to homeschool math for me was to outsource. I needed a curriculum that did the work for me. 

Here’s a look at a resource that I love and keep reading for a link to a free trial for your students!

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Teaching Textbooks for Homeschool Math

Teaching Textbooks is a math program that has curricula for Math 3 through PreCalculus. In the past, the program was accessed online. But there’s an all new Teaching Textbooks 4.0 available now, and it’s an app!

The program will teach the lesson and grade all the problems for students. And, because it’s now in an app, you can download and use Teaching Textbooks on a number of mobile devices.

With Teaching Textbooks 4.0, your student will watch a lesson narrated by a teacher with examples written out. Then they’ll have a set of practice problems. The program grades their work and can show step-by-step solutions to the problems. Kids will also take tests, and there is a grade book that keeps the grades recorded for you.

For each class, kids can also access an ebook. This ebook has the same detailed explanations and examples that were given in the video.

You can purchase one grade level app at a time. The purchase is good for one student for one grade level. But Teaching Textbooks also offers a great discount for large families!

Why is Teaching Textbooks the simple answer for your homeschool math dilemma?

If you’re stuck in a quandary about how to handle math in your homeschool, here are a few reasons why Teaching Textbooks might be the perfect answer for you.

Kids learn math concepts through a video that is taught by a math teacher.

One of my main struggles with math in our homeschool- especially when it comes to high school math- has been remembering concepts well enough to try to teach them to the kids. When were using a textbook-based math program, I had to try to relearn each section before being able to help the kids. And this is especially difficult when there are multiple kids in different grades to help!

The program has a hints feature.

Sometimes struggling kids just need a hint, a reminder of how to work a problem. Teaching Textbooks 4.0 offers that. There are settings for using the hints, so that you can make this feature work for you.

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 not only teaches the lesson, it grades the work and keeps up with the grades.

Kids can really use this app fairly independently. There work will be graded, and they can access step-by-step solutions for problems. This is great for when they are stuck and can’t figure out why an answer is wrong. Grades are stored in an easy-to-access grade book that parents can access at any time. So it is easy to check and record your student’s progress. You can also choose to get an email with daily progress sent to your inbox.

The ebook is available to help kids- and you- look more deeply at a concept.

If kids are well and truly stuck on a concept, you can use the ebook that is included with every subject to more fully understand what’s going on. I’ve used other video-based math programs that don’t have this feature. And it really can be a pain to try to watch the whole video or to fast forward to try to find out exactly where kids are stuck. With the Teaching Textbooks 4.0 ebook, you can easily read the instructions from the lesson to see exactly where kids are struggling.

Because Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is app-based, kids can take math with them anywhere.

If you were familiar with the previous Teaching Textbooks version, you may remember that it ran with Flash. And because of that, you couldn’t access it on many mobile devices or browsers. Teaching Textbooks 4.0 has overcome that difficulty, offering apps for many different mobile devices. This gives kids the flexibility to work on math anywhere- even on the go.

Teaching textbooks homeschool math

Try Teaching Textbooks 4.0 for FREE!

If you think that Teaching Textbooks 4.0 might be the perfect resource for your homeschool math needs, you can try it out for free. You can try the first fifteen lessons of any grade level. You’ll be able to access all of the features of Teaching Textbooks 4.0 to see if it will really work for you.

Teaching textbooks trial

There is no time limit for completing your trial lessons. You can try as many levels as you’d like. And, if you decide to purchase Teaching Textbooks 4.0, your students’ progress will be saved!

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