Boost Your Child's Education with Affordable Live, Online Classes They'll Really Enjoy

Are you seeking an affordable option for live, online classes for your homeschool? Take a look at this resource!

Sometime homeschool moms just need a little help.

There have been times throughout my homeschooling journey when I needed a little help.

~ I needed a difficult topic to be explained to my child.

~ I wanted a child to have a fun learning experience with other kids.

~ One of my kids had a special interest, and I wanted to provide a class for that.

~ My high schooler wanted a fun elective.

Can you relate?

For these situations, it was so nice to have the option of online classes. And, even better than just a pre-recorded class, were live classes where the kids could actually interact with the teacher and other kids.

If you're looking for a live online class option, take a look at this resource that I've enjoyed trying out. 

Live, online classes from AllSchool

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

AllSchool offers tons of live, online classes for your homeschooled kids to experience.

You can see my video review of AllSchool here. Keep reading below for even more information about this fantastic resource!

About AllSchool: Live, Online Classes Your Kids Will Love

AllSchool is an online platform that offers live online classes for kids ages 3-18. The classes are small and give kids great opportunity to interact. A variety of professional teachers bring a considerable range of subjects and offer one-time class sessions or ongoing classes.

There are literally thousands of class topics offered currently in subjects like coding, technology, reading, math, foreign languages and cultures, and much, much more. And the classes are offered at many times to help you accommodate them to your schedule. Some teachers are even willing to schedule a class that fits a time convenient to you.

Here is just a minute sample of some classes your kids can choose.
Review of AllSchool

My Three Favorite Features of AllSchool: Why These Live, Online Classes Are a Great Option for Your Homeschool

There are many features of the AllSchool platform that, I think, makes it a great option for homeschool families. Here are just three of my favorites.

AllSchool class sessions are small.

I have a couple of kids who are particularly quiet and who don't like to talk or ask questions in a large group. These kids can understand the subject well, but are reluctant to answer questions or comment in class discussions. Or they can be struggling to understand but are reluctant to ask any questions in a large group. 

AllSchool's class sessions are small. Some are even one-on-one sessions. This allows them to be very interactive and encourages even the more quiet kids to contribute or to ask questions.

I attended the Intercultural Studies: China class session during my review time. I was the only “student” in the class, and the teacher did an awesome job in making the whole topic and presentation very interactive. It was easy to see how this would be great for helping make a child more comfortable in interacting.

There is a HUGE variety of live, online classes on the AllSchool Platform.

As I mentioned before, there are literally thousands of classes available on the platform right now. Whether your high school student needs to understand how to simplify equations before beginning algebra or your early elementary student is learning basic sight words, AllSchool has classes for them.

When you first visit the AllSchool site, you'll see some suggested classes. You can scroll down to see classes for different subject areas-English, Science, Math, Life Skills, Arts, etc. Then you can search for classes based on age, subject area, available dates, language, or whether the class is one-time or ongoing. Whatever topic you need, you are likely to find a class for that at AllSchool.

You can choose from one-time classes or ongoing classes.

I've long loved online classes-especially live, online classes for kids who are middle school or high school aged. But I'm not thrilled with the idea of younger kids having a curriculum based on ongoing live, online classes. I think that kids that young can have a hard time focusing if all they do is watch an online teacher for a class for a full semester or full year.

However, I do think that young kids can benefit from occasional one-time live online class sessions. It can give them the opportunity to interact with another adult and other kids and to have a fun, educational time as they participate. Our world is moving online more and more, and when kids can begin to be exposed to that gradually from a young age, they'll be better able to navigate that world as they get older.

I really like that AllSchool offers those longer, ongoing classes, as well as multi-day classes and one-time classes. Young kids can create a lava lamp as a science experiment in a one-time class. Kindergartners and early elementary aged kids can practice addition and subtraction in a four session class. And middle grade kids can take an ongoing weekly class to learn how to crochet.

Live, online classes for your homeschool

BONUS FEATURE: The AllSchool classes are an affordable option for live, online classes.

I have to admit that we've not used live, online classes very often. The main reason has been the cost. These classes can be very pricey. And when you have multiple homeschooled kids, the price goes up accordingly.

The classes in the AllSchool platform make providing live, online classes a more affordable option. Because they offer so many choices-like one-time classes or ongoing classes, you can choose an option that your kids will love AND that you can afford.

Take a look at AllSchool's live, online classes for yourself.

Looking for fun classes for spring or summer break? Have an animal lover who would love to take a live, online class? Or do you just want to search for class options for your kids for the coming homeschool year? Check out AllSchool.

The platform is a great option for interactive, fun, and educational classes for all of your homeschooled kids.

Live, online classes from AllSchool Review

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