Charlotte's Web Literature Unit Study With Notebooking Packet

Do you love to use literature as the basis of your homeschool curricula? Are you looking for cross curricula learning and activities to go along with a great kids' book?

Literature-based homeschool curricula

This Charlotte's Web Unit Study was created for your homeschool!

I love to use real literature in our homeschool. I personally love lapbooking, but my kids aren't always so thrilled with it. Because of this, I've begun to use notebooking more and more in our homeschool.  Notebooking allows the kids a hands on way of expressing what they're learning without the craft aspect of lapbooking- which is what my kids didn't like so much.

I found, however, that when I wanted to use notebooking with a great book we were using in our homeschool, that I often had to use generic notebooking pages or create my own. Out of this was born the idea to create notebooking pages that tied in with the specific books we were reading. This amazing Charlotte's Web unit study has those notebooking pages already prepared for you!

The 120-page Charlotte's Web Unit Includes:

  • Explanations for how to use the material
  • A suggested daily schedule
  • A required and suggested resource list
  • Narration pages for every chapter of the book
  • Vocabulary words
  • Science, history, and language arts activities
  • Activities for every chapter of the book
  • Notebooking pages that correspond with the chapter activities- over 50 notebooking pages!
  • A set of "book report" pages for a summary of the book
  • Blank notebooking pages for additional writing
Charlotte's Web literature unit study

Who's this Unit Study for?

This unit study is a multi-age unit study, aimed toward children who are 1st-3rd graders. Homeschoolers are definitely flexible, so you could easily include older or younger kids in your study as well.

What do other homeschool moms have to say?

If you want to extend the learning beyond one of your favorite books, this "Charlotte's Web" study is an excellent place to start! It's a thorough unit study with a great literature connection. The lessons and schedule are well laid-out and make things easy on homeschool moms to enrich the reading experience. Sara @

Would this Unit Study work for my homeschool?

You can find a sample of the unit here so that you can see if it looks as if it's a good fit for your homeschool.

About the Author

Leah Courtney is a homeschooling mom of four. In her life before children she earned a Bachelor's degree in elementary and special education and a Master's degree in Reading Education. She's been homeschooling for over fourteen years, and she's graduated two. She loves great books and often reads aloud, even to her older kids. She teaches online literature and writing classes, as well as homeschooling her younger children.

Where can you get this Charlotte's Web Unit Study?

You can find this unit study at the As We Walk Along the Road Shop here.

Charlotte's Web Unit Study

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