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Over my years of parenting and homeschooling, I've come to find a few very favorite resources. Whether it be curricula or something I can use around the house, here are some of my very favorite recommendations. The resource links on this page are my affiliate links. I don't recommend any products that I don't currently use or would use myself.

Curricula and Homeschool Resources


GrapeVine Studies has unique Bible curriculum materials. Using this curriculum, kids will draw stick figure scenes as you study through books of the Bible or specific stories in the Bible. They offer Old and New Testament overview courses for all ages from preschool through high school, and they offer several themed courses that also come in different multi-grade levels. Because the kids are reading the Bible, listening, and drawing, 

Bible Road Trip is an in depth Bible survey course published by Danika Cooley from Thinking Kids Blog. I've had the privilege to be involved in the launch of her book When Lightning Struck!- a biography of Martin Luther- and I've seen one year of the three year Bible Road Trip course. If you're looking for a great in depth Bible study that uses notebooking, copywork, hands-on activities, and more, Bible Road Trip is a great resource. You can find multi-grade levels from preschool to high school.

Complete Curricula Packages

Moving Beyond the Page is a literature unit study based curriculum. They offer complete curricula packages for preschool through middle school, but they also offer individual units. You can purchase a unit with a theme that will include literature based around that theme. Or you can purchase a unit that is based on a specific literature book. We've loved these! The questions and activities are designed to encourage critical thinking. This isn't a Christian worldview-based curriculum, but it remains fairly neutral.

Fine Arts

Maestro Classics offers CDs that have classic orchestra music with narration. The CDs can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are twelve classics with stories like Peter and the Wolf, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker. The CDs each come with an activity guide, and the website has additional lesson plans and learning resources. We've loved these- especially Casey at the Bat.

I love finding resources and curricula published by other bloggers that I know. Gena from I Choose Joy was a reviewer for the Homeschool Crew with me for several years. She has published music curricula for homeschoolers. You can find lesson plans for music appreciation here and you can find her online classes here.

History/Social Studies

Golden Prairie Press home of Amy Puetz.com offers two main history courses- Heroes and Heroines of the Past American History and Heroes and Heroines of the Past Ancient History. Both of these courses use a unit study style approach and Charlotte Mason methods of teaching. I've also used several titles in the countdown series. These books count down to different holidays with activities and great living book reading material and poetry.

Homeschool Helps

Schoolhouse Teachers- This awesome resource from The Old Schoolhouse has literally hundreds of classes for the whole family available for one monthly subscription fee. I've reviewed Schoolhouse Teachers here.

Homeschool Curricula and Resource Vendors

CurrClick is an awesome homeschool resource vendor because they offer immediate downloads. If you're looking for a lapbook or unit study or workbook, you can find and download it immediately. CurrClick also offers online classes. I haven't used any, but I have heard great things about the online classes.

Compass Classroom offers video-based and online classes for history, economics, Bible, Latin, and more. We've used quite a few of their resources including Economics for Everybody and Word Up, a vocabulary program that focuses on Greek and Latin roots. I've liked everything I've seen. We haven't used the online classes, but I love that they offer a monthly subscription to their streaming classes so that you can pay one price for everything.

Bright Ideas Press is one of my favorite homeschool resource stores. They offer popular homeschool resources like Mystery of History and Wondermaps. They also offer geography resources and American history courses. I've reviewed two of their resources that we've used and love- the Christian Kids Explore Science series and North Star Geography.

Language Arts

Logic of English is one of the few "formal" language arts programs I've really liked. Primarily I like to read with the kids and teach reading, spelling, and grammar in a natural way- especially in the early years. But some families do well with a formal curriculum, and some kids need that kind of structure. Logic of English has a Foundations program for teaching phonics and beginning reading and an Essentials program that teaches grammar, spelling, and higher level language arts.

Lapbooking, Unit Studies, and Notebooking

A Journey Through Learning- Provides lapbooks and unit studies for a variety of subjects and ages. We've used many different studies from A Journey Through Learning, and one of my favorite things about their lapbooks is that they include everything you need all in one place.

Notebooking Pages.com- This resource is an awesome one for anyone who loves to do notebooking with the kids. A Lifetime Membership gets you access to all of the printable notebooking pages forever. I've reviewed NotebookingPages.com here.

Homeschool Legacy- This homeschool company publishes unit studies for homeschoolers. But these unit studies are unique because they are written to be Once-a-Week unit studies. You can complete the study with the kids working just one day a week on the study- to leave the other days free for "real school" if you think you need to do that. I've reviewed a Homeschool Legacy unit study here.


Apologia is probably best known for their amazing science resources- which is why I put them in this category- but they also have great Bible curricula, worldview curricula, and other books and resources for homeschool families. We've used their elementary and upper level sciences, the notebooks that go with the science books, and the elementary worldview curriculum. I can definitely recommend all.

The 101 Series offers science curricula that is video based. With the guidebook and accreditation booklet that are provided to print, along with the video course, the curricula is worth a high school science credit. The courses were perfect for us because I have one student who isn't a strong reader. I wanted him to have a good, complete science curriculum from a Christian worldview, but he couldn't handle the heavy reading of the Apologia courses. The 101 series was perfect for him because it's primarily video based- although there is some reading included as well as experiments and writing assignments.

Unit Studies

Online Unit Studies are a great way to do a unit study with the whole family with very little prep required. There are a variety of unit studies offered from Ancient Egypt to Christmas Around the World to Famous Birthdays. There are currently thirteen unit studies available. The entire unit study is online and, in addition to learning the themed content, kids will learn tech skills as they complete the study.

Home and Family Resources

What's in the Bible offers DVDs that teach kids about the Bible in a way that they can understand. They offer DVDs covering every book of the Bible from beginning to end. The DVDs present the Bible in a way that kids can understand, but they also cover the themes of each book of the Bible completely, giving kids a big picture of what the Bible is all about- pointing the way to Jesus Christ. Besides the books of the Bible DVDs, there are holiday themed resources.

The National Center for Biblical Parenting is a publisher that offers materials from a Christian worldview for parents and families. They have books and DVDs that can help parents to raise kids in a godly way. I had the opportunity to be on the launch for their book Motivate Your Child, and I loved the book's focus on touching the heart of your child instead of just training behavior. If you're looking for resources to help and encourage you in your parenting, check out what The National Center for Biblical Parenting has to offer.

Meal Planning and Cooking

Do you struggle with what to cook for supper? Me too. I've tried several meal planning resources and one I particularly liked was the $5 Meal Plan. This subscription meal planning service was started by Erin Chase from the $5 Dinners blog. Each week you receive meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes in your email. You can choose from a classic plan or a gluten free plan.

MyFreezEasy is also created by Erin Chase. If you've loved the idea of freezer meals but have thought the whole prospect too overwhelming and time consuming, MyFreezEasy makes freezer meals more doable. I've had the opportunity to review a membership to this monthly subscription program, and I have to say it is absolutely awesome. You can read my review here.

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