Help Your Homeschooler Prepare for Life With an Awesome Career Training Program

We all want to make sure that our homeschooled kids are prepared for real life. Here's a fantastic career training program that will help.

My son started his first business when he was ten.

He and some other neighborhood boys started a band. They used an iPod to record a set of songs, burned them onto CDs, and sold them throughout the neighborhood. 

Okay. They sold one to a single neighbor. Who I think felt sorry for them because they looked hot, tired, and bedraggled by the time they ended up on his doorstep.

This experience taught him that entrepreneurship wasn't easy.

But today's teens are leaving high school with many more options than just the expectation of college and a successful post-college job. In fact, we are realizing that not every child needs college. And some kids do much better becoming business owners and working for themselves than they would attend four years of college to get a job under someone else.

But are there career training programs that can prepare kids to become entrepreneurs? Can they learn the skills necessary to help them actually succeed as owners of their own business?

I have two students who are looking forward to college or tech school or … something next year. So, I was super excited to have the opportunity to take a look at an online career training program that really can help students to become successful small business owners. 

If you have kids who may need a different route than the traditional four-year college and post-college job, this is a review you don't want to miss.

Career Training program

Disclosure: I received compensation and a free course in exchange for this post. All opinions are always my own.

EdisonLearning has some awesome Career Pathways career training programs that can prepare your high school student for a career after high school. We've been looking at the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Certification Course.

What are career training programs from EdisonLearning?


EdisonLearning offers online courses for grades 6-12. These courses include core academic subjects as well as electives that will help prepare kids for careers and technical education. Students can take the eCourses with other schooling options to accelerate, catch up, or supplement their other learning.

EdisonLearning is accredited as a Learning Service Provider by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). They don't issue credits like a school. But they can provide documentation so that you can add the courses your student takes to a transcript. 

Some courses available are full-year courses and some are semester length courses. I love this option for electives, especially because it provides flexibility and the option for kids to take a variety of electives.

The courses offered by EdisonLearning are presented as self-paced modules. But students also have access to a learning coach as part of the course fee. I think this is a great balance that not only allows students to work at their own pace, but also provides a way for them to get help and answers as they work through the material.

Career Training Programs Offered

The Career Pathways courses offered by EdisonLearning can help prepare your high school kids for careers or technical education. They offer a variety of courses that introduce kids to different careers or provide certification for specific skills that students can use in a career or in a tech school.

Students who take these courses can learn skills that will help them to identify a career they'll love. They can become competent in skill areas that employers look for. And they can gain technical knowledge that will help them to get ahead in cutting-edge job fields.

The current course offerings (2022) include:

  • Adobe InDesign Certification Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Certification Course
  • Adobe Photoshop Certification Course
  • Aeronautics and Space Travel
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications
  • Career Exploration in Dentistry
  • Career Exploration in Finance
  • Career Exploration in Healthcare
  • Cloud Technologies and the Internet of Things
  • Construction: Fundamentals and Careers
  • Drones: Remote Pilot Certification Course
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Certification Course
  • Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
  • Fundamentals to Blockchain & Cryptography
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Education & Teaching
  • LEED Green Associate Certification Course
  • Robotics: Applications and Careers
  • Smart Cities: Technology and Applications
  • Startups and Innovation
  • Transportation Technologies
  • Wearable Technology Innovations

You can see that there's a great variety here. Whether you have high school students who are going to attend a tech school or want to enter a career, these are elective career training programs that will prepare them for that.

I chose the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification Course. I have two students who are taking a gap year this year. One knows that she wants to take business courses at a technical school next year. And I thought that this would be the perfect way for her to begin to get some knowledge about starting and running a business for herself. 

This course walks the learning through understanding what an entrepreneur is, how to recognize business opportunities and start a business, what's involved in operating a business, how to market and sell, and how to manage business finances. After completing this course, a student could definitely be prepared to explore business possibilities and start a business. 

Career training program for homeschoolers

Other Courses from EdisonLearning

In addition to the Career Pathways career training programs that EdisonLearning offers, there are also core academic courses available. These include courses in math, English, Spanish, French, science, and social studies. Courses are available for grades 6-12.

How It Works

There are two options for taking eCourses from EdisonLearning. You can subscribe for a monthly fee. All the subscription options include tests and assessments graded by an actual instructor and can cover the academic courses or career prep courses. Some options also include a personal learning coach, access to a lesson video library, and weekly tutoring sessions.

In addition to subscription options, you can purchase individual eCourses. With that purchase, you'll get tests and assessments graded by an actual teacher, as well as access to a lesson video library.

(Keep reading to find out how you can get a month FREE!)

Career training programs

Why is career training from EdisonLearning a great way to help your homeschooler prepare for life after school?

There are many things I particularly like about the Career Pathways eCourse that we've been reviewing. I think these things make these courses for my high school students and for yours!

The courses from Edison Learning are self-paced.

Sometimes life happens. Students get a job and end up working more hours than expected. They get sick and have a long recovery that makes it difficult for them to complete schoolwork. They become frustrated and need help understanding the work in a class. These eCourses are self-paced. So, your student can work ahead or catch up as needed.

But there is an instructor available to answer questions.

One drawback to self-paced courses is that, often with self-paced courses, students don't have access to a real teacher. However, these career training programs from EdisonLearning are different. There is an actual teacher who can grade tests and assessments and answer questions. On the main page of the course, students can see the teacher's name and contact information. In addition, some subscription options include access to a personal learning coach who can provide additional help.

There are a variety of learning styles covered in each learning module.

The lessons in each module of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification Course that we've been reviewing each use a variety of teaching/learning techniques. There are videos with transcripts, reading, vocabulary, reflection opportunities, projects, and tests. Our kids all learn best in different ways and through different tools. And these courses take that into account, providing a variety of ways for students to interact with what they're learning.

The Career Pathways career training programs offer kids a head start on instruction and certification skills they will need in business.

No matter what career field your kids choose, there are some skills that it will be helpful to have learned. Some computer/internet specific eCourses like the Adobe design courses and the cloud technologies course from EdisonLearning cover skills students can use in many jobs. And some courses like the introductions to construction, dentistry, or education will prepare students for specific careers. Courses like the entrepreneurship course we've reviewed or the courses covering finances, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency introduce skills that students can use to head into more specific business fields later. 

EdisonLearning Career Pathways

How can you take advantage of a career training program from EdisonLearning today?

So, how can you get your student started on in a career training program from EdisonLearning?

Right now, you can get your first month to access courses for free with the code LevelUp. This code is good through 12-31-22. Sign up here.

My son has mostly abandoned the dream of playing in a band and selling hit CDs. But whatever business your student dreams of starting or career field they hope to work in, the career training programs from EdisonLearning can get them started on the path to success.

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