What Is the One Affordable, Robust Membership You Need for Homeschool Science Classes?

Do you need help with homeschool science classes? This new membership option has you covered.

I looked up from the book I was hiding behind my science textbook and took a minute to look around the class and listen. I made sure that nothing important was going on and quickly looked back at my book. The novel I was reading was certainly more interesting than science. And, it didn't seem like the teacher was saying anything I hadn't already read in that day's reading assignment.

Yes, I'm revealing my “rebellious” high school days here. Science was one of the least appealing subjects that I had to take in high school. And it was a subject that wasn't taught very comprehensively.

So, when I became a homeschool mom, homeschool science classes were one of my biggest concerns. Was I going to know enough to teach my kids? And how could I make the subject more exciting so that my kids learned much more than I did about science?

If you have that concern as well, keep reading. There's a membership that can help you with homeschool science classes for your whole family. It's super affordable. And, it's from a source that you may already know and trust! (There are also some science freebies at the end of this post. So don't miss those!)

Homeschool science classes

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

College Prep Science from Greg Landry, with their online, faith-based science classes and curricula, now offers Greg Landry's Homeschool Science Membership! This membership is super affordable and can offer science classes for kids grades 4 and up (with younger classes to come).

Homeschool Science Classes from Greg Landry's Homeschool Science

Greg Landry is a veteran homeschooling dad and former science professor. For decades, he's been teaching science-both to his kids and to other homeschool kids in online classes and live class experiences. I've shared about College Prep Science from Greg Landry many times because I believe that these are an affordable and effective faith-based approach to homeschool science classes. But now there's more. 

The new Greg Landry's Science Membership includes self-paced year-long and one-semester classes for grades 8-12, as well as some one-semester classes for grades 4-7. (There are also classes for younger students, as well as some math classes in the works.)

Your membership fee-paid monthly or annually-includes all these classes as well as access to the virtual science lab and lab classes for biology, chemistry, and physics. In addition to all of these classes, members get access to FaithLife TV, the Dwell Bible app, and Right Now Media.

Here is a detailed look at what's included:

Homeschool science classes membership

Self-Paced, Full-Year Classes for Grades 8-12

  • Life Prep High School Biology
  • Life Prep High School Chemistry
  • Life Prep High School Anatomy and Physiology
  • Life Prep High School Conceptual Physics

Homeschool science membership

Self-Paced, Semester-Long Classes for Grades 7-12
  • Exercise and Sports Physiology
  • Marine Science
  • Biochemistry/Microbiology
  • Embryology/Endocrinology
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Student Success Skills 101

Homeschool science classes for middle school

Self-Paced, Semester-Long Classes for Grades 4-7
  • Young Scientist Anatomy and Physiology
  • Young Scientist Biology
  • Young Scientist Chemistry
  • Young Scientist Physics
  • Young Scientist Earth and Space Science

Homeschool science labs

Self-Paced, Interactive Online Laboratory
  • Biology/Anatomy & Physiology Virtual Laboratory Access
  • Chemistry Virtual Laboratory Access
  • Physics Virtual Laboratory Access

  • FaithLife TV
  • Dwell Bible App
  • Right Now Media

Why Greg Landry's Science Membership Is a Great Choice for Homeschool Science Classes

Now that you know everything this membership offers, why is this a great option for your homeschool? Here are a few reasons I- and my kids-think this is a great choice for homeschool science classes.

The homeschool science classes are self-paced.

There are definitely benefits to live, online classes. But one of the drawbacks when kids are taking classes live is the lack of flexibility. My high school kids like to have flexibility when it comes to scheduling classes. Sometimes they like to work on classes daily. However, sometimes they like to complete a week's worth of work at a time. Or they want the option to finish a one-year credit class in a semester. These science classes are self-paced and allow for that flexibility.

The Greg Landry's Science Membership is very affordable for larger families.

I have four kids. For a time, all four were in middle school/high school. Paying for science curricula for all four wasn't an inexpensive thing. And if I wanted classes actually taught by a teacher who was more competent than me, (not hard if you remember my high school science confessions) I could expect to pay even more. With this membership, though, you pay one price-either monthly or annually- and can access all the science classes for any of your kids. That's a great deal whether you have one child or ten!

Homeschool science classes

These classes are taught by an actual, competent teacher who you can access if needed.

Even if you have a little more science background than me, you might not be an expert in the field. In contrast, Greg Landry has decades of experience in teaching faith-based science. And, even though these classes are self-paced, your membership can get you access to him when you or your kids need questions answered. My kids have too many times experienced my frustration or my need to search for hours online when they asked me a question about the science curriculum. But with your Greg Landry's Science Membership, you can access Greg Landry himself to get answers to your homeschool science class questions.

Homeschool Science Freebies

If you want to get to know more about Greg Landry's Homeschool Science, you can sign up here for these great freebies:

  • A FREE test drive of our new virtual, interactive science lab for homeschooling families—students LOVE it! 
  • The keys to teaching homeschool science—and the big mistakes to avoid
  • Earth Science student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with audio 
  • “Muscles” student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with audio, and… your palmaris longus? 
  • A cool ancestry wheel for your children to fill-in. Students love this, and it leads to lots of educational activity that they love.
  • COVID-19 / viruses student science infographic lesson and printable worksheet with accompanying audio 
  • Weekly email with additional freebies, updates on classes and labs, science teaching tips, free science graphic organizers, free science subject teaching guides, etc.

Greg Landry's homeschool science classes

With this homeschool science curriculum, your student won't be sneaking to read a novel instead of learning about science. So let this membership be the answer for the homeschool science classes you need. Learn more and sign up here.

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