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I’ve always said that I could homeschool for free if only I could take advantage of all of the great websites that have so many free resources. Here are some of my favorites. I’m constantly adding to my free resources lists, so please leave a comment if you have some favorites.

Free homeschool Resources


Kids of Courage- They offer 40 downloadable activity books about believers in various countries where there is persecution for their faith. These are also great for learning about the country.

Adventures in Mommydom– This blog has a free through the Bible curriculum that is constantly being added to.

Kids 4 Truth- This site has a daily devotional and a daily missionary story that you can read or listen to. There is also a game site for kids.

Bible Fun for Kids and More is a great blog with all kinds of free Bible lessons  and materials for kids. has a great collection of free prayer journals for adults or kids to use.

Language Arts/Literature

Starfall- This site has alphabet and easy reading activities for pre readers and beginning readers

Vocabulary Spelling– There is a paid membership also, but the free option allows you to enter your own spelling list and practice spelling and vocabulary with games and tests.

Project Gutenburg- This site offers over 40,000 free ebooks that can be read online or on a digital reader. There are many well-known classics available for free.

Cliff’s Notes– This site has great, in-depth book notes for many classics and contemporary books.

The Baldwin Project- If you are looking for Charlotte Mason style living books and children’s classics, this site has many, many free books that can be read online. There are links to purchase the physical books, but you can read them free online.

Glencoe Literature Library- This site has free literature guides for many classics. They are organized alphabetically by title to make a title easy to find. Most are upper grade literature titles.


Kahn Academy- This is an amazing free resource for higher level maths, science, computer programming, art, and more.

Math Is Fun- This site has curriculum standards and printables for all grades through 8th and four high school level courses.

Purple Math- This site has lessons for upper elementary through high school level maths.

DadsWorksheets- This site has an awesome variety of math worksheets for K-6th grade. You can find worksheets by grade level or by topic.


Science Kids– There are free lesson plans, games, experiments, science fair projects, and more at this great free site.

Jefferson Lab Science Education- This site has videos, lesson plans, games for kids, printables, and more- all free.

Try Engineering- This site offers free science lessons for elementary ages and up. You can search by age level. There are many lessons all having to do with physics and engineering.

Science Unit Studies from Fantastic Unit Studies- Susan Kilbride, author of Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers offers some free science activities on her website. (We’ve used her book, and she has some great experiments and activities!)

Science For Kids is a website run by a dad and his two boys. It offers lots of great, free science information and resources if you’re researching a particular topic.

Orkin- the pest control company– has an awesome page full of free insect related science resources for educators. There are lesson plans, printable activities, and more.


Guest Hollow– This site has many free history curriculum resources. You can click on the topic for specific resources.

Library of Congress Kids and Families- This Library of Congress site has all kinds of games, videos and lessons about American history.

Bringing Up Learners- This site has free world history lessons for homeschoolers.

Mission US- This site teaches US history in a unique way through multimedia games. It’s intended for 5th-8th graders and has teacher resources and classroom videos as well as three different “missions” for different historic time periods.

American history activities from Fantastic Unit Studies– These activities are designed to go along with the Our America series by Susan Kilbride, but they could be used without. (We’ve loved this series, by the way!)

American History for Kids- This site has lots of information about American history for kids.

Fine Arts

Classics for Kids- This is an excellent music website. There is a weekly episode about a composer or musical style. Episodes are stored in the archives where you can browse for certain composers or time periods. There is also information about the orchestra and various instruments.

Making Music Fun– There are many printables, including free sheet music, and hundreds of free music lesson plans here.

Shakespeare Resource Center– This site has many links to all kinds of resources for studying Shakespeare. There are links to synopses of all of his works as well as links to lesson plans and more.

Shakespeare for Children– This site has links to Lamb’s Tales and Beautiful Stories versions of Shakespeare as well as many other free resources for introducing children to the bard.


Webucator is an awesome site with many computer classes- from coding to photoshop and other graphics classes, you can find them online at this site. The really, really awesome thing is that homeschoolers can take any of their classes free! Find out about it here.

Google Applied Digital Skills- This site run by Google has free lessons that teach middle and high school students necessary digital skills. There is a large selection of video lessons that teach everything from how to create a slide show with Google Slides to basic coding.


Hands of a Child– This lapbooking store has a current freebie all of the time.

Homeschool Share– This site has hundreds of free lapbooks. Many are literature based around classic children’s books.

EDSITEment- This site has free lesson plans for the humanities- history and social studies, foreign language, art and culture, and literature and language arts. You can search by grade level and by the length of the study.

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool- This is a complete daily curriculum for K-8th grade and some high school courses. I haven’t used it but have heard great things. It is all free, but I think you can donate at the site.

Ambleside Online- This is a complete K-6 Charlotte Mason curriculum. It has living books that allow the child to learn through every subject.

I Memorized That– It’s always easier to memorize when something is set to music. This site has a number of cute songs to memorize math, speeches, and more. It’s not extremely intuitive, but if you type in a category- like math- in the search bar, you can find topics and see videos of things to memorize put to music.

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