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Five Ways Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long...And Summer Reading Lists for Every Age

6/08/2018 4
Enthusiasm for reading can wane during the summer months. Desire to play with friends from traditional school, more free time to play video ...

Three Awesome Reasons to Read Biographies With Your Kids...And Some Great Biography Series to Get You Started

6/01/2018 2
Although I've always loved books, I have to admit that I was never much of a biography reader when I was younger. I would read one if it...

Six Tips for Using Your Library Effectively

5/31/2018 0
You may think that because I'm a book lover and an avid reader that I love the library. And, I will admit that I love to be in a library...

Awesome Whole Family Benefits of Reading Aloud

5/26/2018 0
If you've been around the blog for any amount of time, read any of my posts, browsed through old posts, you'll know that I'm pas...

Use a Summer Book Basket to Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long

5/15/2018 0
Throughout the school year, you'll most likely find us reading. We read for most school subjects because we use a literature-based curri...

Four Ways to Use Great Literature In Your Homeschooling

5/05/2018 0
If you've been slowly adding great books to your home library but now aren't quite sure how to use those books in your homeschooling...

Books For Boys...Who Don't Like to Read

5/03/2018 5
Do you have any kids who just don't like to read? I do. And I don't understand how it happens, ya'll. I'm a reader. I've...

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