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Welcome to the As We Walk Shop! Whether you're looking for literature-based homeschooling resources or planning and encouraging resources for homeschool moms, you're in the right place.

The shop is ever-expanding, so if you can't find something you can use today, come back soon!
Resources to help moms homeschool simply

Homeschool Lesson Plans That Work

Homeschool lesson plan helpNeed help creating lesson plans for your homeschool? If lesson planning has you stressed, check out the ebook- Homeschool Lesson Plans That Work. It has a step-by-step method created by me, a veteran homeschooling mom of over 16 years. It's also got a link to a free Google Drive digital planner.

30 Minute Curricula Consultation

Choosing your homeschool can be stressful. If you need some help, book a thirty-minute curricula consultation. It includes a Zoom meeting as well as transcripts and recordings.

Literature unit studies for homeschool

Charlotte's Web Literature Unit Study with Notebooking Set

Charlotte's Web unit studyThis set is 117 pages and includes unit study ideas, narration pages, discussion questions for each chapter, vocabulary words, learning connections for social studies, science, and language arts, and notebooking pages to correspond with activities from each chapter, as well as some blank notebooking pages. This study is approximately for K-3rd grade students. You can learn more here.

Pippi Longstocking Notebooking Set

Pippi Longstocking unit studyThis set is 28 pages and includes learning ideas as well as specific chapter activities with corresponding notebooking pages. There are blank notebooking pages available as well, themed to Pippi Longstocking, but blank so that you can use them as you wish. This study is approximately for K-3rd grade students. You can learn more here.

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