Top Four Components of an Excellent Life Skills Course for Teens

Do your teens have the life skills they need as they head into young adulthood? This life skills course has some crucial components that make it an excellent way to prepare your kids for real life.

Dear friend, I'm the parent of four older teens and young adult children. Please send help. 


Although we as parents-who have been adults and been navigating life for many years-often expect our kids to just “pick up” important life skills, that doesn't always happen. We complain because our kids don't want to “adult”, but the fact is that our kids could be better prepared if we explicitly taught the basic life skills that they require. 

I have four children who are soon to be or are already trying to navigate life as independent adults. And this ability is not as easy as we sometimes make it seem. From how to open a bank account to how to go through a job interview to the ins and outs of finding a new place to live, life skills don't always just happen.

So, what's the best way to teach these life skills? I've looked at a number of life skills courses as my kids have made their way through the teen and young adult years. There have been pros and cons of each. And different courses have focused on different life skills.

Life skills course for homeschool

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I've recently been reviewing Life Skills Reimagined, a life skills course that, I think, does an excellent job of teaching these basic skills. And it has four components that, I think, are especially critical. You can watch my video about Life Skills Reimagined here or keep reading to learn even more.

Life Skills Reimagined from Lyft Learning

Life Skills Reimagined is an online life skills curriculum that was developed by Lyft Learning. It was originally created as a local initiative to help youth who were going to transition from the foster care system to independent living. It's been expanded to help other organizations- and homeschools- to prepare young adults with the basic, real life skills they need.

The program is very based in research. Throughout the development of it, studies followed the youth who participated in the course. Definite improvement in basic life skill areas as well as improved self-confidence and self-efficacy were noted. And the participants themselves had input into the course development.

The Life Skills Reimagined curriculum uses brain-based learning. This means that it incorporates:
  • Multisensory learning that makes learning more memorable
  • Learning objectives that drive the teaching method
  • Microlearning or learning in small segments that improve memory and recall
  • Context and repetition that build long-term retention

As a former traditional teacher and a long-term homeschool teacher, I know how effective each of these strategies is. So, I was very impressed to see the way that they are incorporated in this life skills course.

Life skills course

Life Skills Reimagined from Lyft Learning teaches kids skills in five basic areas:


~ Personal Finance – including topics such as understanding cash flow and income taxes, banking, using credit wisely, understanding comparison shopping, and budgeting

~ Independent Living – including topics such as finding an apartment, living in an apartment, preparing to move, and a cleaning checklist

~ Getting and Keeping a Job – including topics such as finding a job, looking good for work, career planning, and how to be an effective employee

~ Communication – including topics such as managing negative emotions, how to handle conflict, and how to have difficult conversations

~ Resiliency – including topics such as setting personal boundaries, understanding emotional trauma, and smart romantic relationships

The curriculum topics all follow a similar structure. Students are tested for baseline knowledge. They complete content modules that include evaluations for comprehension. Then they get application guides, workbooks, and any other needed materials. Finally, there is a postest to check learning. And then students develop an action plan for that topic.

Using video, worksheets, printable workbooks, and online evaluations, the program course has over 60 hours of material that young adults and young-adults-to-be can access online and with a mobile app.

Life Skills Reimagined: A Unique Life Skills Course

As I mentioned previously, I've looked at a number of life skills courses as my kids have gotten older and approached young adulthood. So, what makes Life Skills Reimagined unique?

I was impressed with Life Skills Reimagined from the beginning. When I opened up the online course, the first unit was all about communication. I realized right away that this course covered some essential skills that non-neurotypical kids often miss. 

I have multiple non-neurotypical kids. They can struggle even more than neurotypical kids as they head into young adulthood. Those skills that some kids just seem to “pick up”?  Our non-neurotypical kids don't. And the skills taught by Life Skills Reimagined are especially critical for them.

Non-neurotypical kids are the ones who aren't going to pick up on communication cues as easily. They are automatically going to understand how to live in an apartment situation or where they are sharing a living space. Occasionally, they struggle with concepts like comparison shopping or creating and using a budget. I was really impressed that this was a life skills course that covered topics like those and did it in a way that was going to be more understandable by non-neurotypical kids.

Life Skills Reimagined

Key Components of the Life Skills Reimagined Curriculum

Here are four components that the program has that, I think, are especially important. 

Life Skills Reimagined uses a multisensory approach to teach life skills.

Students who use the Life Skills Reimagined curriculum are going to receive material in a variety of ways. There are content videos to watch. These videos have animation and text to hold attention. There are materials to read, including workbooks and application guides. All of this means that students of different learning styles will be able to take in and comprehend the material.

The curriculum makes use of technology as a valuable teaching tool.

This is an online curriculum. It can also be accessed through a mobile app. This means that students can log in and work wherever they are. That's important when you are talking about teens who always seem to be on the go! Technology also makes it easy for the parents who are facilitating the course for their kids. It's simple to check in on the reporting to find out what lessons kids have actually completed and how they are scoring on evaluations.

Evaluations are an embedded part of the lessons.

I know that some online courses make it easy for kids to just surf through without actually learning the material. But Life Skills Reimagined prevents this. Throughout the course there are evaluations. And these have to be completed at a certain level for kids to progress. This helps to ensure that they really are learning the material as they go.

Life Skills Reimagined is accessible for kids with vision impairments, hearing impairments, and different cognitive abilities.

I already mentioned how well this curriculum fits with non-neurotypical kids. But that's not where accessibility ends. For visually impaired kids, there are audio description videos where the narrator reads the information and describes what's happening on screen. Hearing impaired students can use the captions provided for every video. And the materials are mostly written at a middle school level so that kids with cognitive impairments can handle it.

Life skills course for teens

Prepare Your Kids for the Life Skills They Need

Life Skills Reimagined is a life skills course that is research-based. Students who have used the program show large gains in all the skills areas addressed by the course. And the students themselves approve the course and see increases in the ability to live independently with confidence and in self-efficacy.

Life Skills Reimagined makes an awesome elective course for your homeschooled high schooler. It's a course that will help them not to just earn a credit, but to be more prepared for real life.

Currently, you can access Life Skills Reimagined at a discount. My readers get $20 off with the code HS2022 through December 31, 2022. Get Life Skills Reimagined for your homeschool here.

Life Skills Reimagined Course

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