Three Reasons Why YouDance Is the Best Way to Learn Dance Online

Do your kids- or you- want to learn dance? Here are reasons and an awesome way to learn dance online.

She gazed up at me. Her sweet little smile was intended to charm. She had just expressed her desire to take dance lessons. This was maybe the 100th time. 

I wanted to make it possible, but there were obstacles.

Cost was always an issue. Six people; one income. Style and costumes were another issue. I wanted to make sure that she was learning appropriate forms of dance. And the other three kids in the family were an issue. It's sometimes difficult to take one child to an extracurricular activity and plan for what to do with the others while you wait.

Before I had kids, I had this idea that I was going to let them do all the things. Sports, music lessons, science clubs, robotics, dance classes, gymnastics.

But kids came along, and reality hit.

All of these classes cost money. And all required that I take not one, but all four kids, to classes scheduled at specific times. Extracurricular activities because more of a wish than a reality. And my daughter's desire to take dance lessons seemed unlikely to come true.

If you've struggled with this in your family, we've recently gotten access to an amazing resource that can help. (Don't miss the giveaway at the end of the post!)

Learn dance online with YouDance

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Learn dance online with a Subscription to is an online resource where you can take a variety of dance classes from the comfort and convenience of home. With a subscription, you can access dance classes for:
  • Clogging
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary Dance
You can also dance along to a variety of dance-along videos – which are great for exercise. 

A homeschooling mom who wanted to provide a wholesome environment for her children to learn dance and wanted to create a way for other kids to learn dance safely created this resource.

When you have a Subscription to, you can access easy-to-follow instruction videos and quizzes to help you learn. You can also practice in the online Practice Center. The videos stream on any device, meaning that your kids- or you- can dance anywhere and anytime.

You can learn more about a Subscription to in my video below.

Here are a few reasons we have really loved using our Subscription to

When I first realized that we had the opportunity to try out, I was excited for my kids. But I quickly realized that this was a resource I could use as well. has some fantastic features. Here are some things I love: reasons that learning dance online with a Subscription to can be a great option for your kids- or for you.

With the classes from, you can access videos to teach dance without ads and interruptions.

Yes, you can occasionally find free tutorials to learn most anything online. But these videos usually come with ads that interrupt the flow of learning, as well as video suggestions that you may not want your kids to see. Have you ever been watching along with a tutorial, only to have an ad pop up to break the flow of information? Or looked over to the sidebar of a normal, innocent video to see a not-so-innocent video recommended? dance classes online

With a Subscription to, you can learn dance online without worrying about what your kids will be exposed to. As you learn along with the videos, what you see will be wholesome content you don't have to worry about the kids watching independently. Ads won't break up your content, and you won't have to be concerned about the videos the kids may see coming up next. offers you the opportunity to learn dance at your level from the convenience and comfort of home.

At times, my older kids have mentioned learning dance now. But they are intimidated by the fact that they would have to start in a beginners class with mostly young kids. And I am intimated by my lack of coordination- which you can see in the video above. This discomfort has definitely kept any of us from dance classes.

There is also the fact that when you have younger kids in the family, taking one to dance classes means towing the others along. And if you've ever tried to wrangle a toddler while watching an older child in an extracurricular activity, you know how difficult and inconvenient outside activities can be.

With a Subscription to, you can learn dance online from home. That means you don't have to worry about how you look to the rest of the class. Or be embarrassed by your obvious lack of coordination. You won't be the only old person in the dance class. Well, maybe you will, but you also may be the only person in the class. 

You also won't be stuck wrangling younger kids while watching the older ones. Instead, the kids can watch the streaming lesson videos anywhere on any device. Learning dance online with can make this extracurricular activity much, much easier on you, Mama!

Your Subscription to allows you to access a variety of classes and dance-along videos.

Do your kids occasionally- or often- change their minds about the activities they want to pursue? So if you sign them up for ballet, what are the chances that they'll then decide they would like to pursue jazz?

Your Subscription to has you covered. On the site the kids can take dance lessons for clogging, ballet, hip hop, jazz, and contemporary dance. They- and you- can also dance along with a variety of pop songs and learn choreography for popular songs. The resources on the site can keep even indecisive kids happy with a variety of online dance classes.

Learn dance online with YouDance

Here's how you can learn dance online with your own subscription.

Ready to sign up for your Subscription to You can sign up for $25 a month or $180 a year. And you'll get a free trial as soon as you sign up so that you can see if it's a good fit for you and your family!

You can also enter the fantastic giveaway below to win LIFETIME access to Don't wait to subscribe, though. Go ahead and sign up for a subscription, and if you win, you'll get your money back!

I wish I had had the opportunity to use when my daughter desperately wanted dance lessons. But it's never too late, and now we can learn dance online together!

Go ahead and get your Subscription to, and your kids- and you- can learn too.

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