Four Important Reasons to Use Live Online Homeschool Classes for Your High Schoolers

Why are live, online homeschool classes such a good idea for you to use with your high schoolers? Here are four important reasons.

What are your homeschool kids missing out on? Do you ever worry about it? I have.

The fact is that homeschooled kids don't miss out on very much. I mean, yeah, they don't have to line up to use the bathroom or raise a hand to speak or sit and wait forever for the teacher to finish with other students before their question can be answered. They miss out on being the target of school bullies. And they miss out on tornado drills or fire drills or active shooter drills. 

Despite popular belief, they don't have to miss out on socializing and playing with friends and interacting with people of all ages and genders. They don't have to miss field trips and parties. And they don't even have to miss out on going to prom.

But there is something that I've always been aware that my homeschooled kids can miss out on. And it's something that can be important in their future- whether they go on to learn in college or go to a job where they are interacting with others, so it's especially important for high school kids.

What are your homeschooled kids missing out on, and how can live online homeschool classes help?

Homeschooled kids can miss out on the opportunity to be in a class environment where they learn from a teacher who isn't Mom and where they can interact with other kids their age.

So, what's a homeschool mom to do? How can we keep our kids-especially our high school students-from missing out on this essential opportunity?

Maybe you can find a local class for homeschooled high schoolers? Possibly, there is a hybrid school near you where kids can take some classes? Perhaps you can look into dual enrollment at a community college?

All of those are good ideas, but you're limited by the classes actually offered in your area and the willingness of hybrid schools and colleges to work with homeschoolers.

A better option is often live online homeschool classes.

Live online homeschool classes

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** Make sure you read to the end of this post because I'm sharing an awesome live, online homeschool class resource for your high schoolers and a discount and coupon code to get you started! **

Why should you use live online homeschool classes for your high schoolers?

There are many reasons that live online classes can be of value for your high school students.

Live synchronous classes can help students stay engaged and on track with assignments.

We've used some video-based classes over the years. These are asynchronous classes where kids move at their own pace. And there are times that I have a student who really needs that flexibility. But, there are also times when flexibility turns into procrastination.

With synchronous classes, students attend live classes at set class times. Their assignments have due dates. Everyone in the class is moving at the same pace. This can help kids who a tendency to put off watching videos or completing assignments to stay on top of things.

Live online classes are taught by real teachers who are competent in their subject area.

I will be the first to admit that I don't know how to do/teach all things with competence. I can and have learned so much through homeschooling my children. But there are times when I just lack the competency to teach a high school subject. (I'm looking at you, PreCalculus!)

Live classes are taught by a competent teacher who is really there live, online during the class. This is different from a video-based class where my kids are watching a real teacher, but they don't have the opportunity to stop the teacher for questions or clarification. In a live class, they can bring their questions to a teacher who can answer them right there.

Do you have a quiet kid who isn't likely to ask a question even if they need to? I've noticed from watching my own kids in a live online class that even hearing the questions other kids ask can help their understanding of a topic. And when a teacher has private chat turned on, the kids can feel free to ask a question or give an answer without being afraid of what other kids might think of them. This is another great benefit of live classes.

Live online classes for high school

Students taking live classes have the opportunity to interact with and learn with other students.

When it comes to “socialization” homeschooled kids don't miss out like people often assume they will. They can spend time with other kids in many settings. And, frequently there is more than one child in a family, so kids have the opportunity to learn to get along with siblings of different ages.

But when it comes to learning with other kids, our homeschoolers might miss out. And knowing how to learn and interact with other kids in a class is a valuable skill. 

I know from my own college days as well as the experience of my own two kids in college recently that working with other students in pairs or groups is something that frequently happens. And, if kids are going straight to the job world, they are also likely to have times when they need to work with others. Interacting with other students, sharing presentations, or participating in discussions can prepare kids for cooperative work in college or a workplace environment.

When students take live online homeschool classes, they learn soft skills that will help them in college or in a job.

When my oldest kids took their first classes in a local co-op, I realized something important – they didn't know to label assignments with their name and the date. Fortunately, I was not the only homeschooling mama who didn't teach this. And one of the first things kids learned in this co-op was how to head their assignments.

Teaching soft skills to our kids is something we homeschool moms sometimes miss. There are skills that we just don't think about. But those skills can be critical to our kids' success in college or jobs.

Live online classes can teach our kids these skills. They can learn how to give a presentation, how to participate in discussions, how to plan assignments and manage their time, or just how to label the heading of an assignment.

Live online classes from Stepmojo

Stepmojo is an awesome resource for live synchronous homeschool classes online.

I've had the opportunity lately to take a look at an Intro to Psychology class from Stepmojo. This is an awesome platform to look at if you're looking for live online classes for your high school students!

What is Stepmojo?

Stepmojo is an online learning platform that sources, vets, curates, and distributes high-quality high school level courses from great institutions and educators with extensive experience leading effective, safe and engaging virtual classrooms.

They offer courses in a live synchronous format on a semester schedule, multiple times per week, allowing students to regularly interact with their teacher, have rich discussions with their classmates, and receive personalized feedback and support.

Why is Stepmojo a great choice for live online homeschool classes?

There are several things I think are great about Stepmojo. Here are some reasons why you might love it for your high schooler too:

  • The quality of classes and teachers is guaranteed.- Stepmojo has a rigorous process to ensure that every single class they offer follows a thoughtfully planned curriculum. And they ensure that classes are taught by engaging teachers who are expert in their subjects and experienced in leading effective virtual classrooms. I could tell from the very first intro video in Intro to Psychology that the instructor was going to be not only knowledgeable, but also excited about the subject. 
  • Stepmojo courses are offered in a live synchronous format, multiple times per week. This allows students to regularly interact with their teacher, have rich discussions with their classmates, and receive personalized feedback and support. The Intro to Psychology course is set up in Canvas, so it's easy to see exactly what assignments are, as well as to see the class schedule.
  • Stepmojo classes provide a positive learning environment. —They work to ensure all classes have a safe, productive, and friendly learning environment. Stepmojo takes pride in ensuring that all students can learn without fear of bullying or indoctrination of any set agenda.
  • Stepmojo courses promote soft skills' development. —Intentionally, Stepmojo classes are full of rich student discussions with teachers and peers, enabling students to build core skills including teamwork, communication, and leadership. Many high schools and colleges use Canvas or a similar program for schedules and assignments, so knowing how to use it is another important soft skill.
  • All Stepmojo classes are accredited through a transcript issuing body.-  This significantly eases the logistics of the college application process and, if needed, ensures that traditional schools grant credit for completed courses.
  • Stepmojo can help with college prep and recommendations.- They offer several advanced placement (AP), college-level courses for which students can get college credit. Students get plenty of live interaction and opportunity to build a relationship with their teachers, who can then provide recommendations for their college applications (no additional cost).
Live online classes from stepmojo

Find out what Stepmojo offers and sign up for your first semester with a discount and coupon!

For the Fall 2022 semester, Stepmojo offers the following courses: (These are worth one semester of credit. So if your student needs a full-year credit, you'll sign up for the fall semester – which is the first half of the class- and then sign up for the spring semester for the second half.)

Core STEM classes:
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Physics
AP STEM Classes:
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Physics 1
STEM Electives:
  • Animation
  • Python Programming
  • Game Design

If you register for Stepmojo classes before August 1, 2022, you can get $100 off the regular semester price of $450. Use my coupon code 50aswewalkalongtheroad to get an additional $50 off any order before September 1, 2022!

Don't wait! Make sure you register now, so you can get the discounts!

Register for Stepmojo classes

Don't worry about your homeschooled high schoolers missing out on the opportunity to interact with live teachers and other students in a classroom. Check out Stepmojo's live online homeschool classes today.

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