Make Family Game Night Awesome With an Educational Game: Introducing Trekking Through History

What usually happens if you break out a “school game” for family game night? Is it possible to combine an educational game with family night fun? It is with this awesome game!

Poking around a used homeschool curricula sale, I found it. It was a states and capitals board game. Hurriedly, I picked it out and went to pay the previous owner. What a find! We were learning states and capitals that school year. Wouldn't the kids love this?!

I couldn't wait until we had started memorizing the states and capitals. As soon as I thought the kids might have enough knowledge to actually play the game, I brought it out for a family game night. What a fantastic way to combine having fun playing a board game with an actual educational game to practice something we were learning in school!

Unfortunately, the kids didn't have the same perspective. “Mom, this isn't a board game. This is school.” 

“I don't want to do school now. I want to play a real game.”

I felt like a deflated balloon. “What do you mean? This is a real game?”

Educational Games for homeschool

Over the years, I've found a few successful learning games. But others have surely fallen flat. When I can find an educational game that's so good the kids actually ask to play it for family game night, I know I've won. That means that the “school” part is so well-disguised that the game actually passes for a “real game.”

We have recently been reviewing an educational game that fits this description perfectly. In fact, if you don't tell the kids they're learning history, they'll probably never realize they're learning! Instead, they'll just keep asking to play this one because it's so fun.

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

We've been playing Trekking Through History from Underdog Games. It's a history-themed strategy game. And, while it's most certainly an educational game, it's the best kind of educational game-one the kids will want to play again and again.

You can watch my video below to get a look at the game play. And keep reading to learn more about this awesome game.

Trekking Through History: An Educational and Fun Family Game Night Pick

Trekking Through History from Underdog Games is a board game whose objective is to earn the most points while sticking to your travel itinerary as you visit historical places and events. The game play features 108 historical events from three different periods of history. 2-4 players can play the game. And it's recommended for ages 10 and up. 

The game involves three rounds which are three days in the game. Each round uses a different card deck featuring a different historical period. Each card has information about a historical event and can earn the player different experience points. But each even also costs time for the player.

Players take turns choosing historical events to earn the most points and build the longest chronological trek without spending too much of their itinerary time. When all players have spent twelve hours, points are calculated. And one day of play is over.

As players select cards to build their treks, you'll be reading about the different events featured on the historical event cards. So, the whole group is learning as you play. And in addition to the history you're learning, there's lots of strategy involved in deciding how to select historical dates to best earn points and build long chronological treks without spending too much time.

In addition to the regular game play, there is also a solo version of the game. And when you've had time to master the regular game, there's an extreme play version called Time Warp that will add even more fun and excitement. 

Educational games Trekking Through History

Why Trekking Through History Will Be Your Next Great Family Game Night Find

I can definitely say that this is an educational game that has been a winner in our family! My youngest and I have especially been enjoying it. 

So, what does Trekking Through History have that makes it fun as well as educational? Why should you pick it up for your next family game night?  Here are just a few of the things I think are so great about the game.

Even though it's an educational game, you don't have to be a history expert to enjoy the game play. 

I love trivia games. But they aren't any fun when all the players don't know enough of the trivia to really play. In Trekking Through History, you don't have to know all the historical facts before you play. Instead, you'll learn about more and more of the historical events as you play. 

Players will take turns reading about the events on their cards as they choose historical events to add to their trek. This means that you'll be learning as you go, instead of needing to already know all about history to succeed in the game.

It's easy to get started with the game.

Don't get me wrong. This game has LOTS of moving pieces. And I can admit that we were a little intimated getting it out of the box. (You can see that in the video of the first time we played. :-)) But the instructions are very thorough and include examples. 

And there is even a video to get you started. That means you can get playing quickly. We were able to set the game up and get started with play by just reading the instructions and examples given. However, I was glad to know the video was there if we had any questions.

Educational game for family game night

This is even more of an educational game because it's a strategy game. 

Strategy games are one of our favorite game night type of game. Games that are just based on luck are often frustrating to the game lovers in our family. And they can result in more arguing and bad tempers as play progresses. But strategy games teach critical thinking skills and logic. And I think they make for the best family game night games. 

As you play through Trekking Through History, players will have to decide which historical cards to choose. You need to add experience tokens and build treks to earn points. However, each card is also going to cost time in your itinerary. There are time crystals to help, but knowing when and how to use them is also a strategy to decide on.

Trekking Through History is a flexible game. 

I'll admit that we are the people who like to, um, adapt the rules of games we play. And this game allows for that. Although the regular game play is three rounds or days of history, we've played just one day when we want a short game. 

There is also a solo version of the game-perfect when I want to play but none of my game-loving kids are around. And there is an extreme version-Time Warp-when you really would like to get serious about playing. All of these options make this a game you can adapt to your time and purposes for play.

Educational game for history

Pick Up Trekking Through History for an Educational Game the Kids Will Want to Play

If you want to level up your family game night and choose a fun and educational game, make sure you take a look at Trekking Through History! You can pick it up here.

And if you want to avoid that glazed look that comes into the eyes of your kids when you mention an “educational game” don't worry. Trekking Through History is a learning game they'll actually ask to play!

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