Four Unexpected Benefits of Online Music Classes

Looking for a way to provide music lessons for your homeschooled kids? Online music classes can be a great option!

The kids gathered around the old, out-of-tune piano in a back room at our church. My older kids kept their eyes on me as I touched the keys and recited the names of the notes. The younger kids were dancing around, wiggling, and, in general, not very interested in what was going on at the piano.

This was my attempt at homeschool music lessons.

I took piano lessons for years. Although I never enjoyed playing for a crowd, I learned to read music proficiently. And I was determined to teach my children to read music in case they ever wanted to play an instrument.

As they got older, however, and actually showed interest in playing, I realized how very expensive music lessons were. And the only thing I could teach them was the piano.

Thanks to friends and family and YouTube, my kids have been able to learn a variety of instruments. But I've always wished I could do more. Wished that we had more variety of music lessons. Wished that music lessons were more affordable.

I've recently had the opportunity to take a look at an awesome resource for online music classes. So, in this post I'm sharing some of the unexpected benefits your homeschooled students can get from online music classes, as well as this great resource that you can try.

Online music classes from Great Bend Music

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

Great Bend Center for Music is a nonprofit that explores how music can help build community. They have a free music program for early childhood and affordable music classes for grades 4-12. I had the opportunity to check out one of their HighKey Kids™ classes for youth.

Unexpected Benefits of Online Music Classes

Students can explore a variety of music lessons with online music classes.

When I was looking at music classes for my four children, we were limited to only the types of music lessons that we could find locally. With online music classes, students have the opportunity to explore a much greater variety of musical instruments and musical concepts. You aren't limited to just local classes and teachers.

HighKey Kids™ offers a variety of online music classes like Video Game Music, Songwriting, Podcasting and Beatmaking, Ukulele, and Piano/Keyboard. Students can explore these classes as well as some special one-time classes that are occasionally offered, giving them exposure to a great assortment of classes.

Online music classes can introduce students to a variety of digital tools and apps.

When I was trying to introduce my kids to reading music back in the days of my attempts on the old church piano I was pretty limited when it came to technology and music. At the time we didn't even have an electric keyboard. In contrast, online music classes often provide opportunities for students to be exposed to a variety of digital tools and apps as they learn music skills and concepts.

One of the ways that Great Bend Music Center aims to prepare students for their own musical exploration over their lifetime is by introducing them to the latest digital apps and tools. As students learn in the varied musical classes that are offered, they'll be using and getting comfortable with this technology as well.

Online music classes from Great Bend Center for Music

Students can build community in classes with other students.

When my kids did have some opportunity to take music lessons from people other than me, these lessons were typically one-on-one. There was an instructor teaching them an instrument, and they met with that person for thirty or so minutes once a week. But when students take online music classes, they have the opportunity to learn with and from other students as well.

One of the goals of the music programs from Great Bend Music Center is to build community with music. Both of their programs- for early childhood and for youth- operate with the idea that making music together encourages self-esteem, leadership, and a sense of belonging.

Online music classes can be an affordable way to expose students to musical pursuits.

When my kids graduated from standing around the piano to a desire to take musical instrument lessons, I was faced with a problem. Music classes for four kids can get expensive. Much of the time lessons to learn a musical instrument or skill in person will be one-on-one and can be pretty pricey. But online music classes can offer an opportunity for students to be exposed to musical pursuits in a much more affordable way.

The Sound Scholars™ program from Great Bend Center for music offers free online music classes for early childhood students. And you can't beat free. The HighKey Kids™ classes for grades 4-12 are very affordable. (And there's a discount for you at the end of this post!) These programs are a great way to expose your kids to music in a way that doesn't break your budget.

Online music lessons

About Great Bend Center for Music Online Classes

Great Bend Center for Music is a nonprofit organization that explores research-based ways that music can help to build strong families, successful kids, a strong economy, and healthy communities. They believe that music can increase self-esteem, leadership and a sense of belonging.

Because of this, they offer two different resources for music programs for kids. Sound Scholars™ is for early childhood- PreK to grade 3- and HighKey Kids™ is for older kids- grades 4-12.

We had the opportunity to check out one of the the HighKey Kids™ online music classes

Sound Scholars™

Sound Scholars™ is a free, online music program for ages 2 through grade 3. The 30-minute classes meet every week-day on Zoom and kids learn age-appropriate music skills like ear training, musical literacy, ensemble practice, songcraft, musical vocabulary, listening, and leadership skills, all with a strong STEM focus.

The Sound Scholars™ program is based on an international model called El Sistema. This model focuses on creating a sense of community for the kids and families who participate. It also works to break down barriers to participation- which is why the classes are offered for free.

HighKey Kids™

HighKey Kids™ offers affordable online music classes for kids in grades 4-12. These classes are 45-minutes and meet one or two days a week. They focus on allowing kids to explore their innate musical talents and interests. The classes offered include topics like:
  • Video Game Music
  • Songwriting
  • Podcasting and Beatmaking
  • Ukulele
  • Piano/Keyboarding
The classes offered through HighKey Kids™ are developed to accommodate students of different ages and ability levels. They'll introduce kids to the latest digital apps and tools for music-making. And they offer kids the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively.

I had the opportunity to sit in on a Songwriting class. The students were discussing musical pieces and analyzing why they did or did not like the music. And they were working on their own song compositions.

Online music lessons HighKey Kids


Why Your Homeschooled Kids Need Online Music Classes from Great Bend Center for Music

There were several things that I really liked about the HighKey Kids™ online music classes, and these are things your students might enjoy about the program as well.

~ I love that kids have the ability to take music lessons from the comfort of home. Opening up to discuss and perform music can cause anxiety. But kids who are participating in these online classes can do so from the comfort of home.

~ The instructor in the class I watched was really excited about the topic. I watched one of the Songwriting classes, and the instructor got kids involved and showed that he really cared about what he was teaching. This helped the kids to be excited about the topic as well.

~ The instructor also made a point of involving all the students- even a quieter, less-involved one. As the parent of a quieter child who hesitates to speak out or ask questions I really appreciated this.

~ As a tech lover I appreciated that the students had the opportunity to use technology that the instructor was demonstrating to them. Kids involved in the music classes are able to use digital apps and programs as part of learning music skills and concepts.

Online Music Class Discount for Homeschoolers

Ready to get your kids involved in online music classes?

If you have younger kids, they can participate in Sound Scholars™ for free. And if you have kids in grades 4-12, my readers can get a discount for registering. Readers can enter the code homeschool when registering for 15% off any HighKey Kids™ offering (any 10-week class term, one-time a la carte class, or any other paid HighKey Kids™ class). The code can be used multiple times and will be good for any sign-ups through the end of 2022.

Music classes from Great Bend Center for Music

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