Looking for Easy-to-Use Homeschool Government Curriculum for Your High Schooler?

Are you looking for homeschool government curriculum for your high schooler? Here's an easy-to-use option!

It's a required high school credit for my state. But it's a subject I will admit that I know little about. 


I know some basics of how our government works. I know some of the history of our government here in the US. And I'm familiar with the fact that if you have two people in a room, chances are good they won't agree about anything in US government and politics. But I am hopelessly lacking in knowledge when it comes to actually teaching my kids about the topic of government.

When it came time to introduce the topic to my older kids in high school, I looked for a resource that would be easy to use. I also wanted something my kids could use independently because – as mentioned earlier - this isn't a topic I can teach.

I've recently been excited to review an easy-to-use homeschool government curriculum for high school. And, if your high schooler needs that US government credit, here is a great way for them to earn the credit and actually learn something about our government system along the way!

Review of homeschool government curriculum

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Principles and Precepts of Government from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum creates easy-to-use curriculum for grades 7-12. Their curriculum focuses on introducing positive character traits and preparing students academically for college, careers, and life.

Their curriculum is unique because the courses are presented in separate chapters that have accompanying activity books that walk students through the curriculum in a way that is easy to understand. The materials are offered in print, digital downloads, and audio-enhanced versions.

Easy-to-use homeschool government curriculum

Principles and Precepts of Government

Principles and Precepts of Government is designed to be used by senior-level students. It is worth a half credit and is meant to be used with the Principles and Precepts of Economics course for the US Government and Economics credits often required for high schoolers. The full course kit comes with three text booklets and three activity booklets, as well as a Teacher Resource Kit that includes answer keys for the activity books, as well as quizzes, tests, and answer keys for those.

This homeschool government curriculum includes three chapters - one in each text booklet. Each chapter has three main sections with a total of fifteen topics. Student quizzes are given after each section, and tests are given after each chapter. Students work through the course by reading each topic and filling in the corresponding section in the activity book. 

The topics students will cover in this course include:
  • Foundations of government in general
  • Foundations of US government specifically
  • Emergence of government in the early US colonies
  • Values of different colonies when it came to developing a form of government
  • Principles of the Declaration of Independence
  • An introduction to the Constitution
  • A look at the Bill of Rights
  • How our government works today
  • Understanding citizenship and the rights and responsibilities of a citizen
  • Rules of Parliamentary Procedure and how and where it is used

Government curriculum review

What makes this an easy-to-use homeschool government curriculum for your high schooler?

So, why is Principles and Precepts of Government a great curriculum choice for government for your high schooler?

The course is simple to use.

Don't know much about government? It's okay! This course is easy to use. The information is all there for you. You truly just have to open the curriculum- or download it- and your student can get started. I was very impressed with the simplicity!

Students can work at their own pace.

Do you have a student who is a fast reader with great comprehension skills? They can move through this course as fast as they like. Do you have a student who is a slower reader and needs more time? They can read smaller sections each day. The course is divided into chapters and topics, but students choose how quickly they move through those topics.

I have one student who likes to read and get large amounts done at one time. This curriculum is perfect for that. He can read and complete whole sections at a time. I have another student who can't focus on reading for that long. This curriculum is perfect for that too. She can read one topic at a time and complete the activity for that topic and then take a break.

The course can be used independently.

Did I mention that you didn't have to be an expert on US government to use this government curriculum with your homeschooled high schoolers? Even I can effectively use this curriculum! 

The curriculum is meant to be used independently. Students will read and complete the activity books by themselves. You'll check the answers in the activity books and issue the quizzes and tests - which are all ready for you- and grade those. It's super simple for homeschool moms!

The curriculum is flexible and affordable.

I love the flexibility that this course offers. You can order the full course kit in print. Or you can save money and order it digitally. Your student can then download and read on the go.

You can also save money if you are having several students who will use the curriculum. The text booklets are non-consumable and can be read over and over by multiple kits. So, you can save money by only buying the digital or print activity booklets. The resources in the Teacher Resource Kit can also be photocopied for your home use, meaning that you can use them with multiple kids. All of this makes the curriculum super affordable for a homeschool family with multiple kids – like mine!

Homeschool government curriculum for high school

Take a look at this fantastic homeschool government curriculum today!

Ready to pick up Principles and Precepts of Government for your high schooler? You can plan for next school year and get a discount and free shipping on a full course kit through 8-31-22. Just use the code PACIHN22 when you order your print-based Full Course Kit - of this curriculum or any of their others!

And, don't despair if you too, mama, know very little about government. With this easy-to-use homeschool government curriculum, your high school student will be prepared - with a high school credit and more knowledge about how our government works than you have! (Maybe you could sneak and read the textbook too.)😉

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