The Perfect Homeschool Software You Need To Easily Supplement Any Homeschooling Method

Are you looking for homeschool software that is the perfect supplement to any homeschooling method you use? Keep reading. Because I've found it.

“I want a backup plan in case you get hit by a bus.”

“Um, excuse me?”

“Well, I'm all for homeschooling. And you can homeschool however you think is best. But if you get hit by a bus, and I have to homeschool or put the kids in school, I want that to be an easy transition.”

If you've been following As We Walk Along the Road for a while, you'll know that I'm all about relaxed, literature-based homeschooling. And, usually, that means that I want to run far away from anything that looks like a textbook or a workbook.

But… I'll tell you a secret. (Shhh. Don't let anyone else find out.)

I've never been wholly in the relaxed homeschool camp.

Here's why.

When my husband and I discussed homeschooling way back before ever having kids, we had the above conversation.

For that reason, I always took opportunities to supplement our relaxed, literature-based homeschooling with more traditional learning.

Are you in the same boat? 

Maybe you know you'll have to put the kids in a traditional school some day. Perhaps you just want to be prepared for the possibility. Maybe you love relaxed homeschooling, but you're required to have more by your area homeschool laws. And, I know that some homeschool moms are required to give standardized tests every year with the expectation that kids will be scored like their same grade peers.

Homeschool Software

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

If that's you, I've had the opportunity to check out a resource that you don't want to miss: Education Perfect. Take a look at my tour of the Homeschooling Product from Education Perfect in the video below. And keep reading to find out why you will want to check it out for your homeschool. (And a coupon code that you can use!)

Education Perfect: Homeschool Software to Supplement Any Homeschooling Method

What does Education Perfect include?

Education Perfect is homeschooling software for ages 9-18. It offers supplementary curricula resources that are aligned with the national curricula of multiple countries. There are over 40,000 lessons available on the site in subjects. The lessons currently cover these subjects:
  • Languages
  • Math
  • Science
  • Digital Technologies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Music
The lessons are self-paced, and there are over 500,000 automatically marked questions throughout the lessons.

How does the homeschool software work?  

The Education Perfect platform used to be aimed at more traditional classrooms. But their Homeschool Product is an awesome resource that they are creating to work really well to supplement any homeschooling method.

When you log in to the Homeschooling Product from Education Perfect, you'll be able to access all their content. Most of the lessons are available for grades 5/6 through high school. You can browse to find content that you want to assign to your kids.

Education Perfect for homeschoolers

As you browse through the content, you'll be able to preview the lessons. Then you can choose to assign the lesson as a task or an assessment. 

After kids complete the tasks or assessments, you'll be able to access reports that show you what's been completed and how well the kids did.

The platform also offers competitions for students to compete in. They can earn certificates and prizes for their efforts.

How does Education Perfect work for kids?

Kids can select content to work on as well. But they'll also see their task list when they log in to the program. They can also see any competitions they are working on as well as points they've been awarded. (The can earn points by completing tasks and assessments.)

Education perfect software

As students work through the lessons, they'll see an outline on the side showing them exactly how many slides/sections there are and allowing them to skip to different sections or review a section.

Homeschool software

The slides have visual information to read, interactive questions, and graphic illustrations. There is also an option for students to have the information read aloud and a scratch pad to access to draw or take notes.

In addition to the lessons, there is a games section for kids called Dash. They can play games to test how well they know the material in a subject area, and they can compete against kids around the world. They can also take part in the monthly learning festivals and competitions with other homeschoolers, where they can earn certificates and chances to win prize money. — Talk about getting the kids motivated!

Homeschool Product from Education Perfect

Why You'll Want to Try This Homeschooling Product from Education Perfect

Here are just a few things I really like about Education Perfect and think you'll love too.

1. It really is homeschooling software for any homeschooling style. 

If you like more traditional workbook-based homeschooling, this is your jam. And, if you're more relaxed like me, it's the perfect supplement to have kids practicing those more traditional school skills that might fall through the cracks. You can choose to use Education Perfect as part of your daily schedule, or you can just assign a few days a week for kids to use it to learn and practice skills. It is super flexible, and you can really customize how you use it.

2. It's self-paced. 

I love that you can set this up with the lessons you want the kids to complete, and then you can just leave them at it to work at their own pace. If they understand a skill quickly, they can move on. Otherwise, they can slow down and take more time. And they can do it independently- perfect for families with multiple kids!

Homeschool software supplement

3. It uses a multisensory approach. 

There are parts of the lesson that kids will read. These slides use multiple colors and moving graphics to grab and hold kids' attention. There are videos and interactive graphics. Lessons also have the option for kids to listen to the material instead of just reading it. And, the lessons have a scratch pad that kids can toggle on to draw or take notes. 

Even the questions are asked in multiple ways. There are some multiple choice. But there are others where kids write out answers and then check their answer with the answer given in the program. This multisensory approach makes it easy for kids of different learning styles to really make the most of this homeschool software.

4. It's easy to get started. 

With all the bells and whistles I've mentioned- and the many more I haven't- it's easy to think you might get overwhelmed and not know how to get started. But the program is really intuitive to use. There is a Getting Started guide to help. They offer a free Homeschooling Crash Course webinar to start you off. And, you can even book a free 15-minute platform demo. They really want to make sure you succeed with Education Perfect!

Education Perfect Homeschool Software

Check out Education Perfect's Homeschool Software Now!

Education Perfect has made the subscription for their Homeschool Product really affordable for homeschool families. Your monthly fee includes up to five student accounts. And currently, you can get a 20% discount on your subscription to Education Perfect with the code save20. (Good through 10-31-22)

So, what are you waiting for?

Still deciding? Book your free 15-minute demo here! You can also check out the Education Perfect Facebook group here to learn more.

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