Learn Geography the Fun Way- Through Food! : A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food

Help kids learn geography the fun way in your homeschool - through food! This book will help.

I have very picky children. And, gasp!, I'm very picky as well. But do you know when the kids- and I- were eager to try new things? 

When my two youngest girls were in elementary school, our theme one year was geography. We traveled around the world that year, learning about the physical geography, the people, and the cultural geography of many countries. And one of the fun ways that we used to learn geography and explore new cultures was cooking!

Throughout the year, we tried a variety of international recipes. And my picky children- and me- were game to try most anything. Did we always love the food we ended up with? No. But that wasn't really the point. The fact is that food is an excellent way to learn geography and explore a new culture.

Learn geography through food

Disclosure: I received a free book in exchange for my post. All opinions are always my own.

I've been excited to read and review a great new book about Korean food- A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food by Michelle Li. The story behind this book is inspiring. And the book will make a great addition to your homeschool library and will allow you to learn geography the fun way – through food.

#VeryAsian: The Very Asian Foundation

Michelle Li is a veteran journalist. After commenting about her Korean family's New Years' food in a short broadcast segment about traditional food Americans eat on New Years, she received a pretty racist voicemail in response. The caller wasn't happy about the inclusion of the Korean food comment and called Michelle “Very Asian.”

After Michelle's on air response to this voicemail, she received a monetary donation from The Ellen Show and co-founded the Very Asian Foundation. The Very Asian Foundation provides support and resources for sharing Asian stories and experiences. They also raise funds to provide grants for organizations that are working to strengthen Asian communities.

A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food

Learn Geography Through Food: A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food

This is a colorful and creative book that allows kids to explore the delicious world of Korean Food! This illustrated picture book introduces young readers to classic and modern Korean dishes and provides fun facts about the foods and culture of Korea. Learn how kimchi is made or discover what makes a Korean fried chicken so crispy.

Author Michelle Li

Michelle Li is an award-winning, veteran journalist who co-launched The Very Asian Foundation in January 2022 alongside friend and fellow journalist Gia Vang. Her response to a racist voicemail became a global movement of unity and caught the attention of The Ellen Show. Ellen’s monetary gift of $15,000
helped start the seed money to create a non-profit focused on shining a light on Asian experiences through advocacy and celebration. 

Michelle spent many years supporting adoptees through heritage camps and volunteer tours to Korea. She also launched a program to support Missouri children in foster care. All of this led to a congressional award in 2010. 

Michelle’s journalistic work has been honored with a national Peabody Award, several national Murrows, and multiple regional Emmys– often dealing with
race or gender inequities. Michelle has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The Washington Post. Michelle currently resides in St. Louis with her family. She is @michellelitv on most platforms. A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food is her first children's book.

Illustrator Sunnu Rebecca Choi

Sunnu Rebecca Choi is an award-winning Korean/Canadian illustrator &
printmaker based in London, United Kingdom. Her goal is to create art that inspires people to connect with their inner selves and find joy within themselves. Her work is often inspired by various moments, thoughts, emotions and social issues we encounter. Her work is a documentation of life, covering small daily events to more significant moments. It's a way of looking back on the past, appreciating the present, and thinking of a better future.

Learn geography through food

You can pick up your copy of A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food here and begin learning about Korean culture through food with your kids.

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