Plan and Prepare for a Homeschool Year That Rocks

This year could be your most awesome homeschooling year ever. You can create a plan that will help you to be successful.

Homeschool coaching services

Are you new to homeschooling and feeling a little overwhelmed?
Have you homeschooled for a few years but you're struggling to get over an obstacle? You need a change but you aren't sure what change?

Homeschooling can bring so many benefits and it can be great for your family on many levels. But, I'll be honest, it isn't always easy. If you're new to homeschooling or if you've hit a wall in your homeschooling, it can feel very overwhelming. What do you do now? Where do you go from here?

When you consider all the homeschooling options we have available now, a homeschool mama can very easily get overwhelmed.

Homeschool coaching services

Some moms give up. They decide that the process of preparing and planning to homeschool is just too much. It's too frustrating.

Homeschool coaching services

When I began homeschooling, I had no doubt that this was going to work for us. Homeschooling was the only choice for our family, and I wasn't looking back. I jumped in with excitement.

And then...I realized that our curriculum just wasn't working for us. I had a toddler who screamed if I kept her out of the schoolroom and destroyed things if I let her in. I had a newborn, born in August, right as we needed to start school for the year. Even though I was 100% sold on homeschooling, I watched the school bus go by our window some days and wondered how in the world I was going to make this work.

Homeschool coaching services

Thankfully, God put some wise, older homeschool mamas in my path. Their wisdom and insight encouraged me and helped to steer me in the right direction. Thanks to the advice they gave, I learned how to manage schooling with little ones underfoot, how to plan to days more effectively, how to choose homeschooling curricula, and much more.

Having the encouragement and support of a mom who had been there and made it through, helped me to stick out homeschooling during the rough patches.

If you are new to homeschooling and need a little one on one support to set up your homeschool or if you've been homeschooling for a few years and have hit a rough patch, my One-On-One Homeschool Coaching is for you.

Homeschool coaching services

What is One-On-One Homeschool Coaching?

With one-on-one coaching, I'm going to guide you through the homeschooling decisions you need to make with one-on-one conversations through Google Hangouts.

If you're a brand new homeschooler, choose the Homeschool Startup package, and I'll guide you through setting up your initial homeschool year.

If you've been homeschooling already, but you're stuck this year and need help with scheduling, high schoolers, lesson planning, or some other topic, choose the Homeschool Helper package, and I'll guide you through the information you need to get over the hump and go forward.

Homeschool coaching services

Why Purchase Coaching with Me?

I've been homeschooling for over fourteen years now and have experience homeschooling preschoolers through high school graduates. I currently have one homeschool graduate who has qualified for some of the highest scholarships at a private, Christian university. I've homeschooled four children from birth through twelfth grade.

What Does One-On-One Coaching Include?

Each coaching package will include

  • One-on-one coaching calls through Google Hangouts
  • Follow up emails
  • A printable transcript of our calls with any resources or links we discussed

Which Coaching Package Should I Choose?

Homeschool coaching services Homeschool coaching services

The Fine Print...

One-on-one coaching can be an awesome support on your homeschooling journey. However, if, after our initial call, we determine that this isn't a right fit for you, I'll gladly refund your money. I want this coaching experience to benefit you and give you the most successful homeschooling year ever.

There will be a limited number of each coaching package available at any given time. I want to stay free and flexible enough to make sure that each coaching client gets my full attention and help.

Homeschool coaching services

Ready to Buy?

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